Vik Muniz Catalogue
Vik Muniz
Selected Articles
"Vik Muniz at Stux,"  Arts Magazine,  March, 1989.
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"For Muniz, The Medium is the Message,"  The Village Voice,  May 23, 2000.
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"Talks About Clayton Days,"  Artforum,  October, 2000.
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"For Muniz the Medium is the Message,"  The Village Voice,  May 23, 2000.
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"Vik Muniz,"  El Pais,  February 16, 2001.
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Gullar, Ferreira.  "As Camadas do Real,"  Revista Bravo,  April, 2001.
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"UNESCO to name three Brazilians as Goodwill Ambassadors,"  UN News Centre,  May 23, 2011.
Burns, Charlotte.  "Vik Muniz leads Rio's regeneration: The artist is part of a creative group developing a cultural quarter in Lapa,"  The Art Newspaper,  July-August, 2011.
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