Paul Jenkins Catalogue
Paul Jenkins
Special Projects
"The Ivory Knife: Paul Jenkins at Work," a short film, wins the Golden Eagle Award in Venice and is shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, New York. 
"Strike the Puma," The artist's play is performed off-Broadway. 
"An Unmarried Woman," a film by Paul Mazursky. United States. 
"The Shining House," Open Eye Theater. New York, New York. Decors for dance piece created by Jean Erdman. April 3-27. 
"Shaman to the Prism Seen," Paris Opera. Paris, France. Dance-drama conceived and written by the artist with original painted sets and costumes. May. 
"Peking Prism," Beijing, China. Decors for a performance at the Great Hall of the People and painted banners for the Great Wall. 
"Meditation Tower," Jointly with Yves Bayard, project for a building with monumental stained glass by the artist. 
"Ivanov," An adaptation by Tadashi Suzuki of the Chekhov play, with the silks painted by the artist in China and in Paris as elements of the décors and for Anna's costume. 
"A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries," Paris, France. A film by Merchant-Ivory based on the book by Kaylie Jones. 
"Feu Sacré," Theatre du Casino. Bordeaux, France. Macha Méril and Jean-Marc Luisada. Decors by the artist. Thursday, November 7. 
"As Above so Below," Abbaye de Silvacane. Aix en Provence, France. A series of paintings on canvas conceived for the site. July 15-September 15. 
"Feu Sacré," Théâtre Mogador. Paris, France. Macha Méril and Jean-Marc Luisada. Decors by the artist. March 20, April 2, May 11-12. 
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