James Brooks Catalogue
James Brooks
Artist Interviews
Chaet, B.  "Concept of space and expression: an interview,"  Arts Magazine,  January, 1959, v. 33 p. 67. 
Seckler, Dorothy.  "Tape Recorded Interview of James Brooks,"  Smithsonian Archives of American Art,  June 10, 1965.
Transcribed interview by Gladys Kashdin,  1965.
Transcribed interview by James T. Valliere,  1965.
Taped interview with Dorothy Sackler for Archives of American Art,  1965.
Last, Martin.  "James Brooks at the Martha Jackson Gallery - A Critic's Talk,"  1968.
Taped interview by Kart Fortress of Boston University,  1972.
Taped interview by Jack Taylor,  1973.
Kingsley, April.  "James Brooks: Critique and Conversation,"  Arts Magazine,  April, 1975.
Ms. Miller interviewed James Brooks & Ibram Lasssaw on occasion of Bradley Waker Tomlin,  1975.
Taped cassette interview by Louise Svendsen of the Guggenheim Museum,  1975.
Seckler, Dorothy.  Archives of American Arts Journal vol. 16, #1,  1976.
Taped interview by Terrill Hillebrand for Blaffer Foundation,  1978.
Photographed and taped interview by Harry Stein,  1981.
Taped interview and photographed by Ellen Rusotto,  1981.
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