Jimmy Ernst Catalogue
Jimmy Ernst
Selected Catalogues
Kinsman, Robert D.  The Art of Jimmy Ernst.  Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, Michigan. 1963.
Jimmy, Ernst and Willi Gutmann.  Recent paintings by Jimmy Ernst.  The Arts Club of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois. 1968.
Ernst, Jimmy and Frank Getlein.  Jimmy Ernst: A survey, 1942-1983.  Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, New York. 1985.
Jimmy Ernst Retrospective.  Harmon-Meek Gallery. Naples, Florida. 1987.
Jimmy Ernst and the forgotten mural.  Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra Museum, Hofstra University. Hempstead, New York. 1988.
Jaguer, Edouard, Irving Sandler, and Eric Max Ernst.  Jimmy Ernst.  Galerie 1900-2000. Paris, France. 1990.
Jimmy Ernst: Trials of Silence, works 1942-1983.  Tampa Museum of Art. Tampa, Florida. 1994.
Jimmy Ernst: Lines through time.  Philharmonic Center for the Arts. Naples, Florida. 1994.
Grand, Stanley I and Donald Kuspit.  Jimmy Ernst: Shadow to Light: Paintings, 1942-1982.  Sordoni Art Gallery, Wilkes University. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 1997.
Hardin, Jennifer.  Jimmy Ernst: The sea of grass series and beyond.  Museum of Fine Arts. St. Petersburg, Florida. 1998.
Jimmy Ernst: I Am an American Painter.  Sprengel Museum. Hannover, Germany. 1999.
Braff, Phyllis, essay.  Jimmy Ernst: Transcending the Surreal.  Springfield Art Museum. Springfield, Missouri. 2002.
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