Judy Chicago Catalogue
Judy Chicago
Group Exhibitions
"Primary Structures," Jewish Museum. New York, New York. 
"Sculpture of the Sixties," Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. 
Philadelphia Museum. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
"West Coast Now," Portland Museum. Portland, Oregon. 
Seattle Museum. Seattle, Washington.
San Francisco Museum. San Francisco, California.
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
"American Drawings," Fort Worth Museum of Art. Fort Worth, Texas. 
Chicago, Judy and Miriam Schapiro, curator.  "Womanhouse," (Made in collaboration with members of the Feminist Art Program, California Institute of the Arts.) Los Angeles, California. 
"Women in Art," Henry Gallery, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington. 
"Unmanly Art," Suffolk Museum and Carriage House. Long Island, New York. 
"Visible/Invisible," Long Beach Museum of Art. Mills College, California. 
"Spray," Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Santa Barbara, California. 
"Color As Structure," Whitney Museum of Art. New York, New York. 
"Women in Art," Winnipeg Art Gallery. Winnipeg, Canada. 
"Painting and Sculpture in California, The Modern Era," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. 
"American Artists '76, A Celebration," McNay Art Institute. San Antonio, Texas. 
"Overglaze Imagery, Cone 019 to 016," California State Fullerton Art Gallery. Fullerton, California. 
"Frauen Machen Kunst," Galerie Mager. Bonn, West Germany. 
"1970's, New American Painting," Traveling Exhibition to Eastern Europe organized by The New Museum. New York, New York. 
"Works on Paper," Institute of Contemporary Art. Boston, Massachusetts. 
"Reverse Painting," John Michael Kohler Art Center. Madison, Wisconsin. 
"Creativity, A Human Resource," Traveling Exhibition organized by Chevron Corporation Pacific Science Center. Seattle, Washington. 1979-1982; long-term installation until 2002. 
"Images of Labor," Traveling Exhibition organized by District 1199 RWDSU/AFL-CIO/CLC. New York, New York. 
"Stroke, Line and Figure," Gimpel Fils. London, United Kingdom. 
"Containers of Culture, Ceramics of Four Continents," Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Santa Barbara, California. May 1984. 
"Art and the Law," Traveling Exhibition organized by West Publishing Company. June 1984-June 1987; August 1987-April 1988. 
"American Art, American Women," Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Stamford, Connecticut. December 1985-February 1986. 
"Por Encima Del Bloqueo," The Second Biennial of Havana. Havana, Cuba. 
"Eloquent Object," Philbrook Museum of Art. Tulsa, Oklahoma. September 1987. 
"Committed to Print," The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. January 1988-September 1990. 
"Fear of Others/Art Against Racism," Vancouver East Cultural Center and Vancouver Community Arts Council. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. September-October 1989. 
Knoxville Museum of Art. Knoxville, Kentucky. October 1989-April 1990. 
"Alcove Show," New Mexico Fine Arts Museum. Santa Fe, New Mexico. August-December 1990. 
"Pharmacy," Jan Kesner Gallery. Los Angeles, California. April-May 1990. 
"Finish Fetish, LA's Cool School," Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, California. March-April 1991. 
"Too Hot To Handle," Copeland/Rutherford Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico. September 1992. 
"Abject Art, Repulsion and Desire in American Art," Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. June 1993. 
"Kustom Kulture," Laguna Art Museum. Laguna Beach, California (in association with Last Gasp of San Francisco). July 1993-July 1994. 
"Sniper's Nest: Art That Has Lived With Lucy Lippard," Center for Curatorial Studies Museum, Bard College. Annandale-on-the-Hudson, New York. October 28-December 22, 1995. 
"Exploring A Movement, Feminist Visions in Clay," Downey Museum of Art. Downey, California. November-December 1995. 
Laband Gallery, Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, California. October-December 1995. 
"Community Properties," Huntington Beach Art Center. Huntington Beach, California. March-June 1995. 
"In a Different Light," University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, University of California at Berkeley. Berkeley, California. January-April 1995. 
"Division of Labor, 'Women's Work' in Contemporary Art," Bronx Museum of Fine Arts. Bronx, New York. February-June 1995. 
"Made in L.A., The Prints of the Cirrus Editions," Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. October 1995-January 14, 1996. 
Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California. September 1995-January 1996. 
"Language as Object, Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Art," Mead Art Museum, Amherst College. Amherst, Massachusettes. March-June 1997. 
"The International Ceramic Public Arts Exhibition," Taipei County Cultural Center. Banchyao, Taipei County, Taiwan. May-June 1998. 
"Opening the Door: Women in Art," Bakersfield Museum of Art. Bakersfield, California. May-October 1999. 
The College of Santa Fe. Santa Fe, New Mexico. June-September 2000. 
"Picturing the Modern Amazon," New Museum Of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. March-June 2000. 
"The Likeness of Being: Contemporary Self-Portraits by 50 Women," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York. January 2000. 
"Jewish Artists on the Edge," Yeshiva University Museum. New York, New York. November-February 2001. 
"Made in California: Art, Image and Identity," Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. October-March 2001. 
"Between Heaven and Earth: New Classical Movements in the Art of Today," Ostend Museum of Modern Art. Ostend, Belgium. February-September 2001. 
"Personal and Political: The Women's Art Movement, 1969-1975," Guild Hall Museum. East Hampton, New York. August 10-October 20, 2002. 
"From Eve to Huldah: Contemporary Artists Depict Women of the Bible," Center for Visual Art and Culture, University of Connecticut. Stamford, Connecticut. March 7-April 26, 2002. 
"Comer o no Comer (To eat or not to eat)," Centro de Arte de Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain. November 20, 2002-January 20, 2003. 
"Women Artists: Past & Present," Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College. Allentown, Pennsylvania. October 24, 2002-January 17, 2003. 
"Archetype/Anonymous: Biblical Women in Contemporary Art," Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion Museum. New York, New York. September 9, 2002-January 10, 2003. 
"Larger Than Life: Women Artists Making It Big," Susquehanna Art Museum. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. June 13-August 31, 2003. 
"Naked Before God," The Museum of New Art. Parnu, Estonia. May 31-August 31, 2003. 
"Salute to Feminists in the Arts," The National Arts Club. New York, New York. November 1-10, 2003. 
The Ann Loeb Bronfam Gallery, Morris Cafritz Center for the Arts. Washington, DC. February 5- March 2003. 
Jewish Community Center, Washington, D.C. 
"Expo CNAC," Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mamco). Geneva, Switzerland. June 8-September 26, 2004. 
"A Minimal Future? Art as Object 1958-1968," The Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California. March 14-August 2, 2004. 
"Envisioning the Future," Millard Sheets Gallery at the Pomona Fairplex. Pomona, California. January 10-February 29, 2004. 
"Western Biennale of Art: Art Tomorrow," John Natsoulas Gallery. Davis, California. February 2-March 27, 2005. 
"Upstarts and Matriarchs: Jewish Women Artists and the Transformation of American Art," Mizel Center for Arts and Culture. Denver, Colorado. January 13-March 27, 2005. 
"Love for Sale," Bankside Gallery. London, United Kingdom. January 2005. 
"Ms. Behavin: Jewish Feminist Artists," San Diego Center for Jewish Culture at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, Jacobs Family Campus, Gotthelf Gallery. La Jolla, California. January 13-February 25, 2005. 
"How American Women Artists Invented Postmodernism: 1970 – 1975," Mason Gross School of the Arts Galleries. New Brunswick, New Jersey. 
"Art in the Abstract," Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. August 8, 2005-February 17, 2006. 
"A Piece of History From L.A...But Not In Paris," Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. August 3-September 16, 2006. 
"Driven to Abstraction: Southern California and the Non-Objective World, 1950-1980," Riverside Art Museum. Riverside, California. August 26-October 14, 2006. 
"Los Angeles 1955-1985: The Birth of an Art Capital," Centre Pompidou. Paris, France. March 8-July 17, 2006. 
"Into Me/Out Of Me," P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center. Long Island, New York. June 25-September 25, 2006. 
KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Berlin, Germany. November 25-January 3, 2007. 
Nochlin, Linda, curator.  "Global Feminisms," Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. March 23–July 1, 2007. 
Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College. Wellesley, Massachusettes. September 12-December 9, 2007. 
"Gender Battles," Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. September 13-December 9, 2007. 
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 45 years of Art & Feminism," Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao. Bilbao, Spain. June 11-September 9, 2007. 
"POST Painterly-Abstraction," Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. May 1-30, 2007. 
Nochlin, Linda and Maura Reilly, curator.  "Global Feminisms Remix," Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. August 3, 2007–February 3, 2008. 
"Claiming Space: Some American Feminist Originators," The Katzen Arts Center at American University's Museum, American University. Washington, DC. November 6, 2007-January 27, 2008. 
"Pricked: Extreme Embroidery," Museum of Art and Design. New York, New York. November 8, 2007-February 24, 2008. 
Butler, Connie, curator.  "Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution," The Geffen Contemporary, The Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California. March 4-July 16, 2007. 
National Museum of Women in the Arts. Washington, D.C. September 21-December 16, 2007.
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center. Long Island City, New York. February 17-May 12, 2008.
Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. October 4, 2008-January 11, 2009. 
"Votes for Women," Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. February 16-November 30, 2008. 

"Female Forms and Facets: Artwork by Women from 1975 to the Present," Chen Art Gallery, Central Connecticut State University. New Britain, Connecticut. March 13-April 19, 2008. 

Gallego, Pilar and Cora Lambert, curator.  "Pink & Bent: The Art of Queer Women," Leslie Lohman Gallery. New York, New York. May 21-June 28, 2008. 
"Mater," Universidad de Jaen. Jaen, Spain. March 2008-April 2009. 

"Permanently MAD: Revealing the Collection," Museum of Arts and Design. New York, New York. September 27, 2008-February 15, 2009.

"Diana und Aktaion: The Forbidden Sight of Nudity," Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast. Düsseldorf, Germany. October 25, 2008-February 15, 2009. 

"Time & Place: Los Angeles 1957-1968," Moderna Museet. Stockholm, Sweden. October 4, 2008-January 6, 2009. 
"Small and Everlasting: 1897 - 2008 Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture," ACA Galleries. New York, New York. December 4, 2008-March 31, 2009. 
"When Women Rule the World: Judy Chicago in Thread," Textile Museum of Canada. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. February 11-September 7, 2009. 
"Albuquerque Now!," Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. Albuquerque, New Mexico. January 24-April 18, 2010. 
"Visible Vagina," David Nolan Gallery. New York, New York. January 28-March 20, 2010. 
"Women Call for Peace: Global Vistas," Art League Bonita Springs. Bonita Springs, Florida. October 1-December 10, 2010. 
"A Stitch in Jewish Time," Hebrew Union College Museum. New York, New York. September 7, 2010-June 30, 2011. 
"Shifting the Gaze: Painting and Feminism," The Jewish Museum. New York, New York. September 12, 2010-January 30, 2011. 
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