Judy Chicago Catalogue
Judy Chicago
Solo Exhibitions
Rolf Nelson Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
Pasadena Museum of Art. Pasadena, California. 
California State University at Fullerton. Fullerton, California. 
Jack Glenn Gallery. Corona Del Mar, California. 
Artemisia Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
Kenmore Galleries. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
JPL Fine Arts. London, United Kingdom. 
Quay Ceramics. San Francisco, California. 
"Through the Flower: The Dinner Party," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. March-June 1979. 
University of Houston at Clear Lake City. Houston, Texas. March-May 1980.
Boston Center for the Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. July-August 1980.
Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. October 1980-January 1981.
Temple on the Heights. Cleveland, Ohio. Sponsored by Ohio-Chicago Art Project. May-August 1981.
Franklin Building. Chicago, Illinois. Sponsored by Roslyn Group for Arts and Letters. September 1981-February 1982.
Musee D'Art Contemporain. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March-May 1982.
Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. May-July 1982.
Glenbow Museum. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. December 1982-February 1983.
Fox Theater. Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsored by The Sculptural Arts Museum. July-October 1983.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Edinburgh, Scotland. August 1984.
The Warehouse. London, United Kingdom. March-May 1985.
Schirn Kuntshalle. Frankfurt, West Germany. May-June 1987.
Royal Exhibition and Conference Center. Melbourne, Australia. January-March 1988.
Sexual Politics: Judy Chicago's Dinner Party in Feminist Art History. Curated by Dr. Amelia Jones. UCLA Armand Hammer Museum and Cultural Center. Los Angeles, California. April-September 1996.
Brooklyn Museum of Art. Brooklyn, New York. October 2001-February 2002. 
Parco Galleries. Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. 
Hadler-Rodriguez Gallery. Houston, Texas. 
ACA Galleries. New York, New York. 
Through the Flower,  "Birth Project," Artisans Gallery. Mill Valley, California. September-October 1982. 
Multi-Cultural Art Institute, San Diego, California. Sponsored by Dimensions Network. January 1983.
Southeast Arkansas Art Center. Pine Bluff, Arkansas. March-April 1983.
Moody Medical Library, University of Texas Medical Branch. Galveston, Texas. June 1983.
Gallery Quan. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. June-August 1983.
Madison Civic Center. Madison, Wisconsin. November 1983.
Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana. February-March 1984.
Broward Community College. Pembroke Pines, Florida. March 1984.
University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, North Carlina. April-May 1984.
Western Washington University. Bellingham, Washington. April-May 1984.
Jackson Street Gallery. Seattle, Washington. July-August 1984.
Lee Scarfone Gallery, University of Tampa. Tampa, Florida. August 1984.
University of Maine. Farmington, Maine. October-November 1984.
Frederick S. Wight Gallery, University of California at Los Angeles. Los Angeles, California. February-March 1985.
Visual Arts Center of Alaska. Anchorage, Alaska. March 1985.
Paris Gibson Square Center of the Arts. Great Falls, Montana. March 1985.
Ohio State University Gallery. Columbus, Ohio. March 1985.
ACA Galleries. New York, New York. April 1985.
Multi-site exhibit. Washington, DC. May 1985.
Vancouver Museum. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. July-September 1985.
Hillmer Art Gallery, College of St. Mary. Omaha, Nebraska. October 1985.
Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. October 1985.
Center for Contemporary Arts. Santa Fe, New Mexico. October 1985.
Marilyn Butler Fine Arts. Santa Fe, New Mexico. October 1985.
Central Missouri State University Art Center Galleries. Warrensburg, Missouri. February-March 1986.
Myers Fine Arts Gallery, SUNY at Plattsburg. Plattsburg, New York. February-April 1986.
Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College. Traverse City, Michigan. February-March 1986.
Metropolitan Museum and Art Center. Coral Gables, Florida. March-April 1986.
Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Staten Island, New York. April-June 1986.
Alberni Valley Museum. Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. April-June 1986.
Grants Pass Museum of Art. Grants Pass, Oregon. May-June 1986.
Rosemont Art Gallery. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. June 1986.
Grass Growers Gallery. Erie, Pennsylvania. July-August 1986.
Philadelphia Art Alliance. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. September-October 1986.
R.H. Love Galleries. Chicago, Illinois. September-October 1986.
Bergen Community College Gallery. Paramus, New Jersey. October-November 1986.
Hartford Theological Seminary Chapel. Hartford, Connecticut. November-December 1986.
Santa Rosa Jr. College Gallery. Santa Rosa, California. November-December 1986.
Multi-site exhibit. Fresno, California. January-March 1987.
Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester Student Union Gallery. Rochester, New York. January-February 1987.
Norfolk General Hospital. Norfolk, Virginia. January-February 1987.
Ella Sharp Museum. Jackson, Mississippi. January-February 1987.
Boulder Center for the Visual Arts. Boulder, Colorado. June-July 1987.
Johnson County Arts Gallery, University of Iowa. Iowa City, Iowa. November-December 1987.
Worchester Art and Craft Center. Worchester, Massachusetts. May-June 1988.
Northeastern University Art Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. March-April 1988.
Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Provincetown, Massachusetts. February-March 1988.
Multi-site exhibit sponsored by Women in Theater Festival. Boston, Massachusetts. 1988.
National Association of Women Artists: One Hundred Years, Organized by Nassau City Museum of Fine Art, Toured by the Gallery Association of New York, September 1990-September 1992. 
ACA Galleries. New York, New York. April 1985. 
Marilyn Butler Fine Art. Santa Fe, New Mexico. October 1985. 
Shidoni Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 1986. 
Marilyn Butler Fine Art. Scottsdale, Arizona. November 1986. 
Wallace-Wentworth Gallery. Washington, DC. August 1987. 
ACA Galleries. New York, New York. October 1987. 
Andrew Smith Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico. May 1988. 
Jan Baum Gallery. Los Angeles, California. April 1988. 
Nemiroff-Deutsch Gallery. Santa Monica, California. October 1991. 
Joy Horwich Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. October 1993. 
Through the Flower,  "Holocaust: From Darkness into Light 1993-2002," Spertus Museum. Chicago, Illinois. October-April 1994. 
Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria. Austin, Texas. October 1994-January 1995.
Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University. Boston, Massachusetts. September-December 1995.
Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art. Cleveland, Ohio. May-August 1996.
Tampa Bay Holocaust Memorial Museum. St. Petersburg, Florida. October 1996-January 1997.
Florida Holocaust Museum. St. Petersburg, Florida. February-July 1998.
Lehigh University Art Galleries, Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. February-June 2000.
Orlando Museum of Art. Orlando, Florida. August-November 2002. 
Lyons Matrix Gallery. Austin, Texas. November 1994. 
Stetson, Daniel, curator.  "Sources and Collaboration," Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria. Austin, Texas. October-December 1994. 
Sinclair Community College. Dayton, Ohio. April-June 1995.
Siena Heights College. Adrian, Michigan. January-February 1996.
Butler Institute of American Art. Youngstown, Ohio. April-June 1996. 
Flanders Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. April 1996. 
Cline LewAllen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. September 1996. 
Galerie Simonne Stern. New Orleans, Louisiana. October 1996. 
Hanart TZ Gallery. Taipei, Taiwan. December 1997. 
Rockford College Art Gallery. Rockford, Illinois. April 1999. 
LewAllen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. June 1999. 
Thompson Wylder, Viki, curator.  "Trials and Tributes 1999-2000," Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University. Tallahassee, Florida. February-April 1999. 
Indiana University Art Museum. Bloomington, Indiana. August-October 1999.
Gulf Coast Museum of Art. Largo, Florida. November 1999-February 2000.
Winthrop University Galleries. Rock Hill, South Carolina. February-April 2000.
Butler Institute of American Art. Youngstown, Ohio. September-November 2000.
New Orleans Museum of Art. New Orleans, Louisiana. February-April 2001.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Colorado Springs, Colorado. September-November 2001.
New Mexico State University Gallery. Las Cruces, New Mexico. December 2001-February 2002. 
R. Michelson Galleries. Northampton, Massachusetts. May 2000. 
"Birth Project," Albuquerque Museum. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Summer 2000. 
Revere McFadden, David, curator.  "Resolutions: A Stitch in Time 2000-2003," Museum of Art and Design. New York, New York. June-September 2000. 
Skirball Museum and Cultural Center. Los Angeles, California. January-April 2001.
The Albuquerque Museum. Albuquerque, New Mexico. May-September 2001.
Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Fort Wayne, Indiana. September-November 2001.
Berman Museum, Ursinus College. Collegeville, Pennsylvania. December-February 2002.
Edmonton Art Gallery. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. April-June 2002.
Hunter Museum. Chattanooga, Tennessee. December-March 2003. 
"An Intimate Look into the Artist's Life," Flanders Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. October 26-December 1, 2001. 
LewAllen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. June 2001. 
Works on Paper. Los Angeles, California. March 2001. 
California State University, Fresno. Fresno, California. 
Fitzwilliam Museum. Cambridge, United Kingdom. January 2001. 
National Museum of Women in the Arts. Washington, DC. October 2002. 
"Judy Chicago: Fragments From The Delta of Venus and Other Femmerotica: A Thirty-five Year Survey," ACA Galleries. New York, New York. February 14-March 13, 2004. 
"Nine Fragments from the Delta of Venus," Flanders Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. October 16-December 4, 2004. 
LewAllen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. September 2004. 
Kraft-Lieberman Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. February 2004. 
"Nine Fragments from the Delta of Venus and other Erotic Prints," PowerHouse Gallery. New York, New York. February 13-March 20, 2004. 
Flanders Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. September 2005. 
Natsoulas Gallery. Davis, California. April 2005. 
"Judy Chicago, Kitty City: A Feline Book of Hours," ACA Galleries. New York, New York. March 26-April 23, 2005. 
"Femme Erotica," O’Connor Gallery. Toronto, Canada. February 4-March 5, 2005. 
"Chicago in Glass," Lew Allen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. November 3-December 21, 2006. 
"Judy Chicago, works from the Birth Project," Walmsley Gallery, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts. Tallahassee, Florida. August 28-November 12, 2006. 
Reilly, Maura, curator.  "The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago," Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. 
"Setting the Table: Preparatory Work for The Dinner Party," ACA Galleries. New York, New York. March 22-April 28, 2007. 
"Judy Chicago: History in the Making: Preparatory Materials for The Dinner Party," LewAllen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. May 4-June 18, 2007. 
"Chicago in Glass," Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. Waterloo, Ontario. September 9-November 11, 2007. 
Levin, Gail and Laura Kruger, curator.  "Judy Chicago: Jewish Identity," Hebrew Union College Gallery. New York, New York. February 15-July 6, 2007. 
Jewish Museum of Maryland. Baltimore, Maryland. September 9-December 30, 2007.
Jewish Museum of Florida. Miami Beach, Florida. September 8, 2009-February 7, 2010. 
"Dinner with Judy Chicago," Flanders Contemporary Art. Minneapolis, Minnesota. April 24-June 14, 2008. 
"Judy Chicago: A Survey of Important Works," Rouge Concept. Toronto, Canada. February 9-March 22, 2009. 
"Judy Chicago: A Survey of Artwork from 1968-2007," Weiss Gallery. Calgary, Canada. September 26, 2009-January 23, 2010. 
"When Women Rule The World: Judy Chicago In Thread," Textile Museum of Canada. Toronto, Canada. February 11-September 7, 2009. 
The Art Gallery of Calgary. Calgary, Canada. September 25, 2009-January 23, 2010 . 
"Chicago in Glass," Art Museum of South Texas. Corpus Christi, Texas. March 25-May 30, 2010. 
"The Toby Heads," LewAllen Contemporary. Santa Fe, New Mexico. June 18-July 25, 2010. 
"Setting the Table: Preparing Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party," Evansville Museum. Evansville, Indiana. September 2-December 4, 2010. 
"Chicago in Glass," ACA Galleries. New York, New York. October 14-November 27, 2010. 
"Surveying Judy Chicago: 1970-2010," ACA Galleries. New York, New York. October 14-December 4, 2010. 
"Judy Chicago in Glass," Musee des maitres et artisans du Quebec. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. September 22, 2010-January 9, 2011. 
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