Lynda Benglis Catalogue
Lynda Benglis
Solo Exhibitions
Univerisity of Rhode Island. Kingston, Rhode Island. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. February 8-March 4, 1970. 
Janie C. Lee Gallery. Dallas, Texas. 
Galerie Hans Muller. Cologne, Germany. 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Blacksburg, Virginia (with Michael Goldberg). 
Kansas State University. Manhattan, Kansas. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. September-October, 1971. 
Hayden Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
Kunstforum of Rottwell. Rottwell, Germany (with Allan Hacklin). 
Hansen-Fuller Gallery. San Francisco, California. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. February 17-March 10, 1973. 
"Lynda Benglis Video Tapes," Video Gallery, Everson Museum of Art. Syracuse, New York. March 13-March 25, 1973. 
Hansen-Fuller Gallery. San Francisco, California. 
Portland Center for the Visual Arts. Portland, Oregon. June, 1973. 
The Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. November 18-December 10, 1973. 
Jack Glenn Gallery. Corona Del Mar, California. 
The Clocktower. New York, New York. December 6, 1973-January 20, 1974. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. May 4-May 29, 1974. 
Hansen-Fuller Gallery. San Francisco, California. October 29-November 23, 1974. 
Fine Arts Center Gallery, State University of NY College. Oneonta, New York. January 29-February 26, 1975. 
The Kitchen. New York, New York. November 8-November 15, 1975. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. November 8-December 3, 1975. 
The Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. Los Angeles, California. May 1-May 22, 1976. 
Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
Hansen-Fuller Gallery. San Francisco, California. 
Douglas Drake Gallery. Kansas City, Missouri. 
Hansen-Fuller Gallery. San Francisco, California (with William Weege). August 2-August 31, 1977. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. November 11-December 9, 1978. 
Hansen-Fuller Goldeen Gallery. San Francisco, California. October 23, 1978-January 17, 1979. 
The Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. January 17-February 10, 1979. 
Dart Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
Real Art Ways. New Haven, Connecticut. 
Georgia State University. Atlanta, Georgia. October 26-November 16, 1979. 
Galerie Albert Baronian. Belgium. 
S. Hilberry Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan (with Ron Gorchov). April 14-May 12, 1979. 
University of South Florida. Tampa, Florida. February 8-March 6, 1980. 
Lowe Art Museum. Miami, Florida. March 19-April 27, 1980. 
Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. February 22-April 12, 1980. 
Portland Center for the Visual Arts. Portland, Oregon. 
The Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. June 14-July 9, 1980. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. September 16-October 11, 1980. 
David Heath Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. 
Chatham College. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. November, 1980. 
Susanne Hilberry Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan. 
Museum of Art, University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona. April 26-May 18, 1981. 
Galerie Albert Baronian. Brussels, Belgium. 
Dart Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. October 9-November 4, 1981. 
The Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. December 5-January 2, 1982. 
Jacksonville Art Museum. Jacksonville, Florida. October 19-December 18, 1981. 
Okun-Thomas Gallery. St. Louis, Missouri. January 9-February 6, 1982. 
Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. January 15-February 20, 1982. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. October 30-November 27, 1982. 
Fuller Goldeen Gallery. San Francisco, California. November 3-November 27, 1982. 
Susanne Hilberry Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan. June 17-July 30, 1983. 
Dart Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. November 5-December 7, 1983. 
"Recent Work: Lynda Benglis & John Duff," Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. March 23-April 16, 1983. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. March 22-April 14, 1984. 
The Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. September 11-October 20, 1984. 
Tilden-Foley Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana. October 20-November 4, 1984. 
"Works in Glass," Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
"New Works in Glass," S. Hilberry Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan. September 28-October 26, 1985. 
"Glass," Dart Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. October 18-November 10, 1985. 
Heath Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. November 16-December 14, 1985. 
"Ida Kohlmeyer/Lynda Benglis: Teacher & Student in the 80's," Gibson Barkam Gallery, Imperial Calcasieu Museum. Lake Charles, Louisiana. 
Fuller Goldeen Gallery. San Francisco, California. April 3-May 3, 1986. 
Tilden-Foley Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. March 25-April 18, 1987. 
Landfall Press. New York, New York. 
Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. May 16-June 20, 1987. 
"Lynda Benglis & Keith Sonnier: A Ten Year Retrospective, 1977-1987," Alexandria Museum of Art. Alexandria, Louisiana. October 9-November 25, 1987. 
Full Gross Gallery. San Francisco, California. Decenber 6, 1987-January 7, 1988. 
"Lynda Benglis: Recent Sculpture and Works on Paper," Cumberland Gallery. Nashville, Tennessee. April 9-May 14, 1988. 
Cumberland Gallery. Nashville, Tennessee (with Ida Kohlmeyer). 
Tilden-Foley Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana. April 1-May 10, 1989. 
Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. July 8-August 12, 1989. 
Michael Murphy Gallery. Tampa, Florida. 
"American Sculptors, NY & LA," (with Mark Lere) Kamakura Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. 
Richard Gray Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. March 23-May 10, 1990. 
Linda Farris Gallery. Seattle, Washington. August 2-August 31, 1990. 
Sena Galleries West. Santa Fe, New Mexico. August 24-September 14, 1990. 
Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. September 4-September 29, 1990. 
"Dual Natures," The High Museum of Art. Atlanta, Georgia. January 29-March 31, 1991. 
Traveled to Contemporary Arts Center & New Orleans Museum of Art. New Orleans, Louisiana (June 1-August 4, 1991); San Jose Museum of Art. San Jose, California (September 15-December 1, 1991). 
"Recent Work," Heath Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. January 27-March 29, 1991. 
"New Works," Tilden Foley Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana. May 31-June 30, 1991. 
Margo Leavin Gallery. Los Angeles, California. September 5-October 5, 1991. 
Heath Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. November 17, 1991-January 10, 1992. 
"Clothed and Unclothed: Recent Sculpture," Richard Gray Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. January 15-February 15, 1993. 
"From the Furnace," Auckland City Art Center. Auckland, New Zealand. October 1993. 
"Ceramic Sculpture," Tavelli Gallery. Aspen, Colorado. March 8-April 15, 1993. 
Gow-Langsford Gallery. Auckland, New Zealand. October 1993. 
"Wax Paintings," Paula Cooper Gallery. New York, New York. February 4-February 26, 1994. 
"Lynda Benglis: Wax Paintings," Heath Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. May 21-July 30, 1994. 
"Chimera: Recent Ceramic Sculpture," The Harwood Foundation Museum. Taos, New Mexico. December 9, 1994-February 4, 1995. 
Traveled to Boulder Museum of Art. Boulder, Colorado (Spring, 1995); Cranbrook Art Museum. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (November 16-January 14, 1996); University Gallery, New Mexico State University. Las Cruces, New Mexico (January-February, 1996). 
Galerie Simonne Stern. New Orleans, Louisiana. October 7-October 31, 1995. 
Susanne Hilberry Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan. November 1995. 
"Lynda Benglis: Recent Wall & Glass Sculpture," Heath Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. September 16-November 4, 1995. 
Porter Troupe Gallery. San Diego, California. November 2-December 21, 1996. 
"New Monotypes: Landscapes & Fetishes," Quartet Editions. New York, New York. November 6-December 21, 1996. 
"Selected Wall Reliefs," Elizabeth Mayer Fine Art. New York, New York. 
"Hidden Agenda," Contemporary Art Gallery. Ahmedabad, India. June 9-June 13, 1997. 
Michael Janssen. Cologne, Germany. November 1997. 
Charim Klocker Gallery. Vienna, Austria. June 17-July 31, 1998. 
"Lynda Benglis-Recent Sculpture & Screening of the 1973 Video Female Sensibility," Cheim & Read Gallery. New York, New York. September 12-October 10, 1998. 
"Dynamic Silhouette," Kappatos Gallery. Athens, Greece. Decenber 2-January 23, 1998. 
"Lynda Benglis, Small Works," Galerie Simonne Stern. New Orleans, Louisiana. May 1-June 1, 1999. 
"Lynda Benglis," Guild Hall Museum. East Hampton, New York. August 1, 1999. 
"Lynda Benglis, New Works," Cheim & Read Gallery. New York, New York. October 1999. 
"Lynda Benglis," Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Greensboro, North Carolina. 
Klein, Michael, curator.  "Lynda Benglis," Meadows Museum. Shreveport, Louisiana. March 2000. 
"Lynda Benglis, A Decade of Ideas," Bryan Ohno Gallery. Seattle, Washington. October 12-December 2, 2000. 
"Lynda Benglis: Hot Spots," Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. November 18-December 12, 2000. 
"Echos," Remba Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
"New Work," Toomey Turrell Gallery. San Francisco, California. 
"Lynda Benglis: Ceramic Sculpture," Franklin Parrasch Gallery. New York, New York. January 8-February 16, 2002. 
"Lynda Benglis Soft Off," Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. April 18-May 31, 2002. 
Cumberland Gallery. Nashville, Tennessee, March, 2002. 
"Small Bronze and Wax Paintings by Lynda Benglis and Images from Mexico, Photographs by Jack Spencer," Cumberland Gallery. Nashville, Tennessee. March 16-April 13, 2002. 
"Bettina Rheims / Lynda Benglis," Cheim & Read. New York, New York. October 15-November 16, 2002. 
"Lynda Benglis: Sculptures," Bass Museum of Art. Miami, Florida. December 4-June 30, 2003. 
Toomey Tourell. San Francisco, California. November 13-January 3, 2003. 
"A Sculpture Survey 1969 - 2004," Cheim & Read Gallery. New York, New York. February 26-April 3, 2004. 
Franklin Parrasch Gallery. New York, New York. April 16-May 22, 2004. 
"Improvisation: Lynda Benglis and Isaac Witkin," Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 1-December 12, 2004. 
Susanne Hilberry Gallery. Ferndale, Michigan. April 22-June 18, 2005. 
Frank Lloyd Gallery. Santa Monica, California. September 7-October 8, 2005. 
"THE GRACES," (with Monique Prieto) Cheim & Read Gallery. New York, New York. September 10-October 15, 2005. 
"Lynda Benglis: Pleated, Knotted, Poured," Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. May 19-June 30, 2006. 
"New Work by Lynda Benglis," Nina Freudenheim Gallery. Buffalo, New York. September 9-October 24, 2006. 
"ArtMatters 11: Lynda Benglis," McNay Art Museum. San Antonio, Texas. May 2-July 29, 2007. 
"Lynda Benglis – Wax Paintings & Ceramic Sculptures," Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas. July 10-August 11, 2007. 
Richardson, Brenda, curator.  "Lynda Benglis: Shape-Shifters," Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. March 7-April 12, 2008. 
"Lynda Benglis As Printmaker: A 30-Year Retrospective of Editions and Monotypes," Carl Solway Gallery. Cincinnati, Ohio. September 5-December 13, 2008. 
"Lynda Benglis: New Work," Cheim & Read. New York, New York. November 19-January 2, 2010. 
"Lynda Benglis," Initiated by the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. November 4, 2009-January 24, 2010. 
Van Abbemuseum. Eindhoven, The Netherlands June 20-October 4, 2009.
Le Consortium. Dijon, France. April 2-June 20, 2010.
Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design. Providence, Rhode Island. October 1, 2010-January 9, 2011.
New Museum. New York, New York. February 9-June 19, 2011. (New Museum First Saturdays for Families: Lynda Benglis, March 5, 2011 10:00 am). 
"Wax'in Wane," Galerie Michael Janssen. Berlin, Germany. June 13-July 31, 2010. 
"Lynda Benglis: Flow and Flesh," Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. November 19-December 30, 2010. 
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