Vitaly Komar Catalogue
Vitaly Komar
Group Exhibitions
"Art as Social Conscience," Edith C. Blum Art Institute, Bard College. Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. February 19-March 28, 1984. 
"The Anticipated Ruin," The Kitchen. New York, New York. January-February 1985. 
"Synaesthetics: Collaborations Between Artists and Writers," Institute for Art & Urban Resources at P.S.1. New York, New York. January 13-March 10, 1985. 
"Doppelganger/Cover (The Double/Cover Show)," Amsterdam, Netherlands. April-May 1985. 
"Iterativismus," Galerie und Lager Rudolf Zwirner. Cologne, West Germany. May-June 1985. 
"Recent Acquisitions," Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. March 1986. 
"The Death or Resurrection of Originality," Biennale of Sydney. Sydney, Australia. May-July 1986. 
"Prospect 86," Frankfurter Kunstverein. Frankfurt, Germany. September 9-November 2, 1986. 
"The Freedman Gallery: The First Decade," Freedman Gallery, Albright College. Reading, Pennsylvania. November 23-December 31, 1986. 
"Self-Portraits: The Message, the Material," Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College. Saratoga Springs, New York. February 19-March 13, 1987. 
Hofstra Museum, Emily Lowe Gallery. Hempstead, New York. March 29-May 17, 1987. 
"I Bienal Internacional de Pintura," Museo de Arte Moderno. Cuenca, Ecuador. April 17-June 17, 1987. 
"Recent Acquisitions," Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York. Fall 1987. 
"Fictions," Curt Marcus Gallery, Kent Fine Arts. New York, New York. November 17-December 31, 1987. 
"The Social Club," Exit Art. New York, New York. January 9-February 13, 1988. 
"The Marshall Frankel Collection: 1928-86," Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago, Illinois. February 6-April 3, 1988. 
Tisa, Ken, curator.  "Altar/Alter," Gallery Carlo Lamagna. New York, New York. February 25-March 26, 1988. 
Art Lending Service of the Museum of Modern Art,  "Figuration," General Electric Corporation. Fairfield, Connecticut. April 6-May, 1988. 
"Benefit Auction," The New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. April 25, 1988. 
"Post-Utopia: Painting and Installations by Soviet Conceptualists Eric Bulatov, Ilya Kabakov, Komar & Melamid," Joint exhibition with Melamid, Bulatov, and Kabakov. Southeastern Massachusetts University. North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. January 23-February 18, 1989. 
"Benefit Auction," The New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. April 26-May 1, 1989. 
"Don't Bungle the Jungle," (Benefit) Tony Shafrazi Gallery. New York, New York. June 3-30, 1989. 
"Endangered Industries," Mary Ryan Gallery. New York, New York. August 16-September 16, 1989. 
"The Historical Mode," Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, New York. November 1-January 27, 1990. 
"Storyline," Edward Thorp Gallery. New York, New York. February 3-March 3, 1990. 
"Memory/Reality," Ceres Gallery. New York, New York. February 27-March 24, 1990. 
"Images of Death in Contemporary Art," Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. March 22-June 3, 1990. 
"Women of the Press: Contemporary Prints from Women Publishers," University Gallery, University of Florida. Gainesville, Florida. May 2-June 17, 1990. 
"Regarding Art: Artworks about Art," John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. June 3-August 12, 1990. 
"Stendahl Syndrome: The Cure," Andrea Rosen Gallery. New York, New York. June 29-August 4, 1990. 
"Dead Heroes, Disfigured Love," Lorence Monk Gallery. New York, New York. February 2-February 23, 1991. 
"World Disorder," The Cultural Space. New York, New York. February 16-March 16, 1991. 
"To Wit: Timely Objects with Ironic Tendencies," Rosa Esman Gallery. New York, New York. April 27-May 24, 1991. 
"Postmodern Prints," Victoria and Albert Museum. London, England. July 17-October 27, 1991. 
"Art/History," The University Gallery at Memphis State. Memphis, Tennessee. September 6-October 11, 1991. 
"Departures: Photography 1923-1990," Independent Curators Incorporated (ICI). Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross. Worcester, Massachusetts. September 12-October 20, 1991. 
Denver Art Museum. Denver, Colorado. January 25-March 22, 1992.
Joslyn Art Museum. Omaha, Nebraska. April 9-May 31, 1992.
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. July 5-August 23, 1992.
Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art and Design. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. September 5-October 11, 1992.
Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, Inc. Savannah, Georgia. January 5-February 21, 1993. 
"Zero Gravity," Henry DeFord III Gallery. Long Island City, New York. October 21-January 31, 1992. 
"Images of Labor," Gallery 119. New York, New York. October 25-December 5, 1991. 
"Sixteen Year Retrospective of the Alternative Museum," Alternative Museum. New York, New York. October-November, 1991. 
"Artists of Conscience," Alternative Museum. New York, New York. November 6-January 25, 1992. 
"Sacred Spaces," Nassau County Office of Cultural Development, Chelsea Mansion. East Norwich, New York. December 8-January 8, 1992. 
Fine Art Museum of Long Island. Hempstead, New York, February 1-15, 1992. 
"New Directions," Zimmerli Museum of Art. New Brunswick, New Jersey. December 8-February 25, 1992. 
"Just Pathetic," American Fine Arts. New York, New York. January 18-February 8, 1992. 
"Teamwork," Lintas Corporation. New York, New York. January 27-May 1, 1992. 
Barbara Krakow Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. February 15-March 18, 1992. 
"Slow Art-Painting in New York Now," P.S.1 Museum. Long Island City, New York. April 26-June 21, 1992. 
"In Praise in Folly," John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. May 31-August 1, 1992. 
"Promises: Election Dreams and Desires, Fears and Nightmares," Jersey City Museum. Jersey City, New Jersey. August 26-November 7, 1992. 
"Identities Lost & Found," One Bush Street. San Francisco, California. August 19-November 30, 1992. 
"Parallel Visions: Modern Artists and Outsider Art," Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. October 15-31, 1992. 
"10: Artist as Catalyst," Alternative Museum. New York, New York. November 21-February 12, 1993. 
"Mao 100," Oipca East Village. New York, New York. December 26-3, 1993. 
"Clay Out of Context," University Art Gallery, San Diego State University. San Diego, California. January 20-April 9, 1993. 
"A Few Words," Quartet Editions. New York, New York. February 27-April 3, 1993. 
"Memories: Facts & Lies," Blum Helman. New York, New York. June 16-July 3, 1993. 
Frankel Nathanson Gallery. Maplewood, New Jersey. June 19-July 3, 1993. 
"Summer '93," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York. June 21 - August 20, 1993. 
Independent Curators, Inc,  "Monumental Propaganda," Instigated by Komar & Melamid. Smithsonian Institute. Washington, D.C. 
Tretykov Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
World Financial Center. New York, July 22 - October 3, 1993. 
Independent Curators, Inc,  "18 artistes russes: L'apres Perestroika: menageres ou femmes d'Etat," Le Centre international d'art de Montreal. Montreal, Quebec. August 1-October 3, 1993. 
Picker Art Gallery, Colgate University. Hamilton, New York, November 6-December 31, 1993.
DePree Art Center and Gallery. Hope College, Holland, Michigan, February 12-March 27, 1994.
Western Gallery, Western Washington University. Bellingham, Washington, April 18-June 11, 1994.
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross. Worcester, Massachusetts, September 15-October 23, 1994. 
"Old Symbols/New Icons in Russian Contemporary Art," Stuart Levy Gallery. New York, New York. September 14-October 16, 1993. 
"Art, Myth & Money," Palm Beach Community College Museum of Art. Lake Worth, Florida. October 2-October 30, 1993. 
"From Chaos to Creation: Russian Art 1972-1992," The Rye Arts Center. Rye, New York. October 3-November 21, 1993. 
"In Out of the Cold," Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens. San Francisco, California. October 12-December 5, 1993. 
"Contemporary Public Art in the Bronx," Lehman College Art Gallery. New York, New York. October 19-December 15, 1993. 
"Drawings," 30th Anniversary Exhibition, To Benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts. Leo Castelli. New York, New York. December 11-January 8, 1994. 
"From Gulag to Glasnost," Zimmerlie Art Museum, Rutgers University. New Brunswick, New Jersey. October 22-March 3, 1995. 
"Before "Neo" and After "Post"," Lehman College Art Gallery. The Bronx, New York. November 8-December 20, 1994. 
"Wild Life!," California Center for the Arts. Escondido, California. October 1-December 3, 1994. 
"Prints from Solo Impression, Inc.," The College of Wooster. Wooster, Ohio. August 24-October 9, 1994. 
"Garden Fresh," Trans Hudson Gallery. Jersey City, New Jersey. August 18-September 1, 1994. 
"30 YEARS-Art in the Present Tense: The Aldrich's Curatorial History 1964-1994," The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Ridgefield, Connecticut. 
Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany. 
"Altered Egos," Santa Monica Museum of Art. Santa Monica, California. July 8-September 4, 1994. 
"Europa-Europa," Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Bonn, Germany. May 27-October 16, 1994. 
"Russian Jewish Artists in a Century of Change 1890-1990," The Jewish Museum. New York, New York. 
"Auction for the Coalition for the Homeless," Artwalk. New York, New York. October 14, 1995. 
Passage de Retz. Paris, France. September 28-October 22, 1995. 
"Temporarily Possessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection," The New Museum. New York, New York. September 15-December 17, 1995. 
"Content & Commentary," Thomas Segal Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. September 15-October 28, 1995. 
"KRAFTMESSEN: Contending Forces," Sidney Janis Gallery. Munich, Germany. June-July, 1995. 
"Human/Nature," The New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. April 20-May 18, 1995. 
"Arts Night Out Auction," Neuburger Museum of Art, State University of New York. Purchase, New York. April 8, 1995. 
"No Man's Land," Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. Copenhagen, Denmark. March 25-June 1, 1995. 
"Heroes and Heroines: From Myth to Reality," The New Jersey Center for Visual Arts. Summit, New Jersey. January 13-February 26, 1995. 
"Transformers: The Art of Multiphrenia," Independent Curators Incorporated. Minnesota Museum of Art. Minneapolis, Minnesota. December 11-February 5, 1995. 
Contemporary Arts Center. Moscow, Russia. 
"ARS," Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland. 
Ansel Adams Center for Photography. San Francisco, California. 
Smithosonian Institute. Washington, DC. 
Kraftmessen. Munich, Germany. 
Block, Rene, curator. Istanbul Biennial. Istanbul, Turkey. 
"Zeitgenossische Kunst im Museum Ludwig," Museum of Modern Art. Cologne, Germany. December 5-January 17, 1997. 
"The Most Wanted - The Most Unwanted Painting," Helsinki City Art Museum. Helsinki, Finland. November, 1996. 
"20/20: The Visionary Legacy of Doris Chanin Freedman," Albright College Center for the Arts, Freedman Gallery. Reading, Pennsylvania. October 25-December 13, 1996. 
"Landscape Reclaimed," Aldrich Museum. Ridgefield, Connecticut. September 15-January 5, 1997. 
The Sculpture Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton. San Francisco, California. May 18-June, 1996. 
"1976-1996: Twenty Years in Boston," Thomas Segal Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. April 20-June 20, 1996. 
"Russian Conceptual Art of the 1980s: The Collection of the Duke University Museum of Art," Duke University Museum of Art. Durham, North Carolina. January 19-March 31, 1996. 
"Withdrawing," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York. January 13-February 17, 1996. 
"Made to Order: America's Most Wanted Paintings," The Alternative Museum. New York, New York. December 12-January 27, 1997. 
"Face A L’Histoire," Georges Pompidou Center. Paris, France. 
Bass Museum. Miami, Florida. 
"National Touring Exhibition," Hayward Gallery. London, England. 
Contemporary Art Center. Lisbon, Portugal. 
Le Cirque. Paris, France. 
Centre Internationale d’Art Contemporain de Montreal. Montreal, Canada. 
Wood Street Galleries. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
"Heroic Painting," Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Winston-Salem, North Carolina. February 3-April 21, 1996. 
Tampa Museum of Art. Tampa, Florida, May-June
Queens Museum of Art. Queens, New York, July-September
Knoxville Museum of Art. Knoxville, Tennessee, October-January, 1997
Contemporary Arts Center. Cincinnati, Ohio, January-March
Nevada Museum of Art. Reno, Nevada, April-June
Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi, July-September
University Gallery At University of Massachusettes. Amherst, Massachusettes October-December
Chicago Cultural Center. Chicago, Illinois, January-March, 1988. 
"Fractured Fairy Tales," Duke University Museum of Art. Durham, North Carolina. April 12-May 25, 1996. 
"The 6th International [Shoebox] Sculpture Exhibition," University of Hawaii Art Gallery. Honolulu, Hawaii. March 16-April 18, 1997. 
Traveled to fifteen museums until December 1999. 
"47th International Art Exhibition," La Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy. 
Art in Embassies,  "Faces of America," Spaso House. Moscow, Russia. 
"Jukebox: Sound works," Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. Copenhagen, Denmark. November, 1997. 
"Heroic Painting," Chicago Cultural Center. Chicago, Illinois. January 17-March 15, 1998. 
"Offbeat: Humor in Life and Art," Eyewash. New York, New York. October 17-November 22, 1998. 
"The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect," The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. March 31-June 29, 1999. 
"George Washington: American Symbol," The Museums at Stony Brook. Stony Brook, New York. February 6-May 31, 1999. 
Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, June 11- September 6
Museum of our National Hertiage. Lexington, Massachusettes, October 10- February 27, 2000. 
"48th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale / Biennale di Venezia," La Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy. June 13-November 17, 1999. 
"Drive," Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. New Plymouth, New Zealand. February 12–April 30, 2000. 
"Lebt und arbeitet in Wien - 26 Positionen aktueller Kunst," Kunsthalle Wien. Vienna, Austria. October 16-March 4, 2001. 
Portnoy, Michael, curator.  "Critic as Grist," White Box. New York, New York. September 7-October 17, 2000. 
"Dein Wille geschehe...," Haus am Waldsee. Berlin, Germany. February 19-April 2, 2000. 
"Forbidden Art: The Postwar Russian Avant-Garde," Curatorial Assistance, Inc. McMullen Museum of Art. Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. October 15-December 15, 2000. 
"Modernism and Post-Modernism: Russian Art of the Ending Millennium," Wellington B. Gray Gallery, East Carolina University. Greenville, North Carolina. August 30-October 3, 2001. 
"Jewish Artists on the Edge," Yeshiva University Museum. New York, New York. November 7-February 28, 2002. 
"Extra Art: A Survey of Artists’ Ephemera, 1960-1999," California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, California. October 12- December 8, 2001. 
"A Work in Progress - Selections from the New Museum Collection," New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. October 5-November 25, 2001. 
"Iconoclash," Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe, Germany. 
"A Painting for Over the Sofa (that’s not necessarily a painting)," Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Miami, Florida. November 24-December 29, 2002. 
Knoxville Museum of Art. Knoxville, Tennessee. January 11-April 5, 2002.
Walton Arts Center. Fayetteville, Arkansas. April 19-June 14, 2002.
William Patterson University. Wayne, New Jersey. September 6-October 18, 2002.
Fuller Museum. Brockton, Massachusetts. January 3-March 28, 2003.
Huntington Museum. Huntington, West Virginia. December 5, 2003-January 30, 2004.
Lakeview Museum. Peoria, Illinois. February 13-April 9, 2004.
University of Nebraska. Lincoln, Nebraska. September 10-October 8, 2004. 
"Pop Patriotism," Momenta Art. Brooklyn, New York. September 7-October 8, 2002. 
"Das rote Haus," Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders. Germany. March 10-April 28, 2002. 
"Moscow Time," Contemporary Art Center Vilnius (CAC). Vilnius, Lithuania. January 30-March 31, 2002. 
"Somewhere Better Than This Place," The Contemporary Arts Center. Cincinnati, Ohio. May 31-November 22, 2003. 
"The Physics of Spirituality," Westwood Gallery. New York, New York. May 22-June 24, 2003. 
"Ameri©an Dre@m: A Survey," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York. February 22-April 5, 2003. 
"Dream Factory Communism," Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. Frankfurt, Germany. September 24-January 4, 2004. 
"Berlin-Moskau, Moskau-Berlin 1950-2000," Martin-Gropius-Bau. Berlin, Germany. September 28-January 5, 2004. 
State Historical Museum Moscow. Moscow, Russia, March 21—June 15, 2004. 
"Marat Gelman's Gift," The State Russian Museum - Marble Palace. St. Petersburg, Russia. November 26-January 19, 2004. 
"Ortstermin Moskau - 1970 und die Zeit danach," Sandmann. Berlin, Germany. September 30-November 13, 2003. 
"Traumfabrik Kommunismus," Schirn Kunsthalle. Frankfurt/Main, Germany. September 24-January 4, 2004. 
"'The International Jewish Artist of the Year' finalists show," Ben Uri Gallery. London, United Kingdom. July 18-August 22, 2004. 
"Under $2,000 Albers < Zaugg," Brooke Alexander Editions. New York, New York. January 15-March 20, 2004. 
"An Exhibition of the EAST ART MAP – A (Re)Construction of the History of Contemporary Art in Eastern Europe," Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum. Hagen, Germany. September 10–November 13, 2005. 
"Russia!," Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. New York, New York. September 16-January 11, 2006. 
"Angels of History - Moscow Conceptualism and its influence," MuHKA Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen. Antwerp, Belgium. September 17-November 27, 2005. 
"Atomica," Lombard-Freid Fine Arts. New York, New York. June 7-July 30, 2005. 
"The Theatre of Art - Masterpieces from the Collection of the Ludwig Museum," Villa Manin. Centro d'arte contemporanea. Italy. June 6-November 6, 2005. 
"Bellum - Bellum: Gedächtnis dreier Generationen," Sandmann. Berlin, Germany. May 9-June 11, 2005. 
"The Corcoran 2005 Print Portfolio - Drawn to Representation," The Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington D.C. March 26-August 21, 2005. 
"Interessi Zero," Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea. Trento, Italy. March 11-May 28, 2005. 
Nocella, Marco, Peggy Jarrell Kaplan, and Ronald Feldman, curator.  "Artists Against the State: Perestroika Revisited," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York. May 6 -June 24, 2006. 
"Going Ape: Confronting Animals in Contemporary Art," DeCordova Museum. Lincoln, Massachusetts. September 2–January 7, 2007. 
"Prophets of Deceit," CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. San Francisco, California. September 12-November 11, 2006. 
"¡Rusia!," Museo Guggenheim de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo. Bilbao, Spain. March 29-September 3, 2006. 
"Interrupted Histories," Moderna Galerija - Ljubljana. Ljubljana, Slovenia. March 14-May 28, 2006. 
"Depository of Dreams," White Space Gallery. London, United Kingdom. November 30-December 20, 2006. 
"Humor in Art," The LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University. New York, New York. November 8-24, 2006. 
"Natural Reaction," Tastes Like Chicken Art Space. Brooklyn, New York. November 3-December 3, 2006. 
"Territories of Terror: Mythologies and Memories of the Gulag in Contemporary Russian-American Art," Boston University Art Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. October 24, 2006-January 14, 2007. 
"Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art," Moscow Biennale. Moscow, Russia. March 3-April 1, 2007. 
"Sots Art: Political Art in Russia and China," State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia. March 3-April 1, 2007. 
Erofeev, Andreï, curator.  "Sots Art, Political Art in Russia from 1972 to Today," La Maison Rouge. Paris, France. October 21, 2007-January 20, 2008. 
"Catching the Word," Black & White Gallery. New York, New York. February 1-March 8, 2008. 
"The Cult of Personality: Portraits and mass culture," Carriage Trade Gallery. New York, New York. February 28-March 30, 2008. 
"Medium Religion," Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe, Germany. November 23, 2008–April 19th, 2009. 
"1989: End of History or the Beginning of the Future?," Vienna Kunsthalle. Vienna, Austria. October 10, 2009-February 7, 2010. 
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