Mona Kuhn Catalogue
Mona Kuhn
Selected Articles
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"Nude Awakening,"  Angeleno magazine,  November, 2011.
"Bordeaux: intimistic,"  Photo Asia,  November, 2011.
"Bottega Veneta and Mona Kuhn: The Art of Collaboration,"  Vogue (Italy),  November 2, 2011.
"Overseas: Mona Kuhn,"  Cameraman (Japan),  February, 2012.
Laneri, Raquel.  "Culture: Mona Kuhn's Bordeaux Series Opens Tomorrow,"  ELLE Magazine,  February 23, 2012.
Nathan, Emily.  "NYC Gallery Shows: The New York List, 3/23/2012: Mona Kuhn, Bordeaux Series,"  artnet Magazine,  March 23, 2012.
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