Edward Burtynsky Catalogue
Edward Burtynsky
Selected Books
Langford, Martha.  Contemporary Canadian Photography from the Collection of the National Film Board.  Hurtig Publishers. Edmonton, Canada. 1984.
Burtynsky, Edward.  Breaking Ground.  Art Gallery of Hamilton. Hamilton, Canada. 1988.
Wagg, Susan.  Money Matters: A Critical Look at Bank Architecture.  McGraw Hill. New York, New York. 1990.
Murray, Joan.  Canadian Art in the Twentieth Century.  Dundurn Press. Toronto, Canada. 1999.
Burtynsky, Edward and Michael Torosian.  Residual Landscapes: Studies of Industrial Transfiguration.  Lumiere Press. Toronto, Canada. 2001.
Burtynsky, Edward, Suzy Lake and Alison McQueen.  Constructed identities: Burlington Art Centre.  The Centre. Burlington, Canada. 2001.
Burtynsky, Edward.  Edward Burtynsky: Ten Years.  The Gallery. New York, New York. 2001.
Burtynsky, Edward and Mark Mayer.  Edward Burtynsky.  Robert Koch Gallery. San Fransisco, California. 2001.
Roenisch, Clint and Edward Burtynsky.  Edward Burtynsky: Works from Two Decades (1981-2001: A Gift to the Collection).  2002.
Pauli, Lori, Mark Haworth-Booth, Kenneth Baker and Michael Torosian.  Manufactured Landscapes: The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky.  National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa in association with Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. 2003.
Jack, Ian.  This Overheating World.  Granta Books. London, United Kingdom. 2003.
Burtynsky, Edward and Gary Michael Dault.  Before the Flood.  Edward Burtynsky & C.J. Graphics. Toronto, Canada. 2003.
Cheeseman, Matthew.  The Post-Industrial Landscape.  Ceské Muzeum Výtvarných Umení. Prague, Czech Republic. 2003.
Pauli, Lori, Kenneth Baker, Michael Torosian, Mark Haworth-Booth and Edward Burtynsky.  Paysages Manufacturés: Les Photographies d'Edward Burtynsky.  Musée des Beaux-Arts du Canada/Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. 2003.
Burtynsky, Edward; Marc Mayer, Ted C. Fishman, Mark Kingwell, essays.  China: the photographs of Edward Burtynsky.  Steidl. Göttingen, Germany. 2005.
Work (2 images from the China series).  National Geographic Society.Washington, D.C., USA. 2006.
Monbiot, George.  Heat (hardcover).  Random House / Double Day. Toronto, Canada. 2006.
Art in Action,  Nature, Creativity, and Our Collective Future.  Natural World Museum, Palace Press / Earth Aware Editions. San Rafael, California, USA. 2007.
Burtynsky, Edward.  Quarries.  Steidl. London, United Kingdom. 2007.
Lombino, Mary-Kay.  Utopialand.  Vassar College. Poughkeepsie, New York. 2007.
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