Pipilotti Rist Catalogue
Pipilotti Rist
Selected Books
Rist, Pipilotti.  "Aus der Produktion von Pickelporno", Wie es 1hr gefällt: Künste, Wissenschaft & alles andere.  Edited by: Silvia Henke and Sabina Mohler. Kore Verlag. Freiburg, Germany. 1991.
Himalaya Pipilotti Rist Oktagon.  Kunsthalle Zurich and Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. 1999.
Riemschneider, Burkhard and Uta Grosenick (Ed.).  Art at the Turn of the Millenium.  Taschen (pp. 426-429). 1999.
Hillstrom, Laurie Collier and Kevin Hillstrom, (ed.).  Contemporary Women Artists.  St. James Press (pp. 563-566). 1999.
Phelean, Peggy.  Pipilotti Rist.  Phaidon. 2001.
Soll, Anne.  Body Work: Videos and Installation by Pipilotti Rist.  Verlag Silke Schreiber. 2005.
Rush, Michael, ed.  New Media in Art, new edition.  Thames & Hudson. London and New York. 2005.
Nemitz, Barbara ed.  Pink - The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art and Culture.  Hatje Cantz Verlag. Ostfildern, Germany. 2006.
Fichner-Rathaus, Lois.  Foundations of Art and Design.  Thomson/Wadsworth. Belmont, California. 2007.
Herzogenrath, Wulf and Andreas Kreul, eds.  Nam June Paik - There is No Rewind Button for Life.  DuMont Literatur und Kunst Verlag GmbH & Co KG. Cologne, Germany. 2007.
Alemani, Cecilia, Francesco Bernardelli, Elena Del Drago and Alessandro Mininno.  Arte Contemporanea. Ambienti.  Mondadori Electa. Milan, Italy. 2008.
Bernardelli, Francesco.  Arte Contemporanea. Cinque. Anni Novanta.  Mondadori Electa. Milan, Italy. 2008.
Sugita, Atsushi.  Nano Thought. Contemporary Aesthetics or Thinking via Contemporary Art.  Sairyusha. Tokyo, Japan. 2008.
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