Yasumasa Morimura Catalogue
Yasumasa Morimura
Selected Books
The Now Art Book.  Shiseido and Korinsha Press & Co., Ltd., Japan. 1996.
Goldberg, Roselee.  Performance Living Art Since 1960.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 1998.
Master Breasts.  Aperture Foundation, Inc. New York, New York. 1998.
Hunter, Sam, John Jacobus, and Daniel Wheeler.  Modern Art.  The Vendome Press. New York, New York. 2000.
Warr, Tracey and Amelia Jones, ed.  The Artist's Body.  Phaidon Press. London, United Kingdom. 2000.
Linduff, Katheryn M, Bernard Schultz, David G Wilkins.  Art Past Art Present.  Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 2000.
Kyuryodo,  The Ginza Art Space 75-00.  Shiseido Co. Ltd. 2001.
Luci-Smith, Edward.  Art Tomorrow.  Terrail Vilo Publishing. Paris, France. 2002.
Braque, Dominique.  Mauvais Genre(s) erotisme, pornographie, art contemporain.  Edition du Regard. Paris, France. 2002.
Marsh, Margaret, Michelle Watts and Craig Mayon.  A.R.T. Art, Reaseach, Theory.  Oxford University Press. New York, New York. 2003.
Subjective Realities. Works from the REFCO Collection of Contemporary Photography.  REFCO Group, Ltd. New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois. 2003.
Dailey, Meghan, Jane Harris and Sarah Valdez.  Curve: The Female Nude Now.  Universe. New York, New York. 2003.
Arnason, H.H. and Peter Kalb.  History of Modern Art. Painting Sculpture, Architecture, Photography. Fifth Edition.  Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 2003.
Cotton, Charlotte.  The Photography As Contemporary Art.  Thames & Hudson World of Art. London, United Kingdom. 2004.
Manson, Penelope.  History of Japanes Art.  Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 2004.
Hirsch, Robert.  Exploring Color Photography. From the Darkroom to the Digital Studio.  McGraw Hill. New York, New York. 2004.
Eroticism & Art.  Oxford University Press Inc. New York, New York. 2005.
Angier, Roswell.  Train your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography.  AVA Publishing SA. Lausanne, Switzerland. 2007.
Heartney, Eleanor, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal and Sue Scott.  After the Revolution: Woman Who Transformed Contemporary Art.  Prestel. London, England. 2007.
Weschler, Jeffrey.  A New Reality: Black and White Photography in Contemporary Art.  Pragati Offset Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, India. 2007.
Lewis, Toby Devan.  Artworks: The Progressive Collection.  Distributed Art Publishers. New York, New York. 2007.
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