Yasumasa Morimura Catalogue
Yasumasa Morimura
Selected Catalogues
Nine Face.  Foundation Cartier pour l'art contemporain. Jouy-en Josas, France. 1993.
Rembrandt Room.  Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. Hara, Japan. 1994.
Inside Out: Contemporary Japanese Photography.  The Light Factory. Charlotte, North Carolina. 1994.
Transformers.  Independent Curators Incorporated. New York, New York. 1994.
From Beyond the Pale: Art and Artists at the Edge of Consensus.  Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. 1994.
Going For Baroque.  The Contemporary Museum. Baltimore, Maryland. 1995.
Cocido y Crudo.  Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia. Madrid, Spain. 1995.
Halbjahresprogramm.  Ausstellungen 1. Kunsthalle Wien, Austria. 1997.
Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose.  Guggenheim Museum. New York, New York. 1997.
Lust und Leere: Japanische photographie der Gegenwart.  Kunsthalle Wein, Austria. 1997.
Yasumasa Morimura, Actor/Actress.  The Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. 1997.
1 Minute Scenario.  Le Printemps de Cahors. France. 1997.
Recycling Art History.  Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1998.
Self-Portrait As Art History.  Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Marugame Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art. Japan. 1998.
Ackley, Clifford S.  PhotoImage, Printmaking 60's to 90's.  Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. 1998.
A Portrait of Our Times: An Introduction to the Logan Collection.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. 1998.
New Modernism for a new Millennium: Works by Contemporary Asian Artists from the Logan Collection.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. 1999.
Regarding Beauty: A View of the Late Twentieth Century.  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Munich, Germany. 1999.
Skin.  Deste Foundation Center For Contemporary Art. Athens, Greece. 1999.
Who's That Girl.  Sandra Gering Gallery. New York, New York. 1999.
Smith, Joel.  Making Light: Wit and Humor in Photography.  The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center. Vassar College, New York. 2000.
Fundacion Telefonica: Yasumasa Morimura Historia Del Arte.  Madrid, Spain. 2000.
ABBILD, Recent Portraiture and Depiction.  Springer-Verlag. Vienna, Austria. 2001.
Morimura Self-Portraits: An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo.  Hara Museum of Contemporary Art Catalogue. July-September 30, 2001.
Short Stories on Photography. The Joseph and Elaine Monsen Collection at the Henry Art Gallery.  Faye G. Allen Center for the Visual Arts. Seattle, Washington. 2002.
Folie, Sabine and Micheal Glkasmeier.  Tableaux Vivantes: Lebende und Attituden in Fotographie, Film und Video.  Kunsthalle Wien. Vienna, Austria. May 24-August 25, 2002.
Masquerade.  John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 2003.
Insights/Dialogues.  Colorado Contemporary Arts Association. Denver, Colorado. 2003.
The History of Japanese Photography.  The Museum of Fine Arts. Houston, Texas. 2003.
Constructed Realities: Contemporary Photography.  Orlando Museum of Art. Orlando, Florida. 2003.
20th Anniversary Exhibition: The Copy Age-From Duchamps Thorough Warhol to Morimura.  The Museum of Modern Art. Shiga, Japan. 2004.
Takarazuka: The Land Of Dreams.  Suntory Museum. Osaka, Japan. 2004.
Pespective@25. A Quarter Century of New Art in Houston.  Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. 2004.
Confronting Tradition: Contemporary Art from Kyoto.  Smith College Museum of Art. Northhampton, Massachusetts. 2004.
Vicario, Gilbert.  Made in Mexico. Institute of Contemporary Art Boston.  Distributed Art Publishers. New York, New York. 2004.
Post Modern Portraiture from the Logan Collection.  The Logan Collection Vail. Vail, Colorado. 2005.
An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo.  Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Inc. Moscow, Russia. 2006.
Masquerade: Representations and the self in contemporary art.  Museum of Contemporary Art. Sydney, Australia. 2006.
The Eighth Square: Gender, Life and Desire in the Arts since 1960.  Hatje Cantz. Germany. 2006.
Yasumasa Morimura.  Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Inc. Moscow, Russian. 2006.
Celebrity.  Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Scottsdale, Arizona. January 20-April 29, 2007.
Caruso, Laura.  Radar: Selections from the Collection of Vicki and Kent Logan.  Denver Art Museum. Denver, Colorado. 2007.
Reilly, Maura, and Linda Nochlin.  Global Feminisms: New Directions in Contemporary Art.  Merrell for Brooklyn Museum. London and New York. 2007.
Impulse: Works on Paper from the Logan Collection.  The Logan Collection Vail. San Francisco, California. 2007.
Tunnicliffe, Wayne.  An Incomplete World: Works from the UBS Art Collection.  PrintPoint. Brisbane, Australia. 2007.
Yasumasa Morimura: Requiem for the XX Century. Twilight of the Turbulent Gods.  Thames & Hudson. London, England. 2008.
Art is for the Spirit: Works from the UBS Art Collection.  Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. 2008.
Phillips, Christopher.  Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan.  ICP Steidl. New York, New York. 2008.
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