Gregory Crewdson Catalogue
Gregory Crewdson
Selected Books
The Now Art Book.  Shiseido and Korinsha Press & Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan. 1996.
Janus, Elizabeth and Marion Lambert.  Veronica's Revenge: Contemporary Perspectives on Photography.  Scalo. Zurich, Switzerland and New York, New York. 1998.
Carter, Chris.  The Art of the X Files.  Harper Collins Publishers. New York, New York. 1998.
Crewdson, Gregory, Rick Moody, Darcey Steinke, Joyce Carol Oates and Bradford Morrow.  Hover: Photographs.  Artspace Books. San Francisco, California. 1998.
Steinke, Darcey.  Gregory Crewdson: Dream of Life.  Ediciones Universidad Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain. 1999.
Visionaire 28: The Bible.  Visionaire Publishing. New York, New York. 1999.
Merrit, Raymond and Miles Barth.  A Thousand Hounds.  Taschen. Cologne, Germany and New York, New York. 2000.
Kyuryodo,  The Ginza Art Space 75-00.  Shiseido Co, LTD. Tokyo, Japan. 2001.
Grundberg, Andy and Sylvia Wolf.  Visions From America. Photographs from the Whitney Museum of American Art. 1940-2001.  Prestel Publishing. New York, New York and Munich, Germany. 2002.
Crewdson, Gregory and Rick Moody.  Twilight: Photographs by Gregory Crewdson.  Harry N. Abrams Inc. New York, New York. 2002.
Dreaming In Print: A Decade of Visionaire.  Edition 7L. Paris, France. 2002.
Ebony, David.  Curve: The Female Nude Now.  Universe. New York, New York. 2003.
Badger, Gerry.  Collecting Photography.  Mitchell Beazley. London, United Kingdom. 2003.
Company, David.  Art and Photography: Themes and Movements.  Phaidon Press. London, United Kingdom and New York, New York. 2003.
Schwerfel, Heinz-Peter.  Kino Und Kunst: Eine Liebesgeschichts.  DuMont. Cologne, Germany. 2003.
Orvell, Miles.  American Photography.  Oxford University Press. New York, New York and Oxford, United Kingdom. 2003.
Richards, Judith Olch.  Inside the Studio: Two Decades of Talks with Artists in New York.  Independent Curators International. New York, New York. 2004.
Coetzee, Mark.  Not Afraid: Rubell Family Collection.  Phaidon Press. London, United Kingdom and New York, New York. 2004.
Brooks, Adam, David Hickey, Lynne Cooke; Judith Russi Kirshner, intro.  Subjective Realities: Works from the REFCO Collection of Contemporary Photography.  Refco Group. New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois. 2004.
Hirsch, Robert.  Exploring Color Photography: From the Darkroom to the Digital Studio.  McGraw Hill. New York, New York. 2005.
pressPLAY: contemporary artists in conversation.  Phaidon. London, United Kingdom and New York, New York. p. 129. 2006.
Noble, Laura.  The Art of Collecting Photography.  AVA. Lausann, Switzerland. pp. 88-9, 180. 2006.
Lasn, Kalle.  Design Anarchy.  (Chapter 8 ) Adbusters Media Foundation. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 2006.
Celant, Germano and Lisa Dennison.  New York, New York: Fifty Years of Art, Architecture, Cinema, Performance, Photography and Video.  Skira. Milan, Italy. pp. 418-9. 2006.
Barrett, Terry.  Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images.  McGraw-Hill. Boston, Massachusetts. 2006.
Angier, Roswell.  Train your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography.  AVA Publishing SA. Lausanne, Switzerland. 2006.
Gielen, Denis, Laurent Busine, preface; Laura Austrums, trans.  Atlas of Contemporary Art for Use by Everyone.  Musée des Arts Contemporains au Grand-Hornu. Hornu, Belgium. pp. 48, 337. 2007.
Hirsch, Robert.  Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age.  Focal Press. Boston, Massachusetts. p. 341. 2007.
Hiromoto, Nobuyuki.  Pop Art 1960's - 2000's: From the Misumi Collection.  Yomiuri Shimbun. Tokyo, Japan. pp. 38-9, 111. 2007.
Martin, F. David and Lee A. Jacobus.  The Humanities Through the Arts.  McGraw-Hill. New York, New York. pp. 381-2. 2007.
Badger, Gerry.  The Genius of Photography.  Quadrille Publishing Ltd. London, United Kingdom. 2007.
Baque, Dominique.  Qu’est-ce que la Photographie Aujourd’hui?.  Beaux Arts Magazine. Boulogne, France. 2007.
Banks, Russell and Gregory Crewdson.  Beneath the Roses.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 2008.
Banks, Russell and Gregory Crewdson.  Beneath the Roses: Werke 2003-2007.  Hatje Cantz. Ostfildern, Germany. 2008.
Scott, A.O and Gregory Crewdson.  Sanctuary.  Abrams. New York, New York and London, United Kingdom. 2010.
Gregory Crewdson: Sanctuary.  (German ed.) Hatje/Cantz. Ostfildern, Germany. 2010.
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