George Condo Catalogue
George Condo
Selected Catalogues
Perspective 1984.  Basel Art Fair. 1984.
Dickhoff, Wilfried.  Vor-Schein oder Aschenglanz, Künstliche Paradiese.  Kunstverein München and Museum Folkwang. Essen, Germany. 1985.
Dickhoff, Wilfried.  Phase II.  Steirischer Herbst '85. Stadtmuseum Graz. 1985.
Flood, Richard.  Das Veritgo Paradigma.  Künstliche Paradiese. Kunstverein München and Museum Folkwang. Essen, Germany. 1985.
Dickhoff, Wilfried.  The Being of Nothingness - Notes on the existential abstraction in George Condo's paintings.  Barbara Gladstone Gallery. New York, New York. 1986.
Dickhoff, Wilfried.  Primer Salňn Irrealiste, Tenerife.  Galeria Leyendecker. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. 1986.
George Condo.  Akira Ikeda Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. 1986.
Godfrey, Tony.  The New Image, Paintings in the 1980's.  New York, New York. 1986.
Saltz, Jerry.  Beyond Boundries.  1986.
Thomas, Karin.  Bis Heute.  Cologne, Germany. 1986.
Biennial Exhibition.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. 1987.
George Condo: Paintings & Drawings.  1987.
Geldzahler, Henry.  On George Condo.  The Pace Gallery. New York, New York. 1988.
Bilderstreit.  Museum Ludwig. Cologne, Germany. 1989.
George Condo.  Waddington Galleries. London, United Kingdom. 1989.
Guattari, Felix.  "Introduction" and "Discussion".  Galerie Daniel Templon. Paris, France. 1990.
PHARMAKON '90.  Tokyo, Japan. 1990.
Dickhoff, Wilfried.  In Ictu Oculi: The Post-Nondeconstructive Paintings of George Condo.  The Pace Gallery. New York, New York. 1991.
Condo, George.  Art Random.  Kyoto Shoin International, Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan. 1991.
Riley, Charles A.  Sélection.  Musée d'Art Contemporain. Pully/Lausanne, Switzerland. 1991.
Dickhoff, Wilfried.  Ars Pro Domo.  Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst am Museum Ludwig. Cologne, Germany. 1992.
Le Portrait Dans L'Art Contemporain.  Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain. Nice, France. 1992.
Bonet, Juan Manuel.  George Condo.  Galeria Salvador Riera. Barcelona, Spain. 1992.
Wilson, Adolfo.  Materia, Imagen y Concepto: Un Recorrido por el Arte Contemporáneo Internacional.  Galería Namia Mondolfi. Caracas, Venezula. 1993.
Burroughs, William S.  Condo: Recent Paintings.  The Pace Gallery. New York, New York. 1994.
Davvetas, Demosthenes.  Dialogues.  France: Au Męme titre, Imprimé par Jouve. 1997.
Fitzgerald, Michael.  George Condo: Collage Paintings.  PaceWildenstein. New York, New York. 1998.
Ruiz Picasso, Bernard.  Pages de Garde/End Papers.  PaceWildenstein. New York, New York. 1998.
Condo, George.  George Condo: Portraits Lost In Space.  PaceWildenstein and Deitch Projects. New York, New York. 1999.
00: Drawings 2000 at Barbara Gladstone Gallery.  Barbara Gladstone Gallery. New York, New York. 2000.
George Condo: Portraits Lost In Space.  PaceWildenstein and Deitch Projects. New York, New York. 2000.
Condo Televised Silkscreens.  Abaton Book Company. Newton, New Jersey. 2001.
George Condo: Physiognomical Abstraction.  Galerie Jerome De Noirmont. Paris, France. 2001.
Janowitz, Tama.  New York Expression.  Bergen Art Museum. Bergen, Norway. February 15-April 28, 2002, 2002.
Ahead of the 21st Century: The Pisces Collection.  Hadjie Cantz Publishers. 2002, pp. 43-53. 
Cassel, Valerie.  Spiat Boom Pow! The Influence of Cartoons in Contemporary Art.  Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Houston, Texas. April 12–June 29, 2003.
Kellein, Thomas.  George Condo: Sculpture.  Zurich: Caratsch de Pury & Luxembourg, Galerie Bruno Bischofberger. 2003.
George Condo: Paintings from the Eighties.  Briggs Robinson Gallery. New York, New York. October 7-November 6, 2004.
A New Modernism for a New Millennuim: Abstraction and Surrealism Are Reinvented in the Internet Age.  The Logan Collection Vail, Colorado. 2004.
Cameron, Dan.  East Village USA.  New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York. 2004, p. 26. 
Coetzee, Mark.  Not Afraid.  Rubell Family Collection: Phaidon. 2004, pp. 50-51. 
Fleissing, Peter.  George Condo. Memories of Manet and Velazquez.  Galerie Jerome de Noirmont. Paris, France. 2004.
Perspective@25. A Quarter Century of New Art in Houston.  Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas. 2004.
Schmidt, Stacey.  Closer To Home. The 4th Corcoran Biennal.  Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC. 2005, pp. 36-39, 86. 
Kellein, Thomas.  George Condo. One Hundred Woman.  Bielefeld: Kunstahall Bielefeld, Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz Publishers. 2005.
Post Modern Portraiture from the Logan Collection.  Vail: The Logan Collection Vail. 2005, pp. 42-43, 92-93, 150-151. 
40 ans: Galerie Daniel Templon.  Paris: Communicart. 2006, pp. 359-360, 476. 
Existential Portraits, Sculpture, Drawings, Paintings.  New York: Luhring Augustine & Gottingen, Germany: Steidl. 2006.
Infinite Painting: Contemporary Painting and Global Realism.  Codroipo, Italy: Villa Manin Centro d'Arte Contemporanea. 2006, pp. 54-55. 
Over the Limit: Christopher Wool & George Condo.  Athens: Portalakis Collection, Athens, Greece. 2006.
Vous ętes ici (You are here).  Auvergne: Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain d'Auvergne. 2006, pp. 86-89. 
Caruso, Laura.  Radar: Selections from the Collection of Vicki and Kent Logan.  Denver: Denver Art Museum. 2007, pp. 76-79. 
Create your own Museum: Highlights from a Private Collection.  Moscow: Gary Tantintsian Gallery, Inc. 2007, pp. 38-43. 
Negotiating Reality: Recent Works from the Logan Collection.  Denver: University of Denver. 2007, pp. 24-25, 68. 
Willberg, Peter.  George Condo.  London: Simon Lee Gallery. 2007.
Impulse: Works on Paper from the Logan Collection.  The Logan Collection Vail. Vail, Colorado. 2007.
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