Rachel Whiteread Catalogue
Rachel Whiteread
Selected Catalogues
Concept 88, Reality 89.  University of Essex, Essex. Essex, United Kingdom, 1989.
Einleuchten-Deichtorhallen Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany, 1989.
Ghost.  Chisenhale Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 1990.
British Art Show.  South Bank Centre. London, United Kingdom, 1990.
Joachimides, Christos.  Metropolis.  Rizzoli International Publications Inc. Martin Gropius Bau. Berlin, Germany, 1991.
Graham-Dixon, Andrew.  Broken English.  Serpentine Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 1991.
Rainbird, Sean.  The Turner Prize 1991.  Tate Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 1991.
Doubletake: Collective Memory and Current Art.  South Bank Centre. London, United Kingdom, February, 1992.
Kent, Sarah.  Young British Artists: John Greengood, Damien Hirst, Alex Landrum, Langlands & Rachel Whiteread.  Saatchi Collection. London, United Kingdom, March, 1992.
Rose, Andrea.  New Voices: New Works for the British Council Collection.  British Council. London, United Kingdom, 1992.
Bond, Anthony.  The Boundary Rider.  Sydney Biennale. Sydney, Australia, December, 1992, pp.244-245. 
Small Medium Large LIFE SIZE.  Museo d'Arte Contemporanea. Prato, Italy, 1992.
Unfair. 92.  Karsten Schubert. Cologne, Germany. November, 1992.
Signes des Temps.  Fondation BMW. Paris, France, 1992.
Silence: Contradictory Shapes of Truth.  Modena Galerija Ljubljana. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1992.
Skulptur-Konzept.  Galerie Ludwig. Krefeld, Georgia, 1992.
Documenta IX.  Edittion Cantz. Documenta IX. Kassel, Germany, 1992.
Rachel Whiteread: Escultures.  Sala Mancado de la Fundacio 'La Caixa'. Barcelona, Spain, 1992.
Gillick, Liam.  Lea Andrews. Keith Coventry, Anya Gallacio, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Abigail Lane, Sarah Lucas, Steven Pippin, Marc Quinn, Marcus Taylor, Rachel Whiteread.  Barbara Gladstone and Stein Gladstone Gallery. New York, New York, USA, 1992.
Nittve, Lars.  Passageworks.  Rooseum. Malmo, Sweden, 1993.
Debbaut, Jan.  Rachel Whiteread.  Van Abbemuseum. Eindhoven, The Netherlands, March, 1993.
Payton-Jones, Julia.  Programme for the Serpentine Gallery Gala Dinner.  Serpentine Gallery. London, United Kingdom, June, 1993.
Batchelor, David.  Rachel Whiteread: Plaster Sculptures.  Karsten Schubert Ltd.. London, United Kingdom, 1993.
Wright, Beryl.  Rachel Whiteread Interview.  Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago, Illinois, USA, July, 1993.
Drawing the Line Aginst AIDS.  AMFAR. New York, New York, USA, July, 1993.
The Sublime Void.  Antwerp '93. Antwerp, Belgium, July, 1993.
Katalin, Neray.  Made Strange: New British Sculpture.  Museum Ludwig. Budapest, Hungary, August, 1993.
Meschede, Friedrich.  Rachel Whiteread: Gouachen-Gouaches.  DAAD Galerie. Berlin, Germany, November, 1993.
Kruger, Werner.  Junge Britische Kunst: Zehn Kunstler aus der Sammlung Saatchi.  Art Cologne. Cologne, Germany, November, 1993.
Zelevansky, Lynne.  Sense and Sensibility: Women Artists and Minimalism in the 90s.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York, USA, June 16-September 11, 1994.
Rachel Whiteread Sculpture.  Kunsthalle Basel. Basel, Switzerland, 1994.
Fleissig, Peter.  Invisible Museum: Seeing the Unseen.  Thirty Sheperdess Walk. London, United Kingdom, 1994.
Art Unlimited: Multiples from the 1960s and 1990s.  Art Council Collection, South Bank Centre. London, United Kingdom, 1994.
Tazzi, Pier Luigi.  Rachel Whiteread: Sculpture.  British School at Rome. Rome, Italy, 1995.
Private/Public.  Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki and Finnish National Gallery. Helsinki, Finland, 1995.
Double Mixte: Generique 2.  Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume. Paris, France, 1995.
Contemporary British Art in Print: The Publications of Charles Booth-Clibborn and His Imprint The Paragon Press 1986-95.  Paragon Press. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1995.
Armstrong, Richard.  Carnegie International 1995.  Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 1995.
British Art of the 80s and 90s: The Weltkunst Collection.  The Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland, 1995.
Here and Now.  Serpentine Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 1995.
Patrick, Keith.  Contemporary British Sculpture: From Henry Moore to the 90s.  Auditorio de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela and Fundacio de Serralves. Porto, Portugal, 1995.
New Art in Britain.  Museum Sztuki. Lodz, Poland, October-November, 1995.
Istanbul Biennial.  Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. Istanbul, Turkey, 1995.
Proem: Drawings Towards Sculptures.  Rubicon Gallery. Dublin, Ireland, April-May, 1995.
Acquisitions.  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Calendar. 1995, p. 2. 
Group Sculpture Project.  Westfalisches Landesmuseum. Münster, Germany, June 22-September 28, 1997.
Art from the UK.  Sammlung Goetz. Munich, Germany. 1997.
Sensation. Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection.  Royal Academy of Arts. London, United Kingdom, September-December, 1997.
The Hirshhorn Collects: Recent Acquisitions 1992-1996.  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institute. Washington, DC, USA, 1997, p.107. 
Ackley, Clifford S.  PhotoImage, Printmaking 60's to 90's.  Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1998.
Wolfe, Steve.  Dust Breeding- Photographs, Sculpture & Film.  Fraenkel Gallery. San Francisco, California, USA, 1998.
Rachel Whiteread.  Anthony D'Offay Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 1998.
Longing and Memory.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California, USA, June-September, 1998.
Doherty, Claire.  Claustrophobia.  IKON Gallery. Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1998.
Roberts, James.  Real/Life: New British Art.  Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts. Tochigi, Japan, 1998.
Sanches, Rui.  Direccao: Escultura (Towards Sculpture).  Centro de Arte Moderna Jose de Azeredo Perdigao. Lisbon, Portugal, 1998.
House of Sculpture.  Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Fort Worth, Texas, USA, 1999.
Emotion, Young British and American Art from the Goetz Collection.  Deichtorhallen Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany, 1999.
Now It's My Turn to Scream: Works by Contemporary British Artists from the Logan Collection.  SFMOMA publishers. Haines Gallery. San Francisco, California, USA, 1999.
Open Ends.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York, USA, September 38-March 4, 2000, pp.359, 454, 485. 
Vanitas: Meditations on Life and Death in Contemporary Art.  Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Richmond, Virginia, USA, 2000.
Haus Schau-Das Haus in der Kunst.  Deichtorhallen Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany, 2000.
Inselmann, Andrea.  Threshold, Invoking the Domestic ni Contemporary Art.  Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, September 29-November 26, 2000.
Judenplatz: Place of Remembrance.  Museum Judenplatz. Vienna, Austria, 2000.
Modern Contemporary Art at MoMa Since 1980.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. September 2000-January 2001, 2000, pp. 359, 454, 485. 
Bulletin.  Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh, Scotland, 2001, p.8. 
Annual Report 2002.  Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver, Canada, 2002.
A Portrait of Our Times: An Introduction to the Logan Collection.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California, USA, 2002.
To Be Looked At: Painting and Sculpture from the Collection.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York, USA, 2002.
A Physical World.  Gagosian Gallery. New York, New York, USA, May 9-August 30, 2002.
Undomesticated Interiors.  Smith College of Art. Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, 2003, p.71. 
Conkelton, Sheryl.  An International Legacy. Selections From Carnegie Museum of Art.  Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2003.
Pletskud. Vaerker Fra Atrup Fernely Samlingen.  Arken Museum of Modern Kunst. Arken. Denmark, 2003, pp.72-75. 
Nesbitt, Judith.  Days Like These.  Tate Triennial Exhibition of Contemporary British Art. London, United Kingdom, 2003.
Mullins, Charlotte.  Rachel Whitread.  TATE. London, United Kingdom, 2004.
Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated): Art from 1951 to the Present.  Guggenheim Museum. New York, New York, USA, 2004.
Rachel Whiteread.  Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2004.
Supernova. Art of the 1990s from the Logan Collection.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California, USA, 2004.
Fung, Lance, ed.  The Snow Show.  Thames & Hudson Inc. New York. 2005.
Part Object Part Sculpture.  Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University & The Pennsylvania State University Press. Columbus, Ohio; University Park, Pennsylvania. 2005, pp. 210-3. 
Schneider, Eckhard, ed.  Rachel Whiteread: Walls, Doors, Floors and Stairs.  Kunsthaus Bregenz, Köln and D.A.P., New York. October 11, 2005–May 1, 2006.
Codognato, Mario (curator).  Rachel Whiteread.  Donnaregina Museo d'Arte Contemporanea (MADRE), Naples. February 4- May 1, 2007.
Responding to Kahn: A Sculpture Conversation.  Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven. 2007.
Action/Post-Pop.  Galeria Mário Sequeria. Braga, Portugal. 2007.
Hillings, Valerie L.  Guggenheim Collection: 1940s to Now.  National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne, Australia. 2007, pp. 256-257. 
Impulse: Works on Paper from the Logan Collection.  The Logan Collection Vail. San Francisco, California. 2007, p. 92. 
De Corral, Marěa and John R. Lane.  Fast Forward: Contemporary Collections for the Dallas Museum of Art.  Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut. pp. 29, 282. 2007.
Eccher, Danilo.  La Cittŕ Che Salle: We Try to Build the Future.  Mondadori Electa. Milan, Italy. 2007, pp. 136-141. 
Lawrence, James.  Rachel Whiteread.  Gagosian Gallery. Beverly Hills, California. Designed by Barr Gilmore, Toronto, Canada. Printed by Shapco Printing, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2008.
Psenti, Allegra and Ann Gallagher.  Rachel Whiteread Drawings.  Hammer Museum. Los Angeles, California. 2010.
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