Robert Longo Catalogue
Robert Longo
Selected Books
Goldberg, Roselee.  Performance: Live Art 1909 to the Present.  Thames and Hudson. London, United Kingdom, 1979.
Celant, Germano.  Inespressionismo Americano.  Boninni Editore. Genoa, Italy, 1981.
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New Art.  Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York, New York, USA, 1984.
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Anniontanta.  Nuove edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta. Milan, Italy, 1985.
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Gibson, William.  Artrandom: Robert Longo.  Kyoto Shoin International Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan, 1991.
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Ratcliff, Carter.  The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollack and Post War American Art.  Farrar, Straus, Giroux, Inc. New York, New York, USA, 1996.
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Onnen, Serge, ed.  Drawings on Geology.  J & L Books. New York, New York. 2005.
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Bernstein, Joanne.  The UBS Art Collection: Drawings.  UBS. Zürich, Switzerland. 2007.
Sherman, Cindy and Richard Price.  Robert Longo: Men in the Cities, Photographs 1976-1982.  Schirmer/Mosel. Munich, Germany. 2009.
Onnen, Serge.  Drawings on Geology.  J&L Books. New York, New York. 2009.
Tresaco, Boyer.  Best New York Art 2008/2009.  Theredoom, New York, New York. pp. 100-103. 2009.
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