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Robert Kushner
Solo Exhibitions
"Costumes for Moving Bodies," Art Gallery, University of California at San Diego. La Jolla, California. USA. 
"Recent Works," Rasdall Gallery, University of Kentucky at Lexington. Lexington, Kentucky. USA. 
"Tie and Pie Boutique," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Persian Line Part II," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
Thorpe Intermedia Gallery. Sparkill, New York. USA. 
"One Size Fits All," Philadelphia College of Art. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA. 
"Paper and Cloth," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Mere Decoration," Lunn Gallery/Graphics International, LTD. Washington, DC. USA. 
The Mayor Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 
"The Dance, The Kiss," Daniel Templon Gallery. Paris, France. 
Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
Dart Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 
"New Works," The Mayor Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 
Galerie Bischofberger. Zurich, Switzerland. 
"New Robert Kushner Work," Brainerd Art Gallery, State University of New York at Potsdam. Potsdam, New York. USA. 
Traveled to: Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA. 
"Some Recent Aquaintances," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Dreams and Visions," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
Asher/Faure Gallery. Los Angeles, California. USA. 
Akira Ikeda Gallery. Nagoya, Japan. 
Barbara Gladstone Editions. New York, New York. USA. 
"The Cupid Prints," Holly Solomon Editions. New York, New York. USA. 
"Domestic Exotica," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
Gallery Rudolf Zwirner. Cologne, Germany. 
University of Colorado Art Gallery. Boulder, Colorado. USA. 
"Grafiek," American Graffiti Gallery. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
"Souvenirs," Studio Marconi. Milan, Italy. 
"Robert Kushner at USC," The Helen Lindhurst Gallery, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, California. USA. 
Castelli-Goodman-Solomon. East Hampton, New York. USA. 
Dart Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 
Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
McIntosh/Drysdale Gallery. Houston, Texas. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Mixed Media on Fabric and Paper," Brentwood Gallery. Saint Louis, Missouri. USA. 
Galleria Giulia. Rome, Italy. 
"Grand Lobby Installation," The Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. USA. 
"Paintings on Paper," The Whitney Museum of Ameircan Art. New York, New York. USA. 
Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
Galleria Capricorni. Venice, Italy. 
Mayor Gallery. London, United Kingdom. 
Crown Point Press. New York, New York. USA. 
Rugg Road. Boston, Massachusetts. USA. 
Galerie Rudolf Zwirner. Cologne, Germany. 
"Robert Kushner: New Bronze Sculpture," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
Fay Gold Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. USA. 
Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Paintings and Sculpture," Iannetti-Lanzone Gallery. San Francisco, California. USA. 
Michael Lord Gallery. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA. 
D.&J. Bittker Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan. USA. 
J.B. Speed Art Museum. Louisville, Kentucky. USA. 
The Aspen Art Museum. Aspen, Colorado. USA. 
Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Silent Operas," Staller Center for the Arts, SUNY. Stony Brook, New York. USA. 
Gloria Luria Gallery. Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. USA. 
Michael Lord Gallery. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA. 
"Opulent Subversions," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Black and White Prints," Crown Point Press. New York, New York. USA. 
Gallery Basque. Fukuoka, Japan. 
Traveled through 1991 to: American Cultural Centers in Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, and Nagoya, Japan. 
"Perennial Diary," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Seasonal Furbelows: A One Year Installation," The American Craft Museum. New York, New York. USA. 
"Leaves," First Gallery. Moscow, Zed. 
Timothy Brown FIne Art. Aspen, Colorado. USA. 
Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik. Odense, Denmark. 
Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Four Seasons," Midtown Payson Galleries. New York, New York. USA. 
"Robert Kushner, Japanese Ceramics," Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner," Holly Solomon Gallery. New York, New York. USA. 
"Seasons," Montclair Art Museum. Montclair, New Jersey. USA. 
"Forcing the Spring," Florida/Brown Gallery. Woody Creek, Colorado. 
"Robert Kushner: Works on Paper," Nina Freudenheim Gallery. Buffalo, New York. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Works on Paper," Gallery APA. Nagoya, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner: New Etchings," Crown Point Press. San Francisco, California. USA. 
"Neo Rimpa: Robert Kushner & Hiroshi Senju," Gallery Inoue & Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Pele's Garden: Recent Monoprints," Quartet Editions. New York, New York. USA. 
Gallerie OZ. Paris, France. 
Blancpain/Stepczynski Galerie. Geneva, Switzerland. 
"Mille Fleurs: A Cornucopia of New Paintings," Midtown Payson Galleries. New York, New York. USA. 
"Robert Kushner Paintings and Monoprints," Barbara Scott Gallery. Miami Beach, Florida. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Paintings and Drawings," Parchman Stremmel Galleries. San Antonio, Texas. USA. 
Elliot Smith Fine Art. Saint Louis, Missouri. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Celestial Banquet," The Rabric Workshop and Museum. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. July 27-September 14, 1996. 
"Robert Kushner: Pomona and Flora," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York, USA. April 3-May 3, 1997. 
"The Iris Series: Works on Paper," Gallery One. Toronto, Canada. 
"Mesas and Vistas," Bellas Artes. Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA. 
"A Prayer for Peace: Robert Kushner and Hiroshi Senju," Hiroshima Prefectural Museum. Hiroshima, Japan. 
Tenmaya Department Store. Hiroshima, Japan. 
Traveled to: Tenmaya Department stores in Okayama and Fukuyama, Japan. 
"The Pleasure of it All: Robert Kushner’s Flower Paintings," Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana. USA. 
Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
Gallery Shiraishi. Tokyo, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner: New Works on Japanese Paper," Hiromi Paper International, Inc., Bergamot Station Art Complex. Santa Monica, California. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: The Language of Flowers," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York, USA. October 15-November 14, 1998. 
"Robert Kushner," Parchman Stremmel Galleries. San Antonio, Texas. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: 25 Years of Making Art," New Jersey Center For Visual Arts. Summit, New Jersey. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Silk Leaves/Paper Flowers," Bellas Artes. Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA. 
"Robert Kushner," Gallery APA. Nagoya, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner," Lizan Tops Gallery. East Hampton, New York. USA. 
"Robert Kushner Prints & Drawings," Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Florid," Michael Lord Gallery. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA. 
"New Work," Lizan Tops Gallery. East Hampton, New York. USA. 
Oxy Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Hot!," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York, USA. March 6-31, 2001. 
"Nahenahe: Recent Paintings by Robert Kushner," The Contemporary Museum. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. September 21-December 5, 2001. 
"Kakishibu + Gold," Bellas Artes. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. June 25-July 20, 2002. 
Takada Gallery. San Francisco, California. USA. 
"Robert Kushner - Sliding Doors: Homage to John Cage," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York, USA. May 6-June 13, 2003. 
Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
Gallery Orie. Tokyo, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner-Paintings," Perimeter Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 
"Robert Kushner: Opening Doors," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York, USA. September 21-October 23, 2004. 
"Robert Kushner: New BYOBU Paintings," Takada Gallery. San Francisco, California. USA. 
Gallery Camino Real. Boca Raton, Florida. USA. 
Perimeter Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 
Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner: New/Old Screens," Bellas Artes. Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 1-30, 2005. 
"Robert Kushner," Wistariahurst Museum. Holyoke, Massachusetts. January. 
"Robert Kushner," Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida. 
"Winter Bouquets," Sandy Carson Gallery. Denver, Colorado. January 5-February 17, 2006. 
"Robert Kushner: Red Series," Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery. Osaka, Japan. 
"Robert Kushner," Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, North Carolina. 
"Robert Kushner: On Location," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York. March 22-April 21, 2007. 
"Robert Kushner: Wild Gardens," Federal Reserve System. Washington, D.C. May 14-September 14, 2007. 
"Robert Kushner: Garden Walk," Jerald Melberg Gallery. Charlotte, North Carolina. July 26-September 6, 2008. 
"Robert Kushner: Silk Road," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York. January 8–February 7, 2009. 
"Robert Kushner: Caravansarai," Bellas Artes. Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 3-25, 2009. 
"Robert Kushner: Wildflower Convocation," DC Moore Gallery. New York, New York. February 3-March 12, 2011. 
"Robert Kushner, Flora Dreams: Paintings and Works on Paper," Jerald Melberg Gallery. Charlotte, North Carolina. February 26-April 9, 2011. 
"Robert Kushner: 30 Literary Nudes," Luis De Jesus. Santa Monica, California. April 16-May 28, 2011. 
"Scriptorium: Devout Exercises of the Heart," La Jolla Athenaeum. La Jolla, California. June 22-July 28, 2012. 
"Robert Kushner: Wildflowers/Garden Flowers," Bellas Artes Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico. June 30-August 4, 2012. 
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