Nene Humphrey Catalogue
Nene Humphrey
Selected Books
Wechter, Vivienne Thaul, Pierre Jean Clerk, Harry J. Howe, Nene Humphrey, Carl Andre, Aaronel De Roy Gruber, Adrienne Mim, Beverly Pepper.  Manhattan Psychiatric Center's Sculpture Garden: Ward's Island, New York City.  Manhattan Psychiatric Center. New York, New York. 1980.
Swithenbank, Gail, Susan Fetterolf, Irving Sander, Corinne Robins, Kathleen Goncharov and Janet Heit.  OIA at Greene Space-Sculpture.  OIA at Greene Space. New York, New York. 1983.
Humphrey, Nene and Eric Siegeltuch.  Nene Humphrey: Situations.  The Gallery. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 1985.
Van Wagner, Dr. Judy C.  Lines of Vision. Drawings by Contemporary Women with essays by Thomas Leavitt and Judith Wilson.  Hudson Hill Press. New York, 1989.
Objects, Figures, Four Sculptures: Ronald Gonzalez, Nene Humphrey, Grace Knowlton, Debra Weisberg.  East Hampton Center for Contemporary Art. New York, New York. 1989.
Princenthal, Nancy and Caroline Cox.  IdioCognito.  Organization of Independent Artists. New York, New York. 1993.
Humphrey, Nene and Nancy Princenthal.  Nene Humphrey: The Tree Beyond Its Leaves.  Sandler Hudson Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. 1996.
Hoeltzel, Susan and Patricia J. Thompson.  Close to Home.  Lehman College Art Gallery. New York, New York. 1996.
Domestic traces: Nene Humphrey, Ann Messner and Deborah Oropallo.  Dorsky Galleries. New York, New York. 2001.
Rossoff, Patricia.  Nene Humphrey: Camal Knowledge (The Innocent Eye).  Tupelo Press. Dorset, Vermont. 2006.
Eshoo, Amy, ed.; Derrick Cartwright, James Cuno, Elizabeth Finch, Glenn Lowry, Ann Philin, Jock Renolds, Townsend Wolfe, essays.  560 Broadway: A New York Drawing Collection at Work 1991-2006.  Fifth Floor Foundation. New York, New York in association with Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. 2008.
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