Nene Humphrey Catalogue
Nene Humphrey
Group Exhibitions
"Group Show," Touchstone Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Inaugural Show," Touchstone Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Ambiance/Stimuli," Alternative Museum. New York, New York. 
"Ritual and Landscape," Touchstone Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Sealed Orders," Mercer Union Gallery. Zed, Canada. 
"Sculpture," Green Space Gallery. New York, New York. 
Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY at Purchase, New York. 
"Sculptor's Drawings," Sculpture Center. New York, New York. 
"Earth, Water, Light," Interart de St. Amand Gallery. New York, New York. 
"The Totemic Impulse," Gallery Schweitzer. Montreal, Quebec. Canada. 
"Three Sculptors," AIR Gallery. New York, New York. 
"The Blue Angel," Longwood Arts Center. Bronx, New York. 
Space 111, Birmingham, Alabama and AIR Gallery, New York, New York. 
"Small Scale Sculpture/Large Scale Sculpture," Atlanta College of Art. Atlanta, Georgia. 
"Nature into Form," Oscarsson Siegeltuch Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Scale (small)," Rosa Esman Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Sculpture as Companion," Henry Feiwel Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Group Show," John Davis Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Black, Grey, White," Henry Feiwel Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Sculpture '88," White Columns. New York, New York. 
"Selections," Siegeltuch Gallery. New York, New York. 
van Wagner, Dr. Judy c., curator.  "Lines of Vision. Drawings by Contemporary Women," Hillwood Art Gallery, Long Island University. Brooklyn, New York. 
Blum Helman Warehouse and traveling internationally. 
Cross, Jennifer, curator.  "Objects/Figures," East Hampton Center for Contemporary Art. East Hampton, New York. 
"Installation," Nexus Contemporary Art Center. Atlanta, Georgia. 
"Nene Humphrey/ Phillipe Bent," Leslie Cecil Gallery. New York, New York. 
Cross, Jennifer, curator.  "Sculptor's Drawings," East Hampton Center for Contemporary Art. East Hampton, New York. 
Farver, Jane, curator.  "The Art of Drawing," Lehman College. Bronx, New York. 
"Recent Acquisitions," High Museum of Art. Atlanta, Georgia. 
"Small Works, Cast Iron," Sculpture Center. New York, New York. 
"Work on Paper: Contemporary American Drawings," High Museum of Art. Atlanta, Georgia. 
"Collector's Exhibition," Arkansas Arts Center. Little Rock, Arkansas. 
"Stark Contrast," Trenkmann Gallery. New York, New York. 
Krane, Susan, curator.  "Art of Our Times," High Museum. Atlanta, Georgia. 
"Art on Paper," Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina. Greensboro, North Carolina. 
Page, Judith, curator.  "Embracing the Void," Valencia College. Orlando, Florida. 
"Idiocognito," OIA/Police Building. New York, New York. 
William Patterson College, Wayne, New Jersey. 
Taylor, Frederike, curator.  "Drawings from 55 Ferris Street," Jessica Berwind Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
Wynn Kramersky Gallery, New York, NY. 
"Project Room Installation with Ellen Driscoll," Threadwaxing Space. New York, New York. 
"Fabricated Nature," Boise Art Museum. Boise, Idaho, April 9-June 5, 1994. 
University of Wyoming Museum of Art. Laramie, Wyoming. July 23-August 28, 1994.
Virginia Beach Center for the Arts. September 25-November 20, 1994. 
"Sculpture Southeast," South Carolina Art Museum. Columbia, South Carolina. 
"Essence and Persuasion, the Power of Black and White," Anderson Gallery. Buffalo, New York. 
Keough, Jeffrey, and Ann Wilson Lloyd, curator.  "Object Lessons: Feminine dialogues with the Surreal," Massachusettes College of Art. Boston, Massachusetts. 
"New South, Old South," Winthrop University Gallery. Rock Hill, South Carolina. 
"In Three Dimensions: Women Sculptors of the 90's," Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art. Staten Island, New York. 
"Close to Home," Lehman College Art Gallery. Bronx, New York. 
"The Art Exchange Show," Denise Gordon Co. New York, New York. 
Heller, Lesley, curator.  "Nene Humphrey, Grace Knowleton," Workspace Gallery. New York, New York. 
Harkavey, Donna, and Margaret Mathews-Berenson, curator.  "Head to Toe: Impressing the Body," University Gallery, University of Massachusettes. Amherst, Massachusetts. 
Coller, Bobbi, curator.  "Millennium Messages," SITES. Washington, D.C. 
Everson Museum of Art. Syracuse, New York.
Miami University Art Museum. Miami, Florida.
Ohio Heckscher Museum of Art. Huntington, New York. 
"Months and Moons," ACA Gallery. New York, New York, April 15-May 13. 
Gruber, Rick, curator.  "Nene Humphrey/Benny Andrews: The Art of Family," Ogden Museum, University of New Orleans. New Orleans, Louisiana, April-May 26, 2000. 
The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conneticut. 
Havana Biennial. Havana, Cuba. 
"Then and Now," Ogden Museum of Southern Art. New Orleans, Louisiana. 
"Nene Humphrey, Mary Campbell," Art Resources Transfer. New York, New York, June 2002. 
Shaw, Karen, curator.  "Sew Fine," Islip Art Museum. East Islip, New York. 
"Domestic Traces," Dorsky Gallery. New York, New York. 
"Inaugural Exhibition: Benny Andrews, Nene Humphrey," Ogden Museum, University of New Orleans. New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Havana Biennale. Havana, Cuba. 
Gund, Agnes, curator.  "Site/Insight," PS1/MOMA. New York, New York. June 29- September 22, 2003. 
Moore, John L., and Ron Janowich, curator.  "Thinking in Line-A survey of Contemporary Drawing," University Gallery, University of Florida. Gainesville, Florida. May 1- August 1, 2004. 
Brewer, Martha, Lisa Dewberry and Joey Orr, curator.  "Striking Comparisons: From the MOCA GA Permanent Collection," Museum of Contemporary Art. Atlanta, Georgia. June 26-August 21, 2004. 
McNeal, Meridith and Janet Riker, curator.  "Reduce/Reuse/Reexamine," Rotunda Gallery. New York, New York. March 18- May 8, 2004. 
"Traveler," Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College. Atlanta, Georgia. January 27th-March 5, 2005. 
"Three Points of View," Heriard-Cimino Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana. June 5-July 31, 2005. 
Clark, Trinkett, curator.  "Some Assembly Required: Cumulative Visions," Fairchild Gallery, Mead Art Museum. Amherst, Massachusetts. January 20-May 7, 2006. 
"The 181st Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Art," National Academy Museum. New York, New York. May 16-June 24, 2006. 
Thomas R. Proctor Prize for Sculpture. 
Robinson, Joyce Henri and Micaela Amato, curator.  "Couples Discourse," Palmer Museum of Art, Penn State. University Park, Pennsylvania. October 10-December 22, 2006. 
"Threads of Memory," Dorsky Gallery. Long Island City, New York. February 5-April 17, 2006. 
"Works on Paper from the Contemporary Collection," High Museum. Atlanta, Georgia. 
Camanzer, Luis, curator.  "The Last Book," National Library of Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
"185th Annual Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art," The National Academy. New York, New York. February 17-June 8, 2010. 
Vecchio, Marjorie, curator.  "Myself," Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada. Reno, Nevada. January 18-February 18, 2011. 
Basha, Regine, curator.  "An Exchange with Sol Lewitt," Cabinet. Brooklyn, New York. January 21-March 5, 2011. 
Mass MoCa. North Adams, Massachusetts. January 23-March 31, 2011. 
Waddell, Roberta, curator.  "Marked Differences: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles," Kentler International Drawing Space. Brooklyn, New York. June 3-July 24, 2011. 
"Migration," Proteus Gowanus Gallery. Brooklyn, New York. September 17-January 8, 2012. 
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