William T. Wiley Catalogue
William T. Wiley
Selected Books
Wiley, William T. and Brenda Richardson.  William T. Wiley: University Art Museum, Berkeley.  University Art Museum. Berkeley, California. 1971.
Wiley, William T.  William T. Wiley.  Hansen Fuller Gallery. San Francisco, California, 1972.
Wiley, William T.  Suite of Daze.  Landfall Press. Chicago, Illinois, 1977.
Wiley, William T.  William T. Wiley: Honest lies somewhere between.  Point Publications. 1979.
Hoberman, J.  To tightrope walkers everywhere: The collaborative films of Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley.  Walker Art Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1979.
Hopkins, Henry.  50 West Coast Artists: A Critical Selection of Painters and Sculptors Working in California.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California, 1981.
Dore, Ashton.  American Art Since 1945.  Oxford University Press. New York, New York, 1982.
Individuals: A Selected History of Contemporary Art from 1945-1986.  Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California, 1986.
French, Christopher C., Sultan, Terrie.  William T. Wiley: Struck! Sure? Sound/Unsound.  Corcoran Gallery. Washington, DC, 1991.
Wiley, William T.  William T. Wiley: Watching the World.  Locks Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1995.
Brown, Kathan.  Ink, Paper, Metal, Wood: Painters and Sculptors at Crown Point Press.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California, 1996.
Day, Holliday T., Ashton, Dore, Vigna, Lena.  Crossroads of American Sculpture: David Smith, George Rickey, John Chamberlain, Robert Indiana, William T. Wiley, Bruce Nauman.  Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana, 2000.
Wiley, William T.; David Littlejohn, intro.; Andrew Hoyem, program note and synopsis.  Godot: an imaginary staging of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.  Arion Press. San Francisco, California. 2006.
Hannon, Michael.  Almost old: new poems.  Tangram. Berkeley, California (cover). 2010.
Grossman, Edith; William T. Wiley.  Don Quixote.  Arion Press. San Francisco, California. 2010.
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