Peter Voulkos Catalogue
Peter Voulkos
Selected Books
Rhodes, Daniel.  Stoneware and Porcelain: The Art of High-Fired Pottery.  Chilton Book Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1959.
Lancaster, Clay.  The Japanese Influence in America.  Walton H. Rawls. New York, New York, 1963.
Kenny, John B.  Ceramic Design.  Chilton Books. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1963.
Read, Herbert.  A Concise History of Modern Sculpture.  Oxford University Press. New York, New York. 1964.
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Beard, Geoffrey.  Modern Ceramics.  Studio Vista. London, United Kingdom. 1969.
Mendelowitz, Daniel.  A History of American Art.  Holt, Rinehart and Winston. New York, New York, 1970.
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Boger, Louise Ade.  The Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain.  Charles Scribner's Sons. New York, New York. 1971.
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Hamilton, David.  Manual of Pottery and Ceramics.  Van Nostrand Reinhold. New York, New York. 1974.
John Mason Ceramic Sculpture.  Pasadena Museum of Modern Art. Pasadena, California. 1974.
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Hall, Julie.  Tradition and Change: The New American Craftsman.  E.P. Dutton. New York, New York, 1977.
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Clark, Garth, ed.  Ceramic Art: Comment and Review, 1882-1977.  E.P. Dutton. New York, New York. 1978.
Slivka, Rose.  Peter Voulkos: A Dialogue with Clay.  New York Graphic Society in association with American Crafts Council. New York, New York. 1978.
Peter Voulkos: A Retrospective 1948-1978.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. 1978.
Brown, Milton, et al.  American Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Decorative Arts, Photography.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 1979.
Clark, Garth and Margie Hughto.  A Century of Ceramics in the United States, 1878-1978.  E.P. Dutton, New York, New York in association with Everson Museum of Art. Syracuse, New York. 1979.
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Clark, Garth.  American Potters: The Work of Twenty Modern Masters.  Watson-Guptill Publications. New York, New York. 1981.
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Redstone, Louis G.  Public Art: New Directions.  McGraw-Hill. New York, New York. 1981.
Selz, Peter.  Art in Our Times: A Pictorial History 1890-1980.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 1981.
Wechsler, Susan.  Low-fire Ceramics: A New Direction in American Clay.  Watson-Guptill Publications. New York, New York. 1981.
Preaud, Tamara and Serge Gauthier.  Ceramics of the 20th Century.  Rizzoli International. New York, New York. 1982.
Bach, Ira J. and Mary Lackritz Gray.  A Guide to Chicago's Public Sculpture.  University of Chicago Press. Chicago, Illinois. 1983.
Diamondstein, Barbara Lee.  Handmade in America: Conversations with 14 Craftsmakers.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 1983.
Speight, Charlotte F.  Images in Clay Sculpture: Historical and Contemporary Techniques.  Harper & Row. New York, New York. 1983.
Frederick R. Weisman Foundation.  vol. 1. Frederick R. Weisman Foundation. Los Angeles, California. 1984.
Nelson, Glenn C.  Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook.  5th ed. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. New York, New York. 1984.
Orr-Cahall, Christina, ed.  The Art of California: Selected Works from the Collection of The Oakland Museum.  Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California, in association with The Oakland Museum. Oakland, California. 1984.
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The Security Pacific Collection/1970-1985: Selected Works.  Security Pacific Corporation. Los Angeles, California. 1985.
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Manhers, Errol.  Ceramics Source Book.  Chartwell Books. Seacaucus, New Jersey. 1990.
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Birks, Tony.  The Complete Potter's Companion.  Bulfinch Press. Boston, Massachusetts. 1993.
Dormer, Peter.  The New Ceramics: Trends and Traditions.  Thames & Hudson. London, United Kingdom, 1994.
National Museum of American Art: Smithsonian Institute.  Smithsonian Institution in association with Bullfinch Press, Little, Brown and Company. Boston, Massachusetts, 1995.
Fineberg, Jonathan.  Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being.  Harry N. Abrams Publishers. New York, New York. 1995.
Troy, Jack.  Woodfired Stoneware and Porcelain.  Chilton Book Company. Randor, Pennsylvania. 1995.
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Piepenburg, Robert.  The Spirit of Clay.  Pebble Press. Farmington Hills, Michigan. 1996.
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Belgrad, Daniel.  The Culture of Spontaneity: Improvisation and the Arts in Postwar America.  University of Chicago Press. Chicago, Illinois, pp. 5, 11, 42, 165-6, 171-3. 1998.
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Danto, Arthur Coleman and Janet Koplos.  Choice from America: Modern American Ceramics.  Het Kruithuis, Museum of Contemporary Art. 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, pp. 9-12, 16-9, 104-7, 133. 1999.
The American Art Book.  Phaidon Press Limited. London, United Kingdom, p. 467. 1999.
Burgard, Timothy Anglin.  The Art of Craft: Contemporary Works from the Saxe Collection.  Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. San Francisco, California and Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Company. Boston, Massachusetts, pp. 22-7, 136-9, 269. 1999.
di Rosa, Rene and Richard Reisman.  Local Color: The di Rosa Collection of Contemporary California Art.  Chronicle Books. San Francisco, California, pp. 178-9. 1999.
Barron, Stephanie, et al.  Made in California: Art, Image, and Identity, 1900-2000.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California and University of California Press. Berkeley, California, pp. 36, 185. 2000.
Barron, Stephanie, et al.  Reading California: Art, Image, and Identity, 1900-2000.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California and University of California Press. Berkeley, California, pp. 86, 91, 96, 103. 2000.
Cooper, Emmanuel.  Ten Thousand Years of Pottery, 4th ed.  University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2000.
Ferrin, Leslie.  Teapots Transformed: Exploration of an Object.  Guild Publishing. Madison, Wisconsin, pp. 14-5, 17. 2000.
Lauria, Jo, et al.  Color and Fire: Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics, 1950-2000.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California in association with Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New York, New York. 2000.
Rhodes, Daniel.  Clay and Glazes for the Potter, 3rd ed.  Krause Publications. Iola, Wisconsin, pp. 85, 300. 2000.
Faberman, Hilarie, et al.  Picasso to Thiebaud: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Collections of Stanford University Alumni and Friends.  Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University. Palo Alto, California. 2004.
Adamson, Glenn.  Thinking Through Craft.  Oxford. New York, New York. 2007.
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