Peter Voulkos Catalogue
Peter Voulkos
Solo Exhibitions
"Ceramics by Peter Voulkos," Art Gallery, University of Florida. Gainesville, Florida, April 14-30, 1953. 
"Pottery: Peter Voulkos," Oregon Ceramic Studio. Portland, Oregon, October, 1953. 
"Pottery by Peter H. Voulkos," American House Gallery. New York, New York, September 16-October 8, 1954. 
"Voulkos Pottery," Laudau Gallery. Los Angeles, California, March 26-April 14, 1956. 
Bonnier's. New York, New York. February 6-16, 1957. 
"Voulkos Ceramics," Downstairs Gallery, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, California. February 11-March 13, 1957. 
"Third Midwest Designer-Craftsmen 1957 Honor Awards - Peter Voulkos," Department of Decorative Arts, The Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois. March 27-April 24, 1957. 
"Peter Voulkos," Student Laboratory Gallery, Florence Rang Lang Art Gallery, Scripps College. Claremont, California. November, 1958. 
"Ceramics, Sculpture, and Paintings by Peter H. Voulkos," Pasadena Art Museum. Pasadena, California. December 16-January 25, 1959. 
"Peter Voulkos: Sculpture/Painting/Ceramics," Felix Landau Gallery. Los Angeles, California. May 4-23, 1959. 
"Sculpture and Painting by Peter Voulkos," The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. February 1-March 13, 1960. 
"Voulkos," Primus-Stuart Galleries. Los Angeles, California. October 16-November 11, 1961. 
"Peter Voulkos," David Stuart Gallery. Los Angeles, California. November 11-December 7, 1963. 
"Peter Voulkos: Sculpture, Paintings, Ceramics," Hack-Light Gallery. Scottsdale, Arizona. September 18-October 15, 1964. 
"Peter Voulkos: Pottery/Sam Tchakalian: Lithographs," Art Unlimited. San Francisco, California. December 13-January 6, 1965. 
"Peter Voulkos: Sculpture," Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. April 14-June 20, 1965. 
"Voulkos," David Stuart Galleries. Los Angeles, California. May 16-June 3, 1967. 
"Voulkos: Pottery," Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. June 4-30, 1968. 
"Voulkos and Kaneko: Ceramics," David Stuart Galleries. Los Angeles, California. August 13-October 5, 1968. 
"Peter Voulkos: Bronze Sculpture," San Francisco Museum of Art. San Francisco, California. October 14-January 14, 1973. 
"Peter Voulkos Exhibit of Contemporary Work," Pasedena City College Art Gallery. Pasedana, California. November 16-December 7, 1973. 
"Peter Voulkos: Ceramics," Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. April 16-May 4, 1974. 
"Peter Voulkos Ceramics: 1956-1974," The Art Corridor Gallery, Sacred Heart Schools. Menlo Parks, California. November-January, 1975. 
"Peter Voulkos Ceramics," Kemper Gallery, Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City, Missouri. January 1-February 1, 1975. 
Helen Drutt Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. February 22-March 22, 1975. 
"Peter Voulkos: Clay Drawings," Edward Thorp Gallery. Santa Barbara, California. April 23-May 18, 1975. 
"Sam Tchakalian/Peter Voulkos," Braunstein/Quay Gallery. New York, New York. October 28-November 29, 1975. 
"Peter Voulkos," Yaw Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan. January 11-29, 1976. 
"Selected Works by Peter Voulkos (in conjunction with 1976 Michigan Crafts Exhibition)," The Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, Michigan. January 14-March 7, 1976. 
"Peter Voulkos: Clay Drawings and Vessels," Exhibit A. Evanston, Illinois. February29-March 25, 1976. 
"Voulkos: Recent Works in Clay," Contemporary Crafts. Portland, Oregon. January 5-30, 1977. 
"Peter Voulkos: Ceramic Sculpture," Braunstein/Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. January 31-February 25, 1978. 
"Peter Voulkos: A Retrospective 1948-1978," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California. February 17-April 2, 1978. 
Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. June 3-July 30, 1978.
Museum of Contemporary Crafts. New York, New York. October 6-December 31, 1978.
Milwaukee Art Center. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. February 23-April 15, 1979. 
"Rudy Autio/Peter Voulkos," Exhibit A. Evanston, Illinois. April 9-May 5, 1978. 
"Peter Voulkos: Plates and Vessels," Foster/White Gallery. Seattle, Washington. January 12-29, 1979. 
"Peter Voulkos," Northern Arizona University Art Gallery. Flagstaff, Arizona. April 7-25, 1979. 
"Peter Voulkos: Plate and Vessel Forms," Hill's Gallery of Contemporary Art. Santa Fe, New Mexico. May 4-31, 1979. 
"Peter Voulkos," Exhibit A. Chicago, Illinois. October 5-November 9, 1979. 
"Peter Voulkos: Current Work in Clay," Okun-Thomas Gallery. St. Louis, Missouri. October 11-November 8, 1980. 
"Peter Voulkos: New Ceramics and Bronze," Morgan Gallery. Kansas City, Kansas.. November 14-December 16, 1980. 
"Peter Voulkos," Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. January 10-31, 1981. 
"Peter Voulkos: New Work," Thomas Segal Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. May 2-30, 1981. 
"Peter Voulkos: Recent Work," Exhibit A. Chicago, Illinois. December 4-January 15, 1982. 
"Peter Voulkos: Recent Work," Jacksonville Art Museum. Jacksonville, Florida. December 11-January 24, 1982. 
"Peter Voulkos," Braunstein Gallery. San Francisco, California. February 2-March 6, 1982. 
"Voulkos/Callas-Recent Clay Art," The Bruce Museum. Greenwich, Connecticut. September 26-November 14, 1982. 
"Peter Voulkos: Super Clay," (organized by Hiroshi Matsubara and Junji Suzuki of Point View, Tokyo, Japan.) Art Center Hall. Tokyo, Japan. May 23-June 1, 1983. 
Kyoto Art University. Kyoto, Japan. October 3-22, 1983.
Tokoname Ceramic Research Center (now Tokoname Institute of Ceramic Art). Tokoname, Japan. October 29-November 20, 1983. 
"Peter Voulkos," Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. June 4-25, 1983. 
"Peter Voulkos: Ceramics," Morgan Gallery. Kansas City, Missouri. October 13-November 5, 1983. 
"Voulkos," Braunstein Gallery. San Francisco, California. March 13-31, 1984. 
"Peter Voulkos: The New Work," Exhibit A. Chicago, Illinois. April 27-June 2, 1984. 
"Peter Voulkos," The Faith and Charity in Hope Gallery. Hope, Idaho. August-September, 1984. 
"Peter Voulkos: Monotypes," Magnolia Gallery. Oakland, California. September 21-October 31, 1984. 
"Peter Voulkos - Ceramics," Gallery 181, College of Design, Iowa State University. Ames, Iowa. October 29-November 21, 1984. 
"Peter Voulkos, Ceramic Sculpture and Monotypes," Bancho Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. April 8-20, 1985. 
"Peter Voulkos: Collages," Exhibit A. Chicago, Illinois. May 9-June 8, 1985. 
"Peter Voulkos," Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. January 5-26, 1985. 
"Peter Voulkos," Braunstein Gallery. San Francisco, California. January 7-February 1, 1986. 
"Voulkos: The 70's and 80's," Garth Clark Gallery. Los Angeles, California. April 5-30, 1986. 
"New Works by Larry Bell and Peter Voulkos," Braunstein/Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. April 1-May 2, 1987. 
"Peter Voulkos," Twining Gallery. New York, New York. October 14-November 16, 1988. 
"Peter Voulkos: Works in Bronze and Clay," Thomas Segal Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. November 3-30, 1988. 
"Peter Voulkos: Major New Works," Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. March 3-24, 1990. 
"Peter Voulkos: Works in Bronze and Clay," Elaine Horwitch Galleries. Santa Fe, New Mexico. September 14-October 13, 1990. 
"Peter Voulkos: Recent Ceramic Sculpture," Braunstein/Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. February 5-March 9, 1991. 
"Voulkos Before Otis: 1949-1954," Garth Clark Gallery. New York, New York. November 5-30, 1991. 
"Peter Voulkos: Ceramics from the Collection of Jerome and Patricia Shaw," Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. November 13-January 12, 1992. 
"Peter Voulkos: Major New Works," Leedy-Voulkos Gallery. Kansas City, Missouri. December 6-January 18, 1992. 
"Peter Voulkos: Ceramics, Paintings and Monotypes," Louis Newman Galleries. Beverly Hills, California. March 12-26, 1992. 
"Peter Voulkos: Recent Ceramic Sculpture," Braunstein/Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. April 13-May 22, 1993. 
"Peter Voulkos," Hordaland Kunstnersentrum. Bergen, Norway. June 26-August 8, 1993. 
Ram Galleri. Oslo, Norway. August 14-September 12, 1993.
Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum. Trondheim, Norway. October 2-November 15, 1993.
Kunstnernes Hus. Salthomsgade, Denmark. December 1993.
Grimmerhus Center for International Studiokeramic. Middledfart, Denmark. October 22-December 30, 1994.
Art Gallery of New South Wales. Sydney, Australia. May 12-June 6, 1995. 
"Peter Voulkos: Recent Work," Perimeter Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. October 8-November 13, 1993. 
"Peter Voulkos Retrospective," Sezon Museum of Art. Tokyo, Japan. January 2-February 20, 1995. 
National Museum of Modern Art. Kyoto, Japan. February 28-April 2, 1995 . 
"Retrospective," The Oakland Museum. Oakland, California. July 22-November 12, 1995. 
Newport Harbor Art Museum. Newport Beach, California. December 8-February 25, 1996
American Craft Museum, New York, New York. March 21-June 9, 1996 . 
William Traver Gallery. Seattle, Washington. 
Kenji Taki Gallery. Nagoya, Japan. 
Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. February 24-March 23, 1996. 
University of Central Florida. Orlando, Florida. 
Perimeter Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
Braunstein/Quay Gallery. San Francisco, CA. 
Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. December 1-January 9, 1999. 
Mussi Artworks Foundry Gallery. Berkeley, California. September 7-26, 1999. 

Frank Lloyd Gallery. Los Angeles, California. November 6-December 30, 1999. 

Gallerymateria. Scottsdale, Arizona. February 3-March 1, 2000. 

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art. Kansas City, Missouri. April 28-July, 2000.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Snowmass Village, Colorado. June 5-July 1, 2000.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State University at Logan. Logan, Utah. August 28-October 22, 2000. 

Frank Lloyd Gallery. Santa Monica, California. March 24-April 28, 2001. 
"Peter Voulkos: New Work," Braunstein/Quay Gallery. San Francisco, California. May 1-June 2, 2001. 
Art Foundry Gallery. Sacramento, California. October 11-November 8, 2001. 
"EL Paseo Sculpture Exhibition 2001," Palm Desert. California. January 2001-November 2002. 
"A Salute to Peter Voulkos," gallery yoramgil. Beverly Hills, California. November 16-December 15, 2002. 
"Peter Voulkos: Selected Work 1953-2000," Frank Lloyd Gallery. Santa Monica, California. March 8-April 5, 2003. 
"Peter Voulkos (1924-2002)," Charles Cowles Gallery. New York, New York. May 1-31, 2003. 
"Love, Pete Voulkos," Osceola Gallery. Emeryville, California. May 3-June 16, 2003. 
"Peter Voulkos Ceramics," Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University. Stanford, California. March-January, 2004. 
"Peter Voulkos: Works on Paper," Frank Lloyd Gallery. Santa Monica, California. June 12-July 10, 2004. 
"From Clay to Bronze: Selected Works by Peter Voulkos 1951-2001," Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Minneapolis, Minnesota. May 19, 2007-March 2, 2008. 
Baer, Lynne, curator.  "Peter Voulkos: Clay into Bronze," Kalmanovitz Library, University of California, San Francisco. San Francisco, California. February 20, 2008-February 20, 2009. 
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