Frederick Carl Frieseke Catalogue
Frederick Carl Frieseke
Selected Books
Pennell, E. R.  The Life of James McNeill Whistler.  J. B. Lippincott. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; William Heinemann. London, United Kingdom. 1911.
Golden Book of the Wanamaker Stores.  Wanamaker Stores. New York and Philadelphia. 1911.
Gallatin, A. E.  Whistler’s Pastels and Other Modern Profiles.  John Lane. New York, New York. 1913.
Brinton, Christian.  Impressions of the Art at the Panama-Pacific Exposition.  John Lane. New York, New York. 1916.
Gibbons, Helen Davenport.  Paris Vistas.  The Century Company. New York, New York. 1919.
Bryant, Lorinda Munson.  American Pictures and Their Painters.  John Lane. New York, New York. 1922.
Cheney, Sheldon.  A Primer of Modern Art.  Horace Liveright. New York, New York. 1924.
Gibbons, Herbert Adams.  John Wanamaker.  Harper and Brothers. New York, New York. 1926.
Mather, Frank Jr., Charles R. Morey, and William J. Henderson.  The American Spirit of Ar 27.  Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. 1927.
Neuhaus, Eugen.  The History and Ideals of American Art.  Stanford University Press. Stanford, California. 1931.
Monroe, Harriet.  A Poet’s Life: Seventy Years in a Changing World.  The Macmillan. New York, New York. 1938.
Biddle, George.  An American Artist’s Story.  Little, Brown. Boston, Massachusetts. 1939.
St. Gaudens, Homer.  The American Artist and his Times.  Dodd, Mead. New York, New York. 1941.
Born, Wolfgang.  American Landscape Painting: An Interpretation.  Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. 1948.
Mathews, Marcia M.  Henry Ossawa Tanner: American Artist.  University of Chicago Press. Chicago, Illinois. 1969.
French Impressionists Influence American Artists.  Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami. Coral Gables, Florida. 1971.
Apollinaire, Guillaume.  Apollinaire on Art: Essays and Reviews, 1902 – 1918.  Viking Penguin. New York, New York. 1972.
Hoopes, Donelson F.  The American Impressionists.  Watson-Guptil. New York, New York. 1972.
Born, Wolfgang.  Still Life Painting in America.  Hacker Art Books. New York, New York. 1973.
Domit, Moussa M.  American Impressionist Painting.  National Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C. 1973.
Boyle, Richard J.  American Impressionists.  Little, Brown. Boston, Massachusetts. 1974.
Joyes, Claire.  Monet at Giverny.  Mayflower. New York, New York. 1975.
Quick, Michael, Eberhard Ruhmer and Richard V. West.  American Expatriate Painters of the Late Nineteenth Century.  Dayton Art Institute. Dayton, Ohio. 1976.
Lambert, Amy.  Thirty Years of an Artist’s Life: The Career of G. W. Lambert, A. R. A.  Society of Artists. Sydney, Australia. 1977.
Gerdts, William H.  American Impressionism.  Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington. 1980.
Novak, Barbara and Annette Blaugrund, eds.  Next to Nature: Landscape Paintings from the National Academy of Design.  Harper and Row and the National Academy of Design. New York, New York. 1980.
Williams, William James.  A Heritage of American Paintings from the National Gallery of Art.  Rutledge Press. New York, New York. 1981.
Gerdts, William H.  Down Garden Paths: The Floral Environment of American Art.  Fairleigh Dickenson University Press. Rutherford, New Jersey. 1983.
Gerdts, William H.  American Impressionism.  Abbeville. New York, New York. 1984.
Huneker, James Gibbons.  Americans in the Arts, 1890 – 1920.  A. M. S. Press. New York, New York. 1985.
Novak, Barbara.  The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection: Nineteenth-Century American Painting.  Vendome. New York, New York. 1986.
Fullerton, Patricia.  Hugh Ramsay: His Life and Work.  Hudson Publishing. Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. 1988.
Fehrer, Catherine.  The Julian Academy, Paris 1868 – 1939.  Shephard Gallery. New York, New York. 1989.
Broude, Norma, ed.  World Impressionism: The International Movement, 1860 – 1920.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 1990.
Dijkstra, Bram.  The High Cost of Parasols: Images of Women in Impressionist Art.  In Patricia Trenton and William H. Gerdts, eds. California Light 1900 – 1930. Laguna Art Museum. Laguna Beach, California, 1990.
Fink, Lois Marie.  American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons.  Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1990.
Weinberg, H. Barbara.  The Lure of Paris: Nineteenth-Century American Painters and their French Teachers.  Abbeville. New York, New York. 1991.
Fullerton, Patricia.  Hugh Ramsay, 1877 – 1906.  National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne, Australia. 1992.
Gerdts, William H.  Lasting Impressions: American Painters in France: 1865 - 1915.  Terra Foundation for the Arts. Evanston, Illinois. 1992.
Gerdts, William H.  Masterworks of Impressionism from the Pfeil Collection.  Art Services International. Alexandria, Virginia. 1992.
Gerdts, William H.  Monet’s Giverny: An Impressionist Colony.  Abbeville. New York, New York. 1993.
Keyes, Donald D.  American Impressionism in Georgia Collections.  Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia. Athens, Georgia. 1993.
Weinberg, H. Barbara.  American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1895 – 1915.  Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York. 1994.
Anderson, Ronald and Anne Koval.  James McNeill Whistler: Beyond the Myth.  Carroll and Graff, Publishers. New York, New York, 1995.
Gomes, Rosalie.  Impressions of Giverny: A Painter’s Paradise 1883 – 1914.  Pomegranate Artbooks. San Francisco, California. 1995.
Mann, Maybelle.  Art in Florida, 1564 – 1945.  Pineapple Press. Sarasota, Florida. 1999.
Frieseke, Frederick C.  Uneventful Reminiscences: A Childhood in Florida.  Hollis Taggart. New York, New York. 2000.
Lesage, Jean-Claude.  Peintres Australiens a Etaples.  Amis du Musée de la Marine. Etaples-sur-Mer, France. 2000.
Frieseke, Francesand Frederick C. Frieseke (illustrator).  It’s Only the Cannon.  Hollis Taggart. New York, New York. 2001.
McCue, Michael.  Paris & Tryon: George C. Aid (1872 – 1938) and His Artistic Circle in France and North Carolina.  Condar Company. Columbus, North Carolina. 2003.
Hill, May Brawley.  On Foreign Soil: American Gardeners Abroad.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 2005.
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