Herb Ritts Catalogue
Herb Ritts
Selected Articles
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Isenberg, Barbara.  "A Photographic Frenzy in the Art World,"  Los Angeles Times,  February 11, 1990.
Isenberg, Barbara.  "Shots of Celebrities Help Ritts Click in Photo World,"  Star Tribune,  March 5, 1990.
"Indecent Exposure? A Photo Essay of Censored Art,"  Exposure,  April/May, 1990.
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"Infinity Awards,"  International Center of Photography - Annual Report,  1991.
Rubin, Sylvia.  "Photography's Mr. Nice Guy,"  San Francisco Examiner,  May 15, 1991.
Bonetti, David.  "Frozen Idols: The Master-Race Eroticism of Herb Ritts,"  San Francisco Examiner,  May 19, 1991.
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"Cahors: Le Printemps de la Photo,"  Photo, France,  June, 1991.
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"Duo: Herb Ritts,"  Studio Voice, Japan,  November, 1991.
Sasitharn, T.  "Herb Ritts Review,"  Singapore News, Singapore,  January, 1991.
Bonet, Joana.  "Ritts, Meisel y Ellen von Unwerth Imponen el Realismo Amplificado en la Foto de Moda,"  El Pais, Spain,  November 24, 1991.
Sheridan, Peter and Richard Lay.  "This is the Only Man Liz Taylor Trusts to Put Her in the Picture,"  Daily Mail, United Kingdom,  October 18, 1991.
Roth, Evelyn.  "Herb Ritts,"  American Photo,  January/February, 1992.
Hagen, Charles.  "Recording That Elusive Quality Known As Style,"  New York Times,  April 17, 1992.
"Herb Ritts Celebrates Camden,"  The Center for Creative Imaging,  May 9, 1992.
Berger, Philip.  "Walking the Line wih Herb Ritts and Joe Z,"  Windy City Times,  July 2, 1992.
Elliott, Stuart.  "Media Business: Advertising: Levi's Tow New Campaigns Aim at Who Fits the Jeans,"  New York Times,  July 27, 1992.
"Notorious,"  Interview,  September, 1992.
Jones, Dylan.  "The Big Shots: The Photographs of Herb Ritts,"  Observer Magazine,  November 15, 1992.
Goldberg, Vicki.  "Fixated On Famous People,"  The New York Times,  November 22, 1992.
"Herb Ritts: Portraits,"  Rolling Stone,  November 12, 1992.
Villani, John.  "Notorious Vision: The Photography of Herb Ritts,"  Pasatiempo,  November 20-26, 1992.
Staton, David.  "The Permanence of Personality,"  Albuquerque Journal,  November 22, 1992.
"Herb Ritts: Un Hymne a la Tendresse Virile,"  Photo, France,  March, 1992.
Lawson, Edward.  "Herb Ritts: Le Chouchou de Hollywood,"  Madame Figaro, France,  December 5, 1992.
Hopp, Michael.  "Der Mann mit dem Ausrufezeichen,"  Manner Vogue, Germany,  June, 1992.
Sendker, Jan-Philipp.  "Menschen, Masken, Mythen,"  Stern, Germany,  December 21, 1992.
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Tredre, Roger.  "Putting on the Ritts (at 90,000 [British Sterling] a Day),"  The Independent,  June 5, 1993.
Waddington, Chris.  "Life Through The Lens,"  The Times-Picayune,  May 14, 1993.
"Lady Killers,"  Elle Belgium,  September, 1993.
"Herb Ritts,"  Photo, France,  November, 1993.
Rozmiarek, Catherine.  "Herb Ritts,"  Photo, France,  December, 1993.
"Die Leserwahl 1992,"  Playboy, Germany,  February 2, 1993.
"Herb Ritts: Notorious,"  Studio Voice, Japan,  January, 1993.
Gaskell, John.  "Supermodels Turn Pirelli Full Circle,"  The Sunday Telegraph, United Kingdom,  June 6, 1993.
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Cross, Guy.  "Herb Ritts, Africa,"  THE Magazine,  November, 1994.
"A Traveller's Africa,"  The New Yorker,  December 19, 1994.
Rozmiarek, Catherine.  "Herb Ritts: Son Festival des Plus Grandes Stars du Rock,"  Photo, France,  April, 1994.
"Herb Ritts: Africa,"  Photo, France,  October, 1994.
Puzey, Dennis.  "Herb Ritts,"  Casa Vogue, Italy,  October, 1994.
"Trent'Anni di Moda e Immagini in Vogue: 1964-1994,"  Vogue, Italy,  October, 1994.
"Out 100,"  Out Magazine,  December/January, 1994-1995.
Crump, James.  "Africa by Herb Ritts,"  See,  vol. 1, no. 2, 1995.
Schonauer, David.  "Herb Ritts, A Journey to Africa,"  American Photo,  January/February, 1995.
Nash, Jesse.  "Puttin' on the Ritz,"  Ocean Drive,  February, 1995.
Hagen, Charles.  "Branching Out,"  ARTnews,  February, 1995.
Adler, Jerry.  "Sweet Land of Liberties,"  Newsweek,  July 10, 1995.
De Teliga, Jane.  "Down Under Ritts,"  Sydney Morning Herald, Australia,  July 29, 1995.
Hisako, Motoo.  "Africa: Herb Ritts,"  Switch, Japan,  January, 1995.
Diesenhouse, Susan.  "Banned in Boston: Guaranteed to Help Make a Show a Hit,"  The New York Times,  December 12, 1996.
Osbourne, Jeffery.  "Stealing Beauty,"  Boston Magazine,  September, 1996.
Duehr, Gary.  "A Picturesque Season Awaits Alfred Stieglitz, Herb Ritts, Grant Wood Among the Highlights,"  The TAB,  September 1-8, 1996.
Silver, Joanne.  "Herb Ritts at the MFA: Putting on the Glitz,"  Boston Sunday Herald,  October 20, 1996.
Radsken, Jill.  "Photographer Has an Eye for Top Designers Dreams,"  Boston Herald,  October 17, 1996.
Temin, Christine.  "Herb Ritts' Beautiful People,"  The Boston Globe,  October 22, 1996.
Norwich, William.  "Style Diary,"  The New York Observer,  November 4, 1996.
Houpt, Simon.  "Photography's Poster Boy of Pop,"  Toronto Globe and Mail,  November 9, 1996.
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"Puttin' on the Ritts,"  Los Angeles Magazine,  October, 1996.
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Nasson, Timothy.  "Positive Image: Herb Ritts,"  Etcetera,  December 13, 1996.
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