John Singer Sargent Catalogue
John Singer Sargent
Solo Exhibitions
"Paintings and Sketches by John S. Sargent," Copley Hall. Boston, Massachusetts, February 20-March 13, 1899. 
"Loan Exhibition of Sketches and Studies by J.S. Sargent R.A. Carfax & Co., Ltd, 17 Ryder Street, St. James," Carfax & Co. London, United Kingdom. May-June, 1903. 
"Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by John Singer Sargent for the Benefit of the American Ambulance Hospital in Paris," Copley Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts, January 22-February 3, 1917. 
"Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by John S. Sargent," St. Botolph Club. Boston, Massachusetts, November 20-December 2, 1922. 
"Retrospective Exhibition of Important Works by John Singer Sargent," Grand Central Art Galleries. New York, New York, February 23-April 6, 1924. 
"Paintings by John Singer Sargent," The Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois, April 14-July 1, 1924. 
"Memorial Exhibition of the Works of the Late John Singer Sargent," Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts, November 3-December 27, 1925. 
"Memorial Exhibition of the Work of John Singer Sargent," The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York, January 4-February 14, 1926. 
"Exhibition of Works by the Late John S. Sargent," Royal Academy. London, United Kingdom. January 14-March 13, 1926. 
"Loan Exhibition of Works by the Late John S. Sargent," York City Art Gallery. York, United Kingdom. March 31-May, 1926. 
"Ten Sargents from Sargent's Own Collection," Scott and Fowles. New York, New York, February 24-March 24, 1948. 
"A Centennial Exhibition: Sargent's Boston," Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts, January 3-February 7, 1956. 
"John S. Sargent 1856-1925," Centre Culturel Americain. Paris, France. February 15-March 30, 1963. 
"The Private World of John Singer Sargent," Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC, April 17-June 14, 1964. 
"Exhibition of Works by John Singer Sargent," Museum and Art Gallery. Birmingham, United Kingdom. September 25-October 18, 1964. 
"John Singer Sargent and the Edwardian Age," Leeds Art Galleries. Leeds, United Kingdom. April 5-June 10, 1979. 
National Portrait Gallery, London, United Kingdom, July 6-September 9, 1979. Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan, October 17-December 9, 1979. 
"John Singer Sargent: His Own Work," Coe Kerr Gallery. New York, New York, May 28-June 27, 1980. 
"John Singer Sargent," Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, October 7-January 4, 1987. 
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, February 7-April 19, 1987. 
"John Singer Sargent: Sargent Exhibition in Japan," Isetan Museum of Art. Tokyo, Japan. January 26-February 23, 1989. 
Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan, March 2-April 2, 1989. Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan, April 8-May 7, 1989.
Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Japan, May 13-June 11, 1989. 
"Sargent Abroad: An Exhibition," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York, November 7- December 13, 1997. 
"Sargent," Tate Gallery. London, United Kingdom. October 15-January 17, 1999. 
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., February 21-May 31, 1999. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachussetts, June 23-September 26, 1999. 
"John Singer Sargent in Houston Collections," Museum of Fine Arts. Houston, Texas, October 11-November 9, 1998. 
"John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the Wertheimer Family," Jewish Museum. New York, New York, October 17-February 6, 2000. 
New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 4-May 21, 2000. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia, July 11-October 29, 2000. Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, December 14-March 18, 2001. 
"John Singer Sargent," Seattle Art Museum. Seattle, Washington, December 14-March 18, 2001. 
"John Singer Sargent Beyond the Portrait Studio: Paintings, Drawings, and Watercolors from the Collection," The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York, June 6–September 24, 2000. 
"John Singer Sargent - The Painter as Sculptor," Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven, Connecticut. October 19-April 21, 2001. 
"John Singer Sargent: The Painter as Sculptor," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York, May 21-June 28, 2002. 
"Sargent and Italy," Palazzo dei Diamanti. Ferrara, Italy. September 22-January 6, 2003. 
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California, Febraury 2-May 11, 2004.
Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, June 28-September 21, 2003. 
"Sargent's Women," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York, November 12-December 13, 2003. 
"Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children," Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York, October 8-January 16, 2005. 
Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia, February 25-May 22, 2005.
Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, June 18-September 11, 2005. 
"John Singer Sargent: Portraits and Models," Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C. February 8-April 19, 2006. 
"Sargent's Venice," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York. January 19-March 3, 2007. 
Museo Correr. Venice, Italy. March 24-July 22, 2007. 
"Houston's Sargents," Museum of Fine Arts. Houston, Texas. February 14-May 9, 2010. 
"Sargent and Impressionism," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York. November 4-December 18, 2010. 
"Sargent's Youthful Genius: Paintings from the Clark," Amon Carter Museum. Fort Worth, Texas. March 11-June 17, 2012. 
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