Jamie Wyeth Catalogue
Jamie Wyeth
Group Exhibitions
"The Brandywine Heritage," Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. June 18-October 31, 1971. 
"Andy Warhol & Jamie Wyeth Portraits of Each Other," Coe Kerr Gallery. New York, New York. June 3-July 9, 1976. 
Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. November 26-January 9, 1977. 
"Contemporary American Realism since 1960," Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. September 18-December 13, 1981. 
"Howard Pyle and the Wyeths: Four Generations of American Imagination," Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Memphis, Tennessee, September 1-October 23, 1983. 
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Montgomery, Alabama. November 12, 1983-January 2, 1984.
North Carolina Museum of Art. Raleigh, North Carolina. February 4-April 1, 1984. 
"Three Generations of Wyeth," Amot Art Museum. Elmira, New York. December 7, 1985-February 23, 1986. 
"An American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art," Academy of the Arts of USSR. Leningrad, USSR (former). March 11-May 31, 1987. 
Academy of the Arts of the USSR. Moscow, USSR (former). April 24-May 31, 1987.
Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC. July 4-August 30, 1987.
Dallas Museum of Art. Dallas, Texas. September 29-November 29, 1987.
Terra Museum of American Art. Chicago, Illinois. December 13, 1987-February 14, 1988.
Satagaya Art Museum. Tokyo, Japan. March 10-April 21, 1988.
Palazzo Reale. Milan, Italy. May 17-June 20, 1988.
Fitzwilliam Museum. Cambridge, United Kingdom. July 12-August 29, 1988.
Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. September 17-November 22, 1988. 
"N.C. Wyeth and His Grandson: A Legacy," Terra Museum of American Art. Chicago, Illinois. June 28-October 26, 1997. 
Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. January 24-March 29, 1998. 
"The Wyeths: N.C., Andrew and Jamie," Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art. Marietta, Georgia. February 3-May 3, 1998. 
"Wyeth Three Generations," The Speed Art Museum. Louisville, Kentucky. June 2-August 16, 1998. 
"Wondrous Strange," Farnsworth Art Museum. Rockland, Maine. June 21-November 8, 1998. 
Delaware Art Museum. Wilmington, Delaware. December 10, 1998-February 21, 1999. 
"A Century of Wyeths," Wyeth Center at the Farnsworth Museum. Rockland, Maine. May 29-October 17, 1999. 
"Artistry of Space (Traveling Exhibition through 2002)," Artrain/NASA. 
"America on Paper: Perspectives on People and Places by American Masters," James Graham & Sons. New York, New York. November 2-December 2, 2000. 
"One Nation: Patriots and Pirates, Portraits by N.C. Wyeth and James Wyeth," Farnsworth Museum. Rockland, Maine, August 12-January 1, 2001. 
Russell Rotunda, Capitol Building. Washington, DC. January 14-21, 2001.
New Britain Museum of American Art. New Britain, Connecticut. February 15-April 30, 2001.
Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. June 2-September 3, 2001.
Ringling Museum of Art. Sarasota, Florida. October 11, 2001-January 6, 2002. 
"Transforming the Commonplace: Masters of Contemporary Realism," Susquehanna Art Museum. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. March 10-May 31, 2003. 
"Panorama of American Art," Adelson Galleries, Inc. New York, New. June 16-September 30, 2004. 
"Three Generations of Wyeths," US Artists Fine Art Show. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 22-24, 2004. 
"Defining an American Place: Selections from the Permanent Collection," Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Kansas City, Missouri. July 1-December 10, 2004. 
"Another Look: Frye Viewpoints," Frye Art Museum. Seattle, Washington. January 30-May 2, 2004. 
"Three Generations of Wyeths," Adelson Galleries. Nantucket, Massachusetts. August, 2005. 
"Maine: A Legacy in Painting, 1830 to the Present. A benefit exhibition for the Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine," Spanierman Gallery, LLC. New York, New York. October 11-November 9, 2005. 
"The Wyeths," Naples Museum of Art. Naples, Florida. January 21-May 14, 2006. 
"Wyeth Family: Three Generations," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York. March 30-May 8, 2006. 
"Cryptozoology: Out Of Time Place Scale," Bates College Museum of Art. Lewiston, Maine. June 24–October 7, 2006. 
Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City, Missouri. October 28-December 30, 2006. 
"Factory Work: Warhol, Wyeth and Basquiat," Brandywine River Museum. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. September 9-November 19, 2006. 
McNay Museum of Art. San Antonio, Texas. January 16-April 8, 2007.
Wyeth Center at the Farnsworth Museum. Rockland, Maine. May 6-August 26, 2007. 
"Birds in Art," Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum. Wausau, Wisconsin. September 8-November 11, 2007. 
"Paper," The Fisher Landau Center For Art. Long Island City, New York. 
"An American Story: The Wyeth Family Tradition in Art," The Muscarelle Museum of Art, College of William and Mary. Williamsburg, Virginia. April 21–May 27, 2007. 
"Contemporary Paintings and Sculptures," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York. June 6-September 12, 2008. 
"NASA | ART: 50 Years of Exploration," organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES). Art Students League of Bonita Springs. Bonita Springs, Florida. October 25, 2008-January 18, 2009. 
Huntsville Museum of Art. Huntsville, Alabama. May 23-August 16, 2009.
Irving Arts Center. Irving, Texas. September 5-November 29, 2009.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Colorado Springs, Colorado. December 19, 2009-March 14, 2010.
Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. Laurel, Mississippi. April 3-June 27, 2010.
Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia. Charleston, West Virginia. February 12-May 8, 2011. 
"Wyeth: Three Generations of Artistry," Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Kansas City, Missouri. September 17-November 28, 2009. 
"American Painting, Sculpture & Works on paper," Adelson Galleries. New York, New York. June 1-September 21, 2010. 

"The Wyeth Family: Three Generations of American Art," Dulwich Picture Gallery. London, United Kingdom. June 9-August 22, 2010 . 
"The Sea Around Us," Nassau County Art Museum. Long Island, New York. June 5-September 12, 2010. 
"Wyeth's Wyeths," Farnsworth Museum. Rockland, Maine. May 15, 2010-January 2, 2011. 
"The Wyeth Legacy: Cowan Collection Paintings," Philbrook Museum of Art. Tulsa, Oklahoma. December 29, 2010-March 20, 2011. 
"The Wyeths: America's Artists," Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Kalamazoo, Michigan. January 15-April 17, 2011. 
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