Robert Graham Catalogue
Robert Graham
Selected Books
Kultermann, Udo.  Neue Dimensionen der Plastik.  Verlag Ernst Wasmuth. Tubingen, Germany, 1967.
Kultermann, Udo.  Robert Graham.  Galerie M. E. Thelen. Essen, Germany. 1967.
Kempas, Thomas.  Die Puppe: Aspekte Zum Bild der Frau.  Kunstverein. Hamburg, Germany. 1971.
Diamondstein, Barbaralee.  Collaboration: Artists and Architects.  Whitney Library of Design. New York, New York. 1981.
Beardsley, John, and Jane Livingston.  Hispanic Art in The United States.  Abbeville Press. New York, New York, 1987.
Moure, Nancy Dustin Wall.  California Art: 450 years of Painting & Other Media.  Dustin Publications. Los Angeles, California. 1998.
Miles, Jack.  Robert Graham: The Great Bronze Doors for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  Wave Publishing. Venice, California. 2002.