Robert Graham Catalogue
Robert Graham
Selected Catalogues
Finch, Christopher.  Pop Art: Object and Image.  E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1968.
Kultermann, Udo.  The New Sculpture. Environments and Assemblages.  Frederick A. Praeger. New York, New York, 1968.
Sewell, David.  Here and Now.  Washington University Art Gallery. Saint Louis, Missouri, 1969.
Robert Graham. Color Rooms.  Neuendorf Verlag. Hamburg, Germany, 1969.
Robert Graham: Works 1963 - 1969.  Buchhandlung Walther König. Cologne, Germany. 1970.
Glazebrook, Robert.  Robert Graham.  The Whitechapel Art Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 1970.
König, Walter.  Robert Graham Works 1963- 1969.  Galerie Neuendorf. Hamburg, Germany, 1970.
Murdock, Robert.  Robert Graham.  Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. Dallas, Texas, 1972.
USA West Coast.  Kunstverein Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany, 1972.
Sharp-Focus Realism.  Sidney Janis Gallery. New York, New York, 1972.
Dreibond, Laurence.  Separate Realities.  Municipal Art Gallery. Los Angeles, California, 1972.
Robert Graham: Recent Works.  Nicholas Wilder Gallery. Los Angeles, California, 1974.
Robert Graham: Recent Works.  Gimpel Hanover Galerie. Zurich, Switzerland. 1974.
Sculpture: American Directions, 1945-1975.  National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institute. Washington, DC, 1975.
Wortz, Melinda.  Private Spaces.  University of California. Irvine, California, 1975.
Robert Graham: Figure Table Series.  Gemini G.E.L. Los Angeles, California, 1975.
Tuchman, Maurice.  L.A. 8 - Eight Artists: Painting and Sculpture 1976.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California, 1976.
Hopkins, Henry T.  Painting and Sculpture in the Modern Era.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California, 1976.
Robert Graham.  Gimpel Fils. London, United Kingdom, 1976.
Duva, Jean Luc.  Art Actual: Skira Annual No. 2.  Editions Skira et Cosmopress. Genf, Switzerland, 1976.
Selections from the Frederick Weisman Company Collection of California Art.  California State University. Long Beach, California, 1978.
Weschsler, Jeffrey.  Robert Graham: Contemporary Artist Series Number I.  Rutgers University Art Gallery. New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1978.
Honisch, Dieter.  Aspekte der 6oer Jahre.  National-Galerie, Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Berlin, Germany, 1978.
Three California Sculptors: David Bottini, Robert Graham, Jeff Saunders.  San Jose State University. San Jose, California, 1978.
Caterson, Cecille,   Lucinda H Gedeon,    Constance Fitzsimmons,  Selections From The Frederick R. Weisman Company Collection of California Art.  California State University Art Museum. Long Beach, California. 1978.
Biennial Exhibition.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, 1979.
Selections from the Olga Hirshhorn Collection.  Huntington Galleries. Huntington, West Virginia, 1979.
Oellers, Adam C.  Handbuch Museum Ludwig. Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts : Gemälde, Skulpturen, Collagen, Objekte, Environments.  Museum Ludwig. Cologne, Germany. 1979.
Alloway, Lawrence.  Contemporary Naturalism: Works of the 1970's.  Nassau County Museum of Fine Art. Roslyn, New York, 1980.
Tarbel, Roberta K.  The Figurative Tradition and the Whitney Museum of American Art.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, 1980.
Beal, Graham W. J. and  George W. Neubert.  Robert Graham Statues.  Walker Art Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1981.
Brandt, Frederick R. and  Susan L. Butler.  Late Twentieth Century Art from the Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation.  Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation. Richmond, Virginia. 1981.
Goodyear, Frank H.  Contemporary American Realism Since 1960's.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1981.
Tuchman, Maurice.  Gallery Six: Robert Graham: Five Statues.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California, 1981.
Brandt, Frederick R.  Late Twentieth Century Art from the Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation.  Late Twentieth Century Art from the Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation. Richmond, Virginia, 1981.
Barron, Stephanie.  Art in Los Angeles - The Museum as Site: Sixteen Projects.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles, California. 1981.
Painting and Sculpture Today 1982.  Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indianapolis, Indiana, 1982.
Bank America Corporation Art Program: Acquisitions 1982-1983.  San Francisco, California, 1982.
Orr-Cahall, Cristina.  100 Years of California Sculpture.  The Oakland Museum. Oakland, California, 1982.
Neubert, George W.  20 American Artists: Sculpture 1982.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco, California, 1982.
Entering the Eighties.  Whitney Museum of American Art. Stamford, Connecticut, 1983.
Flood, Richard.  The Sixth Day.  The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois, 1983.
Phillips, Lisa.  Twentieth Century Sculpture: Process and Presence.  Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris. New York, New York, 1983.
Bulletin of the Whitney Museum of American Art 1982-1983.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, 1983.
The First Show: Painting and Sculpture from Eight Collections 1940-1980, Los Angeles.  Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California, 1983.
Marshall, Richard.  American Art Since 1970.  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York, 1984.
Ratcliff, Carter.  Studies for the Olympic Gateway.  ARCO Center for Visual Art at Atlantic Richfield Plaza. Los Angeles, California, 1984.
Frank, Peter.  Redact: An Anthology of Art Criticism.  Willism, Locker & Owens Publishing. New York, New York, 1984.
Music Center Unified Fund 1984.  Los Angeles County. Los Angeles, California, 1984.
Annual Report for the Fiscal Year July 1, 1983-June 30, 1984.  Museum of Fine Arts. Houston, Texas, 1984.
Figurative Sculpture: Ten Artists/Two Decades.  California State University. Long Beach, California, 1984.
Citywide Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition.  Toledo Museum of Art. Toledo, 1984.
Fine, Ruth.  Art and Collaboration.  National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC, 1984.
Reynolds, Gary A.  American Bronze Sculpture 1850 to the Present.  The Newark Museum. Newark, New Jersey, 1984.
Content: A Contemporary Focus 1974-1984.  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Washington, DC, 1984.
Neubert, George.  Contemporary Bronze, Six in the Figurative Tradition.  Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery. Lincoln, Nevada, 1985.
Sims, Patterson.  Figure as Subject: The Last Decade.  Whitney Museum of American Art at Equitable Center. New York, New York, 1986.
California Figurative Sculpture.  Palm Springs Desert Museum. Palm Springs, California, 1987.
Holo, Selma, and Peggy Fogelman.  Robert Graham: Body of Work.  USC Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, California. 2007.
Drohojowska-Philp, Hunter; Anjelica Huston, afterword.  Robert Graham Early Work 1963-1973.  David Zwirner. New York, New York. 2011.
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