Nancy Spero Catalogue
Nancy Spero
Selected Catalogues
Do It.  Kjarvalsstadir. Reykjavik, 1966.
Licit Exp.  A.I.R. Gallery. New York, New York, 1974.
Torture of Women.  A.I.R. Gallery. New York, New York, 1976.
Drawing Now.  Soho Center for Visual Arts. New York, New York, 1976.
Gunther, Bruce.  Three Decades: The Oliver Hoffman Collection.  Museum of Contemporary Art Press. Chicago, Illinois, 1977.
Notes in Time on Women Part II, Spero's Apocalypse.  Picker Art Gallery, Colgate University. Hamilton, New York, 1979.
Marincola, Paula.  Words and Images.  Philadelphia College of Art. 1979.
Conwill, Kinshasha.  The Decade Show, Frameworks of Identity in the 1980s.  New Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, Studio Museum in Harlem. New York, New York, 1980.
Art of Conscience: The Last Decade.  Wright State University. 1980.
Issue: Social Strategies by Women Artists.  Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). London, United Kingdom, 1980.
Isaak, Jo Anna.  The Revolutionary Power of Women's Laughter.  Protetch-McNeil Gallery. New York, New York, 1983.
Gumpert, Lynn.  The End of the World: Contemporary Visions of the Apocalypse.  The New Museum of Contemporary Art. December-January, 1983, p.11. 
Art Couples III.  P.S.1, Institute for Art and Urban Resources. Long Island City, New York, 1983.
Pindell, Howardena.  The War Show.  Stony Brook: Art Gallery, Fine Arts Center, State University of New York. New York, New York, 1983.
Rohrer, Judith.  Nancy Spero.  Matrix Gallery, Wadsworth Atheneum. Hartford, Connecticut, 1983.
Kaplan, Steven.  Totem: Language, Myth and Figure.  Bonnier Gallery, Charles Cowles Gallery, Germans Van Eck Gallery. New York, New York, 1984.
Symptoms of Critique: Nancy Spero and Francesco Torres.  The New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York, New York, February-March, 1984.
Ratcliff, Carter.  Pressures of the Hand: Expressionist Impulses in Recent American Art.  Brainerd Art Gallery, State University College of Arts and Science. Potsdam, New York, March/April, 1984.
Siegel, Jeanne.  Collage Expanded.  Visual Arts Museum. October, 1984.
Wein, JoAnn.  Politics in Art.  Queensborough Community College. New York, New York, March/April, 1984.
Art in America.  January, 1984.
Fischer, Barbara.  She Writes in White Ink.  June 2, 1985.
King, Elaine.  Nancy Spero: The Paris Black Paintings.  Hewlett Gallery, Carnegie-Mellon University. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April, 1985.
The Figure as an Image of the Psyche.  Sculpture Center. New York, New York, November, 1985.
Rape.  University Gallery, Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio, November-December, 1985.
Rickey, Carrie.  Mapping Autogeography: Six Routes for Navigating the Body Politic.  Nude, Naked, Stripped, Hayden Gallery, List Visual Arts Center, MIT. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1985.
Flood, Richard.  Memento Mori.  Moore College of Art, Philadelphia. November-December, 1986.
Por Encima del Bloqueo.  Segunda Bienal de la Habana. Havana, Cuba, November, 1986.
Brooks, Rosetta.  Nancy Spero.  Lawrence Oliver Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1987.
Bellemare, Roger.  Stations: Les Cent Jours D'Art Contemporain de Montréal.  Centre International D'Art Contemporain de Montréal. Montreal, Canada, 1987.
Desmett, Don.  American Policy (catalogue essay).  Cleveland State University. 1987.
Desmett, Don.  American Policy: catalogue essay.  Cleveland State University. 1987.
Forty-Three Works on Paper: Excerpts from the Writings of Antonin Artaud.  Galerie Rudolf Zwirner. Koln (SEE COLOGNE), Germany, 1987.
Storr, Robert.  Nancy Spero: Works Since 1950.  Everson Museum of Art. 1987.
Bradley, Laurel.  Tragic and Timeless Today, catalogue essay.  University of Chicago. February, 1987.
Bird, Jon.  Nancy Spero: Inscribing woman--between the lines.  Institute of Contemporary Art. London, United Kingdom, March, 1987.
Bradley, Laurel.  Tragic and Timeless Today.  University of Chicago. February, 1987.
Nancy Spero: Works Since 1950.  Everson Museum of Art. New York, New York, 1987.
Tickner, Lisa.  Images of women and la peinture feminine.  Institute of Contemporary Art. London, United Kingdom, 1987.
Waller, Susan.  AT ISSUE: Art & Advocacy.  Saint Louis Gallery of Contemporary Art. Saint Louis, Missouri, 1987.
Nancy Spero.  Lawrence Oliver Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February, 1987.
Bradley, Laurel.  Tragic and Timeless Today.  University of Chicago, February 1987. Chicago, Illinois, 1987.
Bee, Susan.  Fresh From New York.  ARTSPACE. Auckland, New Zealand(Aotearoa), 1988.
Berger, Maurice.  Representing Vietnam 1965-1973: The Antiwar Movement in America.  Hunter College of the City University of New York. New York, New York, 1988.
Jenkins, Susan L.  An Interview with Nancy Spero.  The Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California, 1988.
Madill, Shirley.  Identity/Identities: An Exploration of the Concept of Female Identity in Contemporary Society.  Winnipeg Art Gallery. Winnipeg, Canada, 1988.
Malen, Lenore.  The Politics of Gender.  Queensborough Community College of the City of New York. New York, New York, 1988.
Matilsky, Barbara C.  Classical Myth and Imagery in Contemporary Art.  The Queens Museum. New York, New York, 1988.
Mills, Dan and  Maureen Sherlock.  The Whole World is Still Watching.  Randolph Street Gallery. Chicago, Illinois, 1988.
Rive, David.  Portfolio.  Red Bass. New Orleans, California, 1988.
Robins, Corinne.  Walls of the 70's.  Queensborough Community College. 1988.
Tufts, Eleanor.  Women and the U.S. Constitution.  The Atlanta College of Art. Atlanta, Georgia, 1988.
Zeitlin, Wendy and  Marilyn A..  All The News That's Fit For Prints: A parallel of social concerns in graphic art of the 1930's/1980's.  Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas, 1988.
Wye, Pamela.  Nancy Spero.  Lawrence Oliver Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1989.
Forbidden Objects: Art and Taboo.  Greg Kucera Gallery. Seattle, Washington, 1989.
Martin, Jean-Hubert and  Mark Francis.  Magiciens de la Terre.  Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee Nationale d'Art Moderne, La Villette. Paris, France, 1989.
Pommier, Claudine.  Fear of Others/Art Against Racism.  Arts in Action Society. Vancouver, Canada, 1989.
Schjeldahl, Peter.  Rediscovered Spero.  Josh Baer Gallery. New York, New York, 1989.
Nancy Spero.  Lawrence Oliver Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December, 1989.
Ackley, Clifford S.  The Unique Print/70's Into 90's.  Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts, 1990.
Kempas, Thomas.  Zur Ausstellung.  Nancy Spero: Bilder 1958 bis 1990. Bonner Kunstverein. Berlin, Germany, 1990.
A Different War: Vietnam and Art.  Whatcom Museum of History and Art, The Real Comet Press. Seattle, Washington, 1990.
Pohlen, Annelie.  Die Schmerzliche Sinnlichkeit der Nacht: Nancy Spero.  Nancy Spero: Bilder 1958 bis 1990. Berlin, Germany, 1990.
Tarlow, Lois.  Nancy Spero.  Art New England. March, 1990.
Baigell, Matthew.  A Shifting Equation: The Work of Nancy Spero and Leon Golub.  1991.
Bonito Oliva, Achille.  Art is a Gynaeceum of Images.  Sky Goddess, Egyptian Acrobat. Galleria Stefania Miscetti. Rome, Italy, May, 1991.
Artae.  Circulo Degli Artisti. Rome, Spain, 1991.
Fehlemann, Sabine.  Bildwelten aus Buchstaben.  Von der Heydt-Museum. Wuppertal, Germany, 1991.
Hoffmann Koenige, Erika.  Von der Heydt-Museum. Wuppertal, Germany, 1991.
Littman, Robert R.  El Centro Cultural/Arte Contemporaneo, A.C.. Polanco, Mexico, 1991.
Richardson, Trevor.  The Critical Image.  Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. 1991.
Devil On The Stairs: Looking Back on the Eighties.  Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1991.
Thomas, David.  As Seen By Both Sides.  Indochina Arts Project and the William Joiner Foundation, distributed by the University of Massachusetts Press. Boston, Massachusetts, 1991.
Villaespesa, Mar.  El Sueño Imperativo.  Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain, 1991.
Weskott, Hanne.  Vorbild-Abbild-Bild.  Glyptothek am Köngsplatz. Munich, Germany, 1991.
Differing Realities: Adriene Simotová and Nancy Spero.  VereinAusstellungsorganization, pub. 1991.
Farmer, Jane M..  Crossing Over/Changing Places.  Pyramid Atlantic. Riverdale, Maryland, 1992.
Oliva, Achille Bonito.  Woman Breathing.  Edition Cantz. Ulmer Museum. Ulm, Germany, 1992.
Smolik, Noemi.  One Who Went Out To Find Her Lost Language.  Ulmer Museum. Ulm, Germany, April, 1992.
When This You See....  Ulmer Museum. Ulm, Germany, April, 1992.
Vierneisel, Klaus.  Nancy Spero in der Glyptothek.  Glyptothek am Köngsplatz. Munich, Germany, 1992.
Bonito Oliva, Achille.  Sky Goddess, Egyptian Acrobat.  Galleria Stefania Miscetti. Rome, Spain, May, 1992.
1993 Emrys Journal.  Greenville County Museum of Art and Emrys Foundation. spring, 1993.
1993 Emrys Journal.  Greenville County Museum of Art and Emrys Foundation. spring, 1993.
Goodman, Susan.  Eight Artists: A Cultural Context.  The Jewish Museum. June, 1993.
Harris, Susan.  Reality and Revelation.  Josh Baer Gallery. New York, New York, April, 1993.
Kruse, Hannah.  A Shift in Strategies: Depicting Rape in Feminist Art.  The Whitney Museum of American Art. June, 1993.
The Photographer Finds His Subject.  Thread Waxing Space. New York, New York, September, 1993.
Obrist, Hans-Ulrich.  Hotel Carlton Palace, Chambre 763.  Hôtel Carlton Palace. Paris, France, August, 1993.
Sultan, Terrie.  The Themes That Reflect Us.  The Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC, October, 1993.
Sussman, Elisabeth.  Coming Together in Parts: Positive Power in the Art of the Nineties.  Whitney Museum of American Art in association with Harry N. Abrams Publishers Inc.. New York, New York, February, 1993.
Sims, Lowery Stokes.  Nancy Spero.  The Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC, October, 1993.
She is Silent When She Sews.  Apex Art. New York, New York, December, 1994.
Kline, Katy and  Helaine Posner.  The Good Fight.  The American Center. Paris, France, 1994.
Snyder, Jill.  Impossible Evidence: Contemporary Artists View the Holocaust.  Freedman Gallery, Albright College. Reading, Pennsylvania, November, 1994.
Inside the Visible (exhibition essay).  Kunststichting - Kanaal-Art Foundation. Belgium, June, 1994.
Golub, Leon.  Caterpillar I.  1994.
Dancing in Space.  Malmö Konsthall. Malmo, Sweden, 1994.
Mansfield, Elizabeth.  Power, Pleasure, Pain: Contemporary Women Artists and the Female Body.  Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University. Boston, Massachusetts, March 19-June 12, 1994.
Cloaca Maxima.  Museum Der Stadtentwässerung Zürich. 1994.
Becker, Carol.  The Prodigal Daughter.  Rockford College. Rockford, Illinois, 1995.
Notes in Time: Leon Golub and Nancy Spero.  Fine Arts Gallery, University of Maryland. Baltimore, Maryland, 1995.
Bohm-Duchen, Monica.  After Auschwitz.  Northern Center For Contemporary Art. London, United Kingdom, 1995.
Skowhegan Medal for Works on Paper: Nancy Spero.  1995.
Nancy Spero.  1995.
Lineker, Bruce.  Civil Rights Now: A Timeline 1950-1995.  Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1995.
Warren, Lynne.  Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago, Illinois, 1995.
Wye, Deborah.  Thinking Print: Books to Billboards, 1980 - 95.  The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York, 1995.
Olschki, Leo S..  Risarcimento: Artisti contemporanei per gli Uffizi.  Florence, Italy, 1995.
Dercon, Rhris.  Face a L'Histoire: 1933 - 1996.  Centre Georges Pompidou. Paris, France, 1996.
Mechtild, Werner and  Widrich Hanak.  Nancy Spero- Installation der Erinnerung.  Museum Catalogue. 1996.
Of Joy and Despair.  Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. 1996.
Thinking Print, Books to Billboards, 1980-1995.  Museum of Modern Art. 1996.
Do It.  Catalogue Independent Curators Incorporated. New York, New York, 1997.
Sztullman, Paul.  Short Guide/Kunzführer.  Documenta X, Cantz. 1997.
Sosa, Ana Teresa.  Nancy Spero/Leon Golub.  Museo Jacobo Borges. Caracas, Venezuela, 1998.
Knode, Marilu.  Nancy Spero, A Presence Throughout Time.  Institute of Visual Arts, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. University of Wisconsin. December, 1998.
Isaak, Jo Anna.  H2O.  Hobart & William Smith College Press. Geneva, New York. 2002.
NANCY SPERO: Weighing the Heart Against a Feather of Truth.  Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea. Spain. 2004.
de Zegher, M. Catherine.  Persistent Vestiges: Drawing from the American-Vietnam War.  Drawing Center. New York, New York. 2005.
Dingwall, Kenneth and John L. Moore.  Drawn to Cleveland.  Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio. 2005.
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