Leon Golub Catalogue
Leon Golub
Solo Exhibitions
"Violence Zone: The Weimar Installation," Kunstfest Weimar, Orangerie Schlob Belvedere. Weimar, Germany. June 24-July 30, 1995. 
"Leon Golub: New Work," Rice University Art Gallery. Houston, Texas, January 19-March 3, 1995. 
Burnett Miller Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 
"War and Memory," The American Center. Paris, France. 
Traveled to: List Visual Arts Center, Massachusetts. 
Institute of Technology. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
Traveled to: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. 
"Notes in Time: Leon Golub Nancy Spero," Fine Arts Gallery, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Catonsville, Maryland. 
"Leon Golub & Nancy Spero," Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art. Japan. 
"Sanguinary," Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. Japan. 
"Leon Golub and Nancy Spero: War and Memory," The Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver, British Columbia, March 20-June 3, 1996. 
"Gigantomachies," The New York Kunsthalle. New York, New York, March 8-March 10, 1996. 
"Snake Eyes: 1995 and Sphinx and Other Enigmas: 1952-56," Ronald Feldman Fine Art. New York, New York, February 24-April 6, 1996. 
"Image Violence," Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Vancouver, Canada. 
Galerie Darthea Speyer. Paris, France. 
Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 
"Leon Golub * Nancy Spero – Contemporaries," Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University. Detroit, Michigan, September 13-November 26, 1997. 
"Nancy Spero/Leon Golub and The Elephant and The Hat," Galerie Pro Arte. Salzburg, Austria. 
"Leon Golub and Nancy Spero," Museo Jacobo Borges. Caracas, Venezuela. March 8-April 12, 1998. 
"Image Violence," European Workshop of Arts and Culture Hellerau. Dresden, Germany. 
"Les Realites Provisoires," Anthony Reynolds Gallery. London, United Kingdom. March 25-April 25, 1998. 
"Mary Washington College Galleries," Ridderhoh Martin Gallery. Fredericksburg, Virginia, October 2 –December 15, 1998. 
Galerie Darthea Speyer. Paris, France. 
Stefania Miscetti Arte Contemporanea. Rome, Italy. 
"Dead Certainties and the Blue Tattoo," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York, October 17-November 14, 1998. 
"The Fourteenth Robert Lepper Distinguished Lecture in Creative Inquiry, a lecture with Nancy Spero," Carnegie Mellon School of Art/ Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1999. 
"Leon Golub," Bucknell Art Gallery, Bucknell University. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, October 15 – December 5, 1999. 
Traveled to: Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts, Montreal, Canada, January 18 – March 5, 2000; Halsey Gallery, School of the Arts, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC, May 5 – June 15, 2000; McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX, June 24 – August 6, 2000; Selby Gallery, Ringling School of Art an Design, Sarasota, FL, January 4 – February 15, 2001; MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, Ontario, Canada, March 8 – June 10, 2001. 
"Leon Golub," Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland. July 5-October 19, 2000. 
Traveled to: South London Gallery, London, England, November 3-December 17, 2000. 
"Leon Golub Paintings," Stedelijk Museum vor Actuele Kunst. Ghent, Belgium. April 15-June 11, 2000. 
"The Fighting is a Dance, Too," Ruth Horowitz Fine Arts. New York, New York, April 22- May 26, 2000. 
"Leon Golub: Paintings, 1950-2000," Albright-Knox Gallery. Buffalo, New York. January 19-April 15, 2001. 
Brooklyn Museum of Art. Brooklyn, New York. May 18-August 19, 2001. 
"While the Crime is Blazing: Paintings And Drawings 1994-1999," Arthur A. Houghton Jr. Gallery, The Cooper Union School of Art. New York, New York. August 13-September 15, 2001. 
"This Day Is Ours," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York. September 8- October 6, 2001. 
"Leon Golub and Nancy Spero," Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano. Lima, Peru. 
"Leon Golub and Nancy Spero Prints 1950-2001," The Print Center. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. November 9-December 21, 2001. 
Galerie Darthea Speyer. Paris, France. 
Crown Gallery. Brussels, Belgium. 
Christine König Galerie. Vienna, Austria. 
"Leon Golub: Paintings and Drawings," Chicago Cultural Center. Chicago, Illinois. January 18-March 30, 2003. 
"Recent Paintings," Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. January 24–March 1, 2003. 
"Leon Golub," Griffin Contemporary. Venice, California. April 5-May 17, 2003. 
"Leon Golub: Graeco-Roman Colossi 1959 – 1964 + Erotica, etc. 2000-2003," Ronald Feldman Gallery. New York, New York. January 10–February 7, 2004. 
"Leon Golub," GRIFFIN, Santa Monica, California. January 28-March 11, 2006. 
"Leon Golub: We Love Our Leader," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. New York, New York. February 11-March 18, 2006. 
"Leon Golub," Wako Works of Art. Tokyo, Japan. November 10-December 22, 2006. 
"Leon Golub, Homage," Darthea Speyer. Paris, France. November 10-December 22, 2006. 
Littman, Brett, curator.  "Leon Golub: Live + Die like a Lion?," Drawing Center. New York, New York. April 23-July 23, 2010. 
Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art. Evanston, Illinois. September 21-December 12, 2010.
Museum Het Domein. Sittard, The Netherlands. January 22-April 25, 2011. 
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