Idelle Weber Catalogue
Idelle Weber
Selected Books
Alloway, Lawrence.  Notes on Five New York Painters.  Albright-Knox Art Gallery. 1963.
Battcock, Gregory.  Super Realism: A Critical Anthology.  E.P. Dutton & Company. New York, New York. 1975.
Adrian, Dennis.  Art Imitating Life in a Big Way.  Chicago Daily News. 1976.
Linday, Christine.  Surrealist Painting and Sculpture.  William Morrow. New York, New York. 1980.
Meisel, Louis and  Helene Zucker Seeman.  Photorealism.  Harry N. Abrams. New York, New York. 1980.
Taylor, Joshua.  Learning to Look: A Handbook for the Visual Arts.  2 edition. University of Chicago Press. Chicago, Illinois. 1981.
Rubenstein, Charlotte S.  American Women Artists: From Early Indian Times to Present.  G.K. Hall. Chicago, Illinois. 1982.
Battcock, Gregory, ed.  The American Photorealists: An Anthology.  Fischer Fine Arts, Ltd. London, United Kingdom, 1983.
Finch, Christopher.  American Watercolors.  Abbeville Press. New York, New York, 1986.
Argy, Andy.  Idelle Weber. Arts Club of Chicago.  New Art Examiner. Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1986.
Baur, John I. H.  Realism Today: American Drawings from the Rita Rich Collection.  National Academy of Design. New York, New York, 1987.
Ward, John.  American Realists Painting 1945-1960.  UMI Press. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1989.
Adlmann, Jan Ernst.  Idelle Weber.  1994.
Ragans, Rosalyn.  Art Connections.  SRA-McGraw/Hill. Columbus, Ohio, 1997.
Bonito, Virginia Anne.  Get Real: Contemporary Realism from the Seavest Collection.  Duke University Press. North Carolina, 1998.
New, Jennifer.  Drawing From Life: The Journal as Art.  Princeton Architectural Press. New York, New York, 2005.
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