Dorothea Rockburne Catalogue
Dorothea Rockburne
Museum and Public Collections
  Albright Knox Art Gallery. Buffalo, New York. USA. 

I am Pascal  1986 - 1987
Image 83.75 x 95.75 inches
shaped canvas, oil and charcoal on gessoed linen
Gift of Seymour H. Knox, 1988

Moon Angel  1982
watercolor, pencil, vellum, and glue on rag bond
from the “Way of Angel Series" National Endowment for the Arts Purchase Grant and Gift of Armand J. Castellani, 1983

  Allen Memorial Art Museum. Oberlin, Ohio. USA. 

Label Drawing  1972
Image 11.5 x 8.5 inches
gum labels with release paper on postcard

Drawing which Makes Itself  1972
Image 30 x 40 inches
pencil and folded paper

Thru, Parallel to the Y-axis  1972
Image 23.28 x 28.16 inches
oil on Strathmore paper

  Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto, Ontario. Canada. 

  Auckland Art Gallery. Auckland, New Zealand. 

  Baltimore Museum of Art. Baltimore, Maryland. USA. 

  Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, New York. USA. 

  Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland, Ohio. USA. 

White Mozart  1986
Image 42.58 x 17.25 inches
prismacolor on canson mitentes, mounted on rag board unframed

White Mozart, Upside Down and Backwards  1986
Image 42.58 x 17.25 inches
prismacolor on canson mitientes, mounted on rag board

  Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC. USA. 

Untitled  1973
Image 24 x 36 inches
graphite on folded 3-D white wave paper
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Friedenberg

  Des Moines Art Center. Des Moines, Iowa. USA. 

White Angel #3  1992
Image 70 x 46 inches
Rives BKF Paper on mat board with glue and blue pencil
Gift of Helen Urban; Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections, 1992-33

Study for Arena  1978
Image 40 x 60 inches
vellum, colored pencil, varnish and glue on rag board
Gift of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Hassam, Speicher, Betts and Symons Funds: Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections, 1999

  Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts, Portland Art Museum. Portland, Oregon. USA. 

Saqqarah: Egyptian Painting  1979
Image 69.38 x 93 inches
liquitex gesso (with calcium carbonate added), blue conte line, Winsor Newton oil paint, weldwood contact cement on Belgian line, velcro glue, velcro

  Harvard University Art Museums, Fogg Museum. Cambridge, Massachusetts. USA. 

  High Museum of Art. Atlanta, Georgia. USA. 

Golden Section Painting, Parallelogram with Two Squares  1974
Image 110 x 68 inches
linen per pig gesso with calcium carbonate added

Roman V  1977
Image 47.34 x 42.25 inches
kraft paper, Windsor Newton Copal oil varnish, blue pencil, Mylar tape, 100% rag board framed

  Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Houston, Texas. USA. 

Arena V  1978
Image 61 x 47 inches
french vellum, 3M 415 mylar tape, varnish, 100% rag board

  J. Paul Getty Trust. Los Angeles, California. USA. 

  JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank. New York, New York. USA. 

Image 46 x 30 inches
embossed printed paper

Label Drawing  1972
Image 6 x 4 inches
mixed media on paper

Golden Section Painting: Triangle, Rectangle, Square  1974
Image 54.5 x 88 inches
gesso on sized linen

Trumpeting Angel  1981
Image 34 x 41 inches
watercolor on vellum

Memories of Light in Egypt, Pensees  1989
Image 29.38 x 25.5 inches
gold leaf, indian ink, gouache, watercolor on papyrus and museum board

Devine Ray  1981 - 1982
Image 40 x 35 inches
nine-color lithogragh

Uriel  1982
Image 39.18 x 31.58 inches
seven-color lithograph

  Ludwig Museum. Aachen, Germany. 

  Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, New York. USA. 

Study Seraphim: Love  1982
Image 36 x 37 inches
watercolor on vellum
Purchase, Louis and Bessie Adler Foundation, Inc. Gift (Seymour M. Klein, President), 1983

  Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA. 

  MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art. New York, New York. USA. 

A, C, and D (from Group/And)  1970
paper, chipboard, nails, and graphite
13' 10-1/2' x 21' 1-1/2' x 44-1/8', 9-1/2'

Untitled  1972
Image 17 x 13.25 inches
oil stain on paper

Indication Drawing Series: Neighborhood (Drawing Which Makes Itself)  1973
Image 13.4 x 8.4 inches
wall drawing: pencil and colored pencil with vellum

Guardian Angel II  1982
Image 77.5 x 53 inches
watercolor, pencil, vellum, glue; on gessoed fiberglass and aluminum honeycomb panel framed
Gift of L.B. Tobin

Copal #8  1976
Image 29 x 39 inches
kraft paper, Copal oil varnish, blue pencil, glue and rag board

Scalar  1971
chipboard, crude oil, paper and nails
Overall 6' 8" x 9' 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" (203.2 x 289.5 x 8.9 cm).
Gift of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder and Estée Lauder, Inc. in honor of J. Frederic Byers III.

  Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, Downtown. San Diego, California. USA. 

Locus Series 1-6  1972
Image 40 x 30 inches
Edition/Set of  Edition 27 of 42

Gift of Jonathan, Nicolas, and Kate Wineberg

  National Academy of Design. New York, New York. USA. 

  National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC. USA. 

  National Museum of Women in the Arts. Washington, DC. USA. 

Copal #7  1976
Image 29.18 x 39.18 inches
wall relief: kraft paper, with varnish and pencil
Gift of Wallace and Wilomena Holladay

  Neuberger Museum of Art. Purchase, New York. USA. 

  Ohio University Art Gallery. Columbus, Ohio. USA. 

  Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA. 

  Portland Museum of Art (Maine). Portland, Maine. USA. 

Virtues of Good Government  1995
Image 26 x 38.78 inches
lascaux aquacryl, bullseye silver and gesso on board
Gift of Dorothea Rockburne in honor of Judge D. Brock Hornby

  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. New York, New York. USA. 

  The Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio. USA. 

  The Parrish Art Museum. Southampton, New York. USA. 

Drawing Which Makes Itself; English Drawing A  1973
Image 25 x 20.5 inches
unframed, ink on European paper

  The Saatchi Collection. London, United Kingdom. 

  University of Michigan Museum of Art. Ann Arbor, Michigan. USA. 

Golden Section Painting, #6  1975
Image 29 x 39 inches
kraft paper, blue pencil, rag board

  Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Richmond, Virginia. USA. 

White Angel, II  1981
Image 74.25 x 50 inches
Rives BFK, blue pencil, 3M 415 Mylar tape, mounted on rag board unframed, on bevel cut rag board
Gift of Sydney and Francis Lewis Foundation

  Walker Art Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA. 

  Wexner Center For The Arts. Columbus, Ohio. USA. 

Leveling  1970
Image 72 x 81.5 inches
mixed media, paper, chip board, crude oil, and nails
Collection, Wexner Center of the Arts the Ohio State University; Purchased with funds provided by the National Endowment of the Arts

  Whitney Museum of American Art. New York, New York. USA. 

Drawing Which Makes Itself  1973
Image 30 x 40 inches
ink on paper
Gift of Frances and Sydney Lewis

  Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven, Connecticut. USA. 

Image 10.16 x 76.2 inches
Six etchings and aquatints
101.6 x 762 mm (sheet)

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