Benny Andrews Catalogue
Benny Andrews
Selected Articles
"The Big Bash,"  Black Creation, A Review of Black Arts and Letters,  Vol. 6, 1974-1975.
Andrews, Benny.  "American Art of the Past Twenty Years: A Wonderful Potpourri of Styles and Sources,"  College Art Journal,  Summer, 1980.
"An Artist's Journal,"  Atlanta Art Papers,  September/October, 1980.
Harrison, Helen.  "A Black's Odyssey Vividly Portrayed,"  The New York Times,  Sunday, March 9, 1980.
Fox, Catherine.  "A Sharecropper's Son Goes the Distance,"  The Atlanta Constitution,  May 20, 1982.
Knight, Christopher.  "Andrews Endows NEA with Optimism,"  Los Angeles Herald Examiner,  October 4, 1982.
Heit, Janet.  "Icons and Images in the Work of Benny Andrews,"  Atlanta, Southern Arts Federation,  1984.
"Benton's America At Equitable,"  Art/World,  November, 1985.
"The Mule is About Keeping On Keeping On,"  American Visions, The Magazine of Afro-American Culture,  Vol. 3, No. 2, April, 1988.
Brenson, Michael.  "The Collages of Benny Andrews,"  The New York Times,  November 4, 1988.
"Benny Andrews,"  American Artist,  April, 1988.
Cullum, J. W.  "Benny Andrews,"  Art Papers,  May/June, 1990.
Mee, Susie.  "Folk and Family, George and Benny Andrews,"  The Clarion,  Vol. 15, No. 4, Fall, 1990.
Seaborg, Ronnog.  "Art and Literature by the Andrews: Benny, Christopher George, Raymond, Thomas and Viola,"  Art Papers,  September/October, 1991.
"Lord! Atlanta,"  Habersham Review,  Vol. III, No. 1, Spring, 1994.
Howorth, Lisa.  "A Country Boy Can Survive, Painter Benny Andrews,"  Reckon, The Magazine of Southern Culture,  Vol. 1, No. 3, Fall, 1995.
Kuspit, Donald.  "Homeland of the Imagination: The Southern Presence in 20th Century Art,"  NationsBank Plaza (Atlanta),  1996.
Andrews, Benny.  "Is There a Blach Aesthetic?,"  Masterpieces of African American Art. African American Art Perspective,  2006. p. 3. 
"Detroit Gallery hosts Benny Andrews's Exhibition,"  The Michigan Banner,  No. 13, February, 2006.
"Benny Andrews: Migrant Series,"  The Virginian Pilot,  January 19, 2006.
Jackson-Dumont, Sandra.  "Benny Andrews,"  The Studio Museum in Harlem Magazine,  Spring, 2006. p. 37. 
Cash, Stephanie.  "Benny Andrews, 1930-2006,"  Art in America,  vol. 95, no. 1, January, 2007.
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