Benny Andrews Catalogue
Benny Andrews
Selected Catalogues
Spriggs, Edward S.  Symbols and Other Works by Benny Andrews.  The Studio Museum in Harlem. New York, New York, 1971.
Gaither, Edmund B.  Benny Andrews Paintings and Watercolors including Trash.  ACA Gallery. New York, New York, “Comments on ‘Trash’”, 1972.
Alloway, Lawrence.  Benny Andrews, The Bicentennial Series.  The High Museum of Art. Atlanta, Georgia, "Introduction", 1975.
Andrews, Raymond.  Introduction, Icons and Images in the Work of Benny Andrews.  Southern Arts Federation. Atlanta, Georgia, 1984.
Keyes, Donald.  Off the Wall: Benny Andrews and John Hardy.  Georgia Museum of Art. Athens, Georgia, 1987.
The Collages of Benny Andrews.  The Studio Museum in Harlem. New York, New York, 1988.
Kuspit, Dr. Donald B.  The Collages of Benny Andrews.  The Studio Museum in Harlem. New York, New York, September 18-February 26, 1988-1989.
Bladon, Patricia.  FOLK: The Art of Benny and George Andrews.  Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Memphis, Tennessee, 1990.
Zimmer, William.  I Believe I'm Doing America.  Triton Museum of Art. April 30-June 24, 1992.
Andrews, Benny.  Artist's Statement: Doing the 'America Series'.  Triton Museum of Art. 1992.
Gruber, J. Richard.  The Dot Man: George Andrews of Madison, Georgia.  Morris Museum of Art. Augusta, Georgia, 1994.
Andrews, Benny.  Artist's Statement: The 'Revival Series'.  Reprinted Courtesy of Benny Andrews. The Revival Series. 1995.
Masterpieces of African American Art. African American Art Perspective.  M. Hanks Gallery. Santa Monica, California. January 18-April 1, 2006.
McIntosh, Louisa.  Benny Andrews: A Georgia Artist Comes Home, an Exhibition in Two Parts.  Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia. 2007.
Rosenfeld, Michael, Jonathan P. Binstock and Lowery Stokes Sims, essays.  African American Art: 200 Years.  Michael Rosenfeld Gallery. New York, New York. 2008.
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