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  August 24, 2005                    |
  Douglas Gordon
  Douglas Gordon
Hand with Spot A
Gagosian Gallery, NY


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  Robert T. Ritter
  Robert T. Ritter
Hopi Maiden
Ventana Fine Art
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Douglas Gordon´s The VANITY of Allegory.

Record Sales at Barridoff Galleries
As Maine goes, so goes the U.S.? The annual auction sale of Old Masters, European and American art held by the Barridoff Galleries in Portland, Maine, was a great success. Of the 335 lots in the sale, about 80 percent found buyers, for a grand total of $3.5 million, the highest amount to date.    more arrow

Art Market Guide 2005 - Anselm Kiefer
In 1987, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art went out on a limb and purchased a fresh-from-the-studio painting by the German Neo-Expressionist artist, Anselm Kiefer.    more arrow

Bonanza in Santa Fe
While the New York art world enters its summer slumber in August, the Southwest heats up (in more ways than one!). In Santa Fe, especially, the local art scene makes a point of keeping it interesting, with a whole crop of exciting shows springing up like cactus flowers in the desert. Herewith, a sampling of the city’s art attractions.    more arrow


10 Top Prices in July Auctions


$ 32,746,478

$ 20,126,760

$ 11,740,072

$ 7,704,225

$ 6,619,718

$ 6,323,943

$ 4,549,295

$ 4,154,929
$ 3,957,746

$ 3,957,746

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The 300 Most Popular Artists in July

1. Andy Warhol
2. Pablo Picasso
3. Diane Arbus
4. David Hockney
5. Damien Hirst
... more

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     Ansel Adams, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Aug 21–Dec 31
     Max Beckmann - Fernand Léger, Museum Ludwig Cologne, May 21-Aug 28
     Cézanne and Pissarro 1865–1885, MoMA New York, Jun 26-Sep 12
     20/21 British Art Fair, London, Sep 14-18
     Parcours Des Mondes, Paris, Sep 15-18
... more

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