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  July 26, 2005                    |
  Barridoff Galleries  
  Rob Elowitch
  Rob Elowitch
Barridoff Galleries

Skip the Hamptons, and drive (or fly) to Portland, ME on August 5, 2005, for Rob and Annette Elowitch's sale at Barridoff Galleries. Everybody's in the room from A to Z. . . that's Acevedo to Zaplin.

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  Maynard Dixon
  Maynard Dixon
Double Nude
Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery
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New Tools for Investing in Art

New at artnet: New Tools for Investing in Art
Mingling with tastemakers and those "in-the-know" at auctions and art openings, a new breed of art buyers wields calculators, pie-charts and price indices so as not to miss a bargain. These invaders underscore the art market's movement toward liquidity, transparency and greater efficiency.    more arrow

The Market for Old Masters
Old Master pictures and drawings are still surprisingly available to intrepid and adventuresome collectors.    more arrow

Contemporary Fairs and Biennials, Fall 2005
It's the middle of the summer -- and the opening of the fall art season is only weeks away! That means it's time to start arranging your calendar for the rest of 2005. What follows is a brief survey of the top contemporary and modern art fairs and international festivals for the final third of the year.    more arrow


10 Top Prices in June Auctions


$ 9,178,181

$ 9,007,299

$ 8,770,909

$ 6,759,124

$ 6,632,727

$ 6,530,909

$ 5,920,000

$ 5,920,000
$ 5,716,363

$ 5,512,727

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The 300 Most Popular Artists in June

1. Andy Warhol
2. Damien Hirst
3. David Hockney
4. Pablo Picasso
5. Roy Lichtenstein
... more

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     Robert Mapplethorpe, Guggenheim Museum July 1–Aug. 24
     Dan Flavin: A Retrospective, Museum of Contemporary Art July 2–Oct. 20
     Photo San Francisco, San Francisco July 21-25
     Retratos: 2,000 Years of Latin American Portraits, Miami Beach July 23-Oct. 2
     Sydney Art on Paper Fair, Sydney July 28-31

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