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  July 2, 2003 | News | Recent Sale | Featured Artist |
Featured Lot
Featured Lot

Alex Katz,
Good afternoon
Sold for US $209,600
Sotheby's New York
  "Read the bible of art Web sites: www.artnet.com."
From an Article:
'Breaking Into The Art Market,' Details Magazine June/July 2003
  "artnet is a perfect reference tool to review and download the biographies and images of all our gallery artists and to obtain information on their work and careers. It provides a schedule of past and current exhibitions as well as a link to the main gallery website ... Essentially it is a "living" catalog that is updated constantly with new information and visuals."
Mark Moore
Mark Moore Gallery
Santa Monica, California
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summer fun

For Manhattan art galleries, the onset of summer means lively group shows and, after July 4, an end to Saturday hours (to leave the weekend open for chic getaways). Nicely filling the spacious David Zwirner gallery on West 19th Street in Chelsea is "Bright Lights Big City," a quick tour of the 1980s via works by more than 25 artists. Among the works on view are a pyramid of decorated beer cans by Pruitt and Early and a huge spray-paint portrait of Debbie Harry from 1981 by Lee Quinones. morearrow
Eric Fischl,
Sold for US $996,000
Christie's New York

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New This Month in U.S. Museums
"Strange Days," "The American Effect," "Black President," boxing in art, Chagall, more.

The July Perspective 2003
by Leigh Oswald
Can the arts lead public opinion

Richard Bosman
Elizabeth Harris Gallery
Summer Fun

Summer Fun
Selected Summer Artworks from the artnet Staff.

Fresh Arts Fair
A fun, funky event in London, July 18-20 featuring emerging artists.

July Exhibitions Calendar

Emile Albert Gruppe,
Bahamas Sunset
Pauline Pocock Antiques & Fine Art
Featured Artist: Emile Albert Gruppe

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