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  June 17, 2005                    |
  Big muscle at Artcurial  
  François Tajan
  François Tajan

The “Big muscle” at Artcurial, Co-President François Tajan, late of the eponymous Paris auction house, joined Artcurial in May 2005, and is currently focused on building business in all departments, specifically in Art Deco, Design, Modern Art, Jewelry and Books.

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  robert mapplethorpe
  Robert Mapplethorpe
Sean Kelly Gallery
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From Venice Biennale to Art 36 Basel . . .

Everybody at Art 36 Basel
During the third week of June, the world art market gathers in one place and one place only -- at the world’s most prestigious modern and contemporary art fair, Art 36 Basel, the International Art Show, June 15-20, 2005. Over 275 exhibitors from more than 25 countries are on hand...    more arrow

Top Ten Reasons to Love the Venice Biennale
Beginning this summer and running into the fall, the International Art Exhibition of the 51st Venice Biennale, June 12-Nov. 6, 2005, is the concentrated center of global art exchange. Herewith, an insider’s guide to ten things at the 110-year-old art festival that people will be talking about.    more arrow

The Fine Art of Managing Foreign Exchange Transactions
In his insightful article ‘Art as an Alternative Asset Class’, Kevin Radell wrote about the “cordial disagreement” concerning price issues at the April 7 symposium held at Christie’s New York and the ageless admonition ‘caveat emptor’.    more arrow


10 Top Prices in May Auction


$ 27,456,000

$ 18,608,000

$ 16,816,000

$ 14,016,000
$ 13,456,000

de Kooning
$ 13,120,000

$ 12,616,000

$ 11,776,000

$ 10,096,000

$ 8,416,000


The 300 Most Popular Artists in May

1. Andy Warhol
2. Damien Hirst
3. Pablo Picasso
4. Frank Stella
5. Jeff Koons
... more

How does your artist rank? Please contact me at umuenker@artnet.com.

     Art Santa Fe, New Mexico July 14 - 17
     Scope Hamptons, New York July 15 - 17
     Photo San Francisco, San Francisco July 21 - 25
     Art Bodensee, Austria July 29 - 31

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