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  April 20, 2005                 | "Art as an Alternative Asset Class"
Lord Gowrie
Chairman of The Fine Art Fund

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"Definitely everybody uses it," said the president of Pace Wildenstein, Marc Glimcher, about the art pricing databases, and specifically Artnet. "Everyone talks to each other based on this auction price history in a way they never used to. Artnet alone did a brilliant job of dressing itself up so that it has the other kinds of things those people who use the database were looking for: who represents who and what does Walter Robinson say about what's going on. That's why no one can compete."

The New York Sun,
April 12, 2005

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  Stefan Löffelhardt
BL 2-32 B
Galerie Aurel Scheibler


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"Art as an Alternative Asset Class"

Auction prices for art masterpieces are climbing ever higher, and Wall Street is definitely taking notice.

Thus, the one-day symposium titled "Art: An Alternative Asset Class" ; held at Christie's New York on Apr. 7, 2005. Lord Gowrie of the London-based Fine Art Fund chaired the event and offered insightful comments throughout. However, he set an overall tone of caveat emptor, warning on more than one occasion that art prices can be susceptible to fashion -- which is notoriously hard to predict. This note of caution would be reinforced by cordial disagreement among panel members on several key issues.

The first speaker was Michael Moses, the professor at NYU's Stern School of Business who with his colleague Jianping Mei developed the famous Mei/Moses Fine Art Price Index.    more arrow

Thomas Moran
European lake scene
Estimate: 12,000 - 18,000 US$
Sold For: 90,000 US$
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10 Top Prices in March Auction


$ 3,360,000

$ 640,000

$ 512,000

$ 400,000
$ 396,800

$ 384,000

Adrien Jean
$ 381,866

Master of the Visconti Tarot
$ 376,912

$ 352,000

$ 352,000


The 300 Most Popular Artists in March

1. Andy Warhol
3. Damien Hirst
4. Pablo Picasso
2. David Hockney
5. Gerhard Richter
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