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  April 11, 2003 : Artnet News
  "After only several months with artnet and just 6 images online, I sold an artwork by Antonio Mancini for $10,000 to a collector in Florida who bought the image without having seen it before. Through artnet I have built a great network of new contacts all over the world."
Katrin Bellinger Kunsthandel
Munich, Germany

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  "I have been with artnet on a small package for two months. During that time I sold a Warhol print and recieved quite a few email queries. I also find I am using the search options to source works and am ready to upgrade for the full package and subscribe to the Fine Art Auctions Database. I can recommend it without hesitation."
Steven Pollock
Pollock Fine Art / POPMODART
London, England

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The Art Market Watch
The gala opening of the 50th Venice Biennale, June 15-Nov. 2, 2003, is only two months away, and biennale curator Francesco Bonami, who also happens to be curator of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, blew into New York City the other day for a press conference on the really big show. Holding forth to a capacity crowd in the New Museum bookstore (a group that included art dealers Andrew Kreps and Marian Goodman along with the usual ink-stained suspects), Bonami acquitted himself well, outlining his curatorial program with enthusiasm and plenty of self-effacing humor. morearrow
Mary Cassatt,
Lydia Seated in the Garden With A Dog On Her Lap
Keny Galleries
Featured Artist: Mary Cassatt

Henri Matisse,
"Old Masters, Impressionists and Moderns: French Masterworks from the State Pushkin Museum, Moscow", High Museum of Art
New This Month in U.S. Museums

Jean-Michel Frank,
Lemon tree veneered and straw marquetry sideboard
Galerie Jacques De Vos
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100 Most Visited Artists in March
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Art Market Watch
A report on the International Asian Art Fair in New York.

New This Month in U.S. Museums
Elie Nadelman, Buddhist art, Isamu Noguchi, Bill Brandt, Remington, Whistler, more.

The April Perspective 2003
by Leigh Oswald
The sun is in warlike Mars-ruled Aries, the most primitive sign.

New Gallery Members
Visit our 22 New Galleries: Galerie Jacques De Vos, Paris, Lisson Gallery, London, Carl Solway, Cinncinatti, Base Gallery, Tokyo and more.

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Featured Artist: Mary Cassatt

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