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  March 11, 2003 : The Armory Show
  "I was beginning to assume that after 3 months artnet was better for secondary art dealing, so called 'blue chip' art, as opposed to contemporary works. However, I am glad we stuck with it, as after 3 months, we attracted several major collectors, with strong private collections of old and new, one of whom has now become a keen collector and admirer of Chris Gollon's work."
David Tregunna
IAP Fine Art
London, England

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  "I sold a work by Peter Hutchinson through my artnet website to a collector in France".
Brice Fauché
Sollertis Gallery
Toulouse, France

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The Armory Show Runs its Course by Charlie Finch
The 2003 Armory Show, Mar. 7-10, 2003, at Piers 88 & 90, 12th Avenue and 48th and 50th Streets, New York City.

Tromping through the slush to the West Side Highway, most of the working press arrived at the Armory Show on Thursday afternoon, just to have the so-called "professional" art-fair management and its security goons shut the doors on the press preview at exactly 3 pm, before most of the fourth estate could see the show. Perhaps they were afraid that we might dare to mingle with the criminal element attending the Museum of Modern Art benefit preview later in the day. morearrow

Jean-Michel Basquiat,
Self-portrait, 1982
Sold for US $3,302,500
FAAD Demo on Jean-Michel Basquiat

Thomas Struth,
Paradise 18, Ennai Chan,
Yunnan province

Monica De Cardenas
Featured Artist: Thomas Struth

An ebonized dining set
Miguel Saco 20th Century Decorative & Industrial Arts
City Focus: Chelsea, New York

100 Most Visited Artists in November
artnet magazine
Vincent's Choice
by Brook S. Mason
Van Gogh's musée imaginaire.

New This Month in U.S. Museums
Matisse and Picasso, "Abstract Photography," Lucian Freud, Matthew Barney, more.

The March Perspective 2003
by Leigh Oswald
A very significant astrological shift occurs this month.

Weekend Update
by Walter Robinson
New art rules at the Scope art fair.

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March Exhibitions Calendar

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Featured Artist: Thomas Struth

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Click here for a demo on Jean-Michel Basquiat.

City Focus: Chelsea, New York

Featured Specialty: Contemporary Asian Artists

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