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  January 10, 2003 : Art Market Guide 2003
  "Since joining as a member gallery last year, artnet has helped us bring greater visibility to our gallery's artists, and has helped us generate sales both in the United States and internationally. artnet has renewed our faith in the Internet as an indispensible sales and educational tool. Thank you for encouraging us to be a part of it."
Michael Werner Gallery
New York, New York

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  "I was quite surprised to receive an inquiry even before my site was completed. And then I received another inquiry the day the site was completed! I'm looking forward to some good results soon."
John Hong
Anne-French Fine Arts
Miami, Florida

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The Art Market Guide 2003 by Richard Polsky
Every now and then an artist suddenly becomes part of the art-world's collective consciousness. Such is the case with Robert Indiana, who has quickly become one of the most talked-about painters in New York. In retrospect, it's easy to see why. After all, how many artists were a vital cog in the Pop movement, managed to make it into every art history book and museum collection, yet remain undervalued?

Unlike his more famous contemporaries, whose reputations grew with the times, Indiana's work fell by the wayside. Part of the problem was that he withdrew from New York (he currently lives in Maine), which meant he was no longer a part of the scene... morearrow

Henri Matisse, Untitled - Linocut for 20th Century
Masters Canvas
Featured Artist: Henri Matisse

Pierre Hugyhe, Les Grands Ensembles
New This Month In U.S. Museums

Stephen Conroy, Self Portrait,
Marlborough Fine Art Ltd.
Art 2003 London Art Fair

100 Most Visited Artists in November
artnet magazine
artnet News
Haring the musical, goddess the costume, boxing the painting, more. Plus January art fairs.

Saving The Best For Last
By N. F. Karlins
The transcendent "Quilts of Gee's Bend" exhibition at the Whitney Museum

Boudoir Life
By Michéle C. Cone
Constantin Guys and "la Vie romantique."

New This Month in U.S. Museums
"Park Avenue Cubists," African-American art, Marsden Hartley, Edouard Vuillard, Leonardo drawings, Ellsworth Kelly, Bill Viola, more.

Fresh Faces
Photos by Paul Laster
Open studios at Columbia's MFA program.

Art 2003 London Art Fair
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New Gallery Members
Visit our 25 New Galleries: Paula Cooper Gallery, NY, Britart, London, Gallery Delaive, Amsterdam and more.

January Exhibitions Calendar

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Featured Artist: Henri Matisse

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City Focus: San Francisco

Featured Specialty: Young British Artists-YBA

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