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  December 20, 2005                    
  Hayato Matsushita
  Hayato Matsushita
Us Flag # 27
Christopher Henry Gallery 


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  Inbal Sivan
  Inbal Sivan
Untitled (Chair), 2002

Gallery 10G
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The 2005 Art Revue
Ah, 2005, what a year! Highs and lows, heroes and goats, art milestones and missteps, all reviewed in a nutshell via the writers and reports in Artnet Magazine.    more arrow

Contemporary Fairs and Biennials 2006
A new year means a whole new host of art-world events for the art lover’s calendar. Herewith, a brief survey of the top contemporary and modern art fairs and international festivals for the first half of 2006, with a few of the top antiques fairs thrown in for good measure.    more arrow

A Critical History of 20th-Century Art
Donald Kuspit examines the role of avant-garde art in 20th-century society, from Cubism's first critical, questioning explorations to the institutional triumph of the avant-garde, as seen most recently in the Museum of Modern Art's 1999 "The Museum as Muse" exhibition.    more arrow


10 Top Prices in November Auctions


David Smith
$ 23,816,000

Mark Rothko
$ 22,416,000

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
$ 22,416,000

Roy Lichtenstein
$ 16,256,000

Claude Monet
$ 14,016,000

Pablo Picasso
$ 13,736,000

Claude Monet
$ 12,896,000

Henri Matisse
$ 10,936,000
Willem de Kooning
$ 10,656,000

Paul Cézanne
$ 10,320,000

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The 300 Most Popular Artists in November

1. Andy Warhol
2. Pablo Picasso
3. Andy Goldsworthy
4. Frank Stella
5. Nan Goldin
... more

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     Beauford Delaney, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Nov 13–Jan 29
     Kiki Smith, SFMOMA, San Francisco, Nov 19–Jan 29
     Max Ernst, Hermitage, Russia, Nov 25–Feb 19
     Pipilotti Rist, MUSAC, Spain, Dec 17–April 16
     Art Miami, Miami, Florida Jan 6-9
     Hans Hofmann: Search for the Real, New York, Jan 6-Feb 12
     San Francisco International Art Expo, San Francisco Jan 13-16
     PalmBeach3 Art Fair, West Palm Beach, Florida, Jan 14-17
     London Art Fair, London, UK Jan 18-22
... more

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