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artnet Newsletter August 2011
Ai Weiwei Speaks Out
Ai Weiwei Speaks Out Chinese officials have banned the artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei from speaking to Western media—but that hasn't stopped him from championing the cause of his fellow dissidents, and promising to continue to fight to improve Chinese society... Read More
The Art Carousel: Who's Tzara Now The Art Carousel: Who's Tzara Now

Charlie Finch finds the key to the contemporary art carousel, its enthusiasms and controversies, in a 1922 text by Dada mastermind Tristan Tzara... Read More
Camille Pissarro: The Idealist Impressionist Camille Pissarro: The Idealist Impressionist

At the Clark Art Institute in Massachusetts, a survey of 90 lesser-known works by the great Impressionist, Camille Pissarro, whose radicalism extended from the studio into his politics and way of life... Read More
Futurism for Foodies Futurism for Foodies

In Washington, D.C., Flashpoint Gallery kicks off the fall art season with a gala Futurist dinner, inspired by F.T. Marinetti's 1936 Futurist Cookbook and including the "Perfected Pizza"—a pizza in a pill... Read More
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The Art of Golf The Art of Golf

Feel like your golf game is a work of art? Check it out in "The Art of Golf," Feb. 4–June 12, 2012, at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. The first-ever museum exhibition devoted entirely to the sport is organized, appropriately enough, with the National Galleries of Scotland... Read More
Elvis from Africa Elvis from Africa

At the Brooklyn Museum, an exhibition of more than
200 African art objects includes a mask of a 1970s-era Elvis Presley from Malawi, worn by a "secret society"
of the Chewu peoples during ceremonies and rituals... Read More
Bill Wyman, Photographer Bill Wyman, Photographer

The former Rolling Stones bass guitarist Bill Wyman took photographs, thousands of them, and a selection of the rarely seen images of English rock royalty is scheduled to go on view for the first time at Kenny Schachter ROVE in London in October 2011... Read More
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Andy Warhol, Morris International, Toronto
Andy Warhol
Morris International,
, 1965
Lithograph on thick paper
23.4 x 27 in.
Est. US$1,200-1,500
€ 830-1,040
Bidding ends August 24

Arne Jacobsen, Pair of 'Swan' Chairs
Arne Jacobsen
Pair of 'Swan' Chairs, c. 1960
Metal and upholstery
32 x 29 x 27 in.
Est. US$3,500-4,600
€ 2,430-3,190
Bidding ends August 23

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dogs
Jeff Koons
Balloon Dogs (Set of 2), 1995
Porcelain with metal glazes
10.5 x 10.5 x 3 in. each
Est. US$12,000–18,000
€ 8,330–12,490
Bidding ends August 24
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