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artnet Newsletter May 2011
Why We Love (And Need) Design
Humberto & Fernando Campana, Cake Stool Everyone loves famous designers. They are smart, sophisticated and clever. Big companies pay them big money for their special sensibilities. Most likely they are great at playing pool, can recite poetry from memory and are adept at choosing wine at dinner. We love them because they are all the things we are not... Read More

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Design Sale
Jasper Johns: Johnuments Jasper Johns: Johnuments

Charlie Finch and Ashley Bickerton take a visit to the sexy new copper, silver and aluminum sculptures by Jasper Johns at Matthew Marks Gallery... Read More
The Return of the Rich The Return of the Rich

Christie's New York does a triumphant $301 million in its evening sale of contemporary art, including a $38.4 million Warhol and a $33.6 million Rothko... Read More
The Revolt of the Rich The Revolt of the Rich?

Despite a $20 million Warhol and a $16.8 million Koons, Sotheby's New York evening sale of contemporary art totals "only" $128 million, the firm's lowest for such an auction in two years... Read More
ACRIA, Unframed
Party Pictures: The American Dream Party Pictures: The American Dream

Artists, celebrities and more celebrate Josh Smith's massive installation of his paintings at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut... Read More
Origami Artists Sue Sarah Morris Origami Artists Sue Sarah Morris

The yBa painter Sarah Morris, who appropriates the patterns of her bright abstract paintings from origami, is hit with a lawsuit by several origami artists who say her works infringe their copyrights... Read More
Architecture Killed the Folk Art Museum Architecture Killed the Folk Art Museum

Art critic Jerry Saltz weighs in on the sale of the American Folk Art Museum building to its next-door neighbor, the Museum of Modern Art... Read More
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Ron Arad, Before Summer
Ron Arad
Before Summer, 1992
Mirror-polished bronze
51.2 x 67 x 14.8 inches
Est: US $130,000-160,000
€ 91,820-113,000
Bidding ends May 26

William Eggleston, View of Cotton Horizon
William Eggleston
View of Cotton Horizon, 1992
Vintage chromogenic print
16 x 20 inches
Est: US $9,500-12,500
€ 6,710-8,830
Bidding ends May 26

Erwin Burger, Skulls
Erwin Burger
Skulls, 1946
Murano glass
4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Est: US $10,000-15,000
€ 7,060-10,590
Bidding ends May 26
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