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Manuel Ocampo
A Defeatist Monument to the Divine Misery of the Grand Narrative in the Theatrical Arena of Modernist Object-Making
Gray Kapernekas Gallery
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by Walter Robinson

The team here at Weekend Update is way behind schedule, so if you donít mind weíll race through our backlog, okay? First up is a painting by Max Liebermann (1847-1935) at the Jewish Museum, part of the survey show, "Max Liebermann: From Realism to Impressionism," Mar. 10-July 30, 2006. Interesting, since the work in question is neither Realist, like Liebermannís progressive scenes of workers and ordinary 19th-century life, nor Impressionist, like the 1926 scene of the flowering rose hedge in his garden at Wannsee that sold at auction for a record $1,576,000 in 2003. Rather, the painting is religious, a large if fairly typical rendering of an early episode of the life of Jesus, the "finding in the temple" from Luke 2:42-51.