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Still from Alexey Buldakov’s Crash Tests video (2005) at Play Gallery for Still and Motion Pictures, Berlin
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by Walter Robinson

A bowl of jello gives the same EEG reading as a human brain, my college psych professor used to say. This vaguely distressing observation comes to mind while contemplating the first two weeks of March in New York, which saw the opening of the 2006 Whitney Biennial followed fast on its heels by five contemporary art fairs, all running simultaneously over a long weekend during Mar. 9-13. Add that to the usual New York art cacophony, which happened to include a show of new video from China at P.S.1 in Queens, a survey of contemporary photography from Africa at the International Center of Photography and a show of Palestinian art at a gallery in Chelsea, for instance, and you can see how the poor art critic might suffer from information overload. Everybody wants to come to New York.