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"Unfair" curator Juan Puntes with two of his assistants
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by Walter Robinson

On my plane down from JFK to MIA on Tuesday morning was art dealer Alexander Apsis, Art & Auction reporter Judd Tully, Wall Street Journal reporter Kelly Crow and artists Gedi Sibony, Daniel Davidson and Tricia Keightley. All were sitting in economy class. A limo driver stood at the gate holding a sign that read, "Doug Aitken."

As I drove my bulbous white rented Chrysler Sebring across the so-called Dolphin Expressway from the airport to Miami Beach, traffic suddenly slowed for a just-happened smashup, glass and other bits littering the road as cars snaked around the two wrecked vehicles, one with the driver still in the car, talking on his cell. Always a useful warning -- drive carefully.