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Lisa Yuskavage
Afternoon Feeding
David Zwirner Gallery, New York
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Lisa Yuskavage

by Emily Nathan

Lisa Yuskavage and her signature women are back, in all their lopsided, voluptuous glory. Perky breasts meet bulging bellies, meaty thighs in sexy stockings join wide, sensuous hips. As perverse as ever, the women crouch and splay their legs towards the viewer, or turn away, offering their bodies in profile, titillating, youthful and fresh. It seems that the unrelenting painter of unsettling candy-colored sirens won’t be put off by requests that she “just stop,” made over the years by her family, friends and even strangers, who beg her to “cease and desist.” No -- Yuskavage is still at it, as evidenced by her newest body of work, on view in David Zwirner’s airy 19th Street space, Sept. 27-Nov. 5, 2011.